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101+ Alphabet Dating Ideas – Creative Date Night Ideas from A to Z

Have you heard of Alphabet Dating? We have tons of ideas to help you on date nights.

This year, we decided to try alphabet dating to keep things fresh and exciting. Last year, we completed 52 unique dates, which I’ll admit was too ambitious.

Coming up with new and unique ideas weekly became stressful, and at a certain point, it became more about the idea than the date. This time around, we decided repeats are perfectly fine.

Alphabet Dating Ideas from A to ZPin

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Last Updated: July 17, 2024

A-Z Alphabet Dating: Fun Date Ideas from A to Z

The idea of this alphabet dating challenge is to get you out of a dating rut and give you plenty of ideas to try new things. I first put together this list in 2015 and have continued adding to it since. If not for this list, we would often default to a standard dinner and a movie;

Thanks to the Scrabble dictionary, we came up with all the ideas. It only took me two days to read through every word in existence. Now, I will dominate Scrabble!

The alphabet dating examples are open to interpretation. For instance, burgers can be going out to compare your city’s best tacos, staying in and making tacos together, or simply eating at your favorite taco joint. We also added places since this is a travel blog. If you can’t travel to a destination, you can get creative and put together a themed night.

Generally, people go in order from A to Z for the alphabet dating challenge, but we’re giving ourselves the freedom to go randomly. 

E Date Ideas

E Activities: Escape Rooms, Eighties, Espresso

Places: Ecuador, Egypt, El Paso

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K Date Ideas

K Activities: Karaoke, Kayak, Kite Flying

Places: Kansas CityKey West,  KyotoKyrgyzstan

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L Date Ideas

L Activities: LakeLeaf Peeping, Local Adventure

Places: Las VegasLondon, Los Angeles

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N Date Ideas

N Activities: National Parks, Nature, Netflix and Chill

Places: Nevada, New OrleansNew YorkNew Zealand

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O Date Ideas

O Activities: Observatory, Ocean, Orchard

Places: Olympic National ParkOregonOrlando.

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P Date Ideas

P Activities: Pickleball, Picnic, Pinterest Project

Places: Palm Springs, ParisPeru, PortlandPortugal (Porto)

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Q Date Ideas

Q Activities: Quadruple Date, Quiet, Quiz

Places: Quebec City, Queenstown, Quito

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R Date Ideas

R Activities: RecipeRock ClimbRV

Places: Redwood National Park, RomeReykjavik.

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T Date Ideas

T Activities: Tacos, Tea Tasting, Travel

Places: TennesseeTexasTokyo

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U Date Ideas

U Activities: U-Pick Farm, Unplugged, Upscale

Places: UNESCO SitesUnited Kingdom, USAUtah

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V Date Ideas

V Activities: Vacation, Vino, Volunteer

Places: Vail, Valley of FireVancouver BC, Vietnam

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X Date Ideas

X Activities: X Games, Xbox, Xiaolongbao

Places: Xalapa, Xi’an, Xochimilco.

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Y Date Ideas

Y Activities: Yard Sale, Yelp a New Restaurant, Youtube

Places: Yellowstone NP, Yokohama, Yosemite National Park.

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Z Date Ideas

Z Activities: Zipline, Zodiac, Zzzz’s

Places: Zimbabwe, Zion National Park, and Zurich.

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Regardless of how busy or crazy life gets, Jacob and I have been challenging ourselves to make time for our marriage. We would love for you to join us in alphabet dating this year!

When was the last time you prioritized dating, and can you think of more dates starting with the letters E, Q, X, and Z? Comparatively, those were the tough ones to come up with for alphabet dating! Would you enjoy an alphabet dating challenge like this?

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