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A Taste of La Jolla with Bite San Diego

One of our favorite ways to get to know a city or neighborhood is by the food. We’ve gotten to know our neighborhood (North Park) pretty well, but there are still so many other neighborhoods we have yet to explore in San Diego.

Bite San Diego offers walking food tours in some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. We decided that we wanted to get a taste of La Jolla. With each tour, there are at least 5 stops. At each stop, you get a bite (or a few bites) of what makes them special, while your guide tells you the history behind the restaurant and the neighborhood.

Ohana Cafe La Jolla Restaurant (Bite San Diego).Ohana Cafe La Jolla Restaurants (Bite San Diego).
Ohana Cafe La Jolla Food (Bite San Diego).Ohana Cafe with Bite San Diego (Places to Eat in La Jolla).
Bite San Diego - La Jolla Food Walking Tour.
Richard Walker Pancake House San Diego (Where to Eat in La Jolla).Richard Walkers San Diego (Exploring Food in La Jolla with Bite San Diego).
San Diego Sightseeing.
The Public House La Jolla (Bite San Diego).The Public House San Diego (Best Restaurants in La Jolla).
We Olive La Jolla (Bite San Diego).We Olive La Jolla (Bite San Diego).
We Olive La Jolla.
We Olive and Wine Bar (Bite San Diego).We Olive La Jolla (Bite San Diego).
We Olive and Wine Bar (Bite San Diego).We Olive and Wine Bar (Bite San Diego).

During our tour we made stops at:

  1. Ohana Café
  2. Richard Walker’s Pancake House
  3. The Public House
  4. We Olive

We found out that one of our stops (Girard Gourmet) had to cancel last minute. That was a bummer, but Bite San Diego invited everyone back for another tour on them to make up for it.

Our favorite bite was the Kalua Pork with Coconut Jasmine Rice from Ohana Café. We also enjoyed tasting all the olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes from We Olive. We even bought a couple of bottles to make caprese salads at home.

Pro Tips for Going on Your First Bite San Diego Tour:

  • The tour takes roughly 3.5 hours.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be walking about 1.5 to 2 miles total.
  • You can find free street parking, but might have to walk a few blocks. We parked on Dunemere and La Jolla.
  • You’ll be spending quite a bit of time outside, so be sure to apply sun block.
  • Take extra time to enjoy the neighborhood after the walking tour. We went to an art gallery and took photos down near the water.

Bite San Diego currently offers tours in Pacific Beach, Encinitas, La Jolla, North Park, NTC Liberty Station, Coronado, and Downtown/Little Italy. You can even book a private tour if you’re interested!

Check them out and book your tour HERE.

Have you gone on any walking food tours?
What’s the first thing you check out in a new city / neighborhood?

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