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Why You Should Partner with Local Adventurer

Jacob and Esther’s positive energy is contagious. Their writing, video, and photography skills are top-notch, and they have a keen ability to convey important ideas and messages in their unique voices. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with them as they share the Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque movement far and wide and inspire more people to connect with our country’s more than 400 national parks. I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with such a fantastic and talented duo.

Jacob & Esther make content creation look easy. They have witty personalities and bring creative ideas to the table that make for memorable experiences. Their personalities scream adventure. Jacob & Esther added an exuberant fun factor to the Endless Caravan project and had no fear in marching toward an undefined journey. They truly made the project their own and managed to create authentic stories for our consumers that are both memorable and spirited.

It is such a pleasure to work with Jacob and Esther from They are consummate professionals, always responsive and open to collaborating with the brands to make sure their content fits the parameters we are looking for. They consistently provide quality content with stunning images that reflect our brand messaging, but they maintain honesty in their writing, and that authenticity comes across in all their posts. I never have to worry when working with Jacob and Esther that I’m going to get amazing content from this power couple – that’s why we have worked with them time and time again!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jacob and Esther. They are such a fantastic fit for the Swiffer brand, and the content they produce is exceptional – high quality, visually engaging, and professional. I love how they are able to support our messaging and support Swiffer while staying true to their blog brand and their readers. I also appreciate how efficient they are with email correspondence!

We were pleased to host Jacob and Esther on an exclusive digital influencer press trip to Fallon, Nev. The goal was to showcase the natural beauty behind Fallon’s grit through outdoor sports activities, nature and wildlife, history and landmarks, locally grown food, and cultural influences. Jacob and Esther welcomed each opportunity and showcased their experiences through unparalleled creativity. They are professional, punctual, and dedicated and encompass a true heart for travel. They were able to capture the heartbeat of Fallon after only three days. Their positivity and openness make them perfect candidates for any media trip, and we would be honored to use their services again. They are brave, genuine, uninhibited, and true local adventurers!

It’s been great having Local Adventurer as a Swiffer Fanatic this year! Great enthusiasm for our program and appreciate the fact that Jacob comes up with unique ways to write about the brand and isn’t afraid to ask us for more information to help make his content even better.

Jacob and Esther are not only ‘Local Adventurers,’ but explorers who seek to highlight the adventure many of us forget is right outside our front door. In working with them, we admire their enthusiasm, integrity, and ability to create engaging content. They’re also considerate in keeping us informed on how they liked/used our products and when it will be featured on their blog. We love reading about how our product enhances their adventure!