5 Fun Date Night Subscription Boxes for Your Next Stress Free DatePin

5 Fun Date Night Subscription Boxes for Your Next Stress Free Date

At the beginning of every year, we talk about planning intentional date nights throughout the year, but we often forget to do the planning part. This also means we miss out on the dating. 

Luckily, this year we’ve found all the different date night subscription boxes, which is a really easy option to fall back since they do the planning for you. It’s the perfect time to check them out especially if you’re quarantining. 

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Last Updated: January 12, 2021

5 Fun Date Night Subscription Boxes for Your Next Stress Free Date

In the past few years, we’ve done Alphabet Dates and 52 different date nights, but both became overwhelming by the end of the year. I mean, they’re great ways to mix things up, but in the process, we forgot that the focus of dating should be more about spending quality time together than the specific activity (just like you shouldn’t spend all your time planning the perfect wedding and neglect the marriage amirite?). 

This year, to help us have stress-free date nights, we decided to check out all the date night subscription boxes out there.

Below you’ll see the cost range of each subscription, which depends on how many months you order.

A date night box is basically a planned date in a box that gets delivered to your door. Each box has curated items and most of them have some sort of theme.

Cost: $32.99 – $39.99 ($20 off your first box with our link)

What We Love: When it comes to the best-designed boxes, we loved Happily’s Datebox the most. Sorry, we do judge by the cover and we loved the font and clean design. What makes Happily stand out from the others is that you fill out a questionnaire, so they can learn more about you and send you date night tailored to you.

Our box required a little bit of preparation. When we opened it, it gave us a list of some items we needed to gather or pick up before the date. What’s nice is that you’re able to do that without ruining the surprise of the activity.

Even though Esther isn’t as much of a game person as I am, we liked that they were more critical thinking type games where we had to work together. Ours also involved making cinnamon rolls. Yum! You can always win us over with sweets

What’s Included: This is what was included in the box that we experienced.

  • Custom Date Playlist
  • Conversation Starters
  • 3 Games
  • Online Quiz
  • One Baking Recipe and Ingredients

Pro Tip: Be sure to open the box and see if there are any extra items you need to pick up for the date night so you don’t have to stop mid-date.

Happily Date BoxPin

Cost: $19.99 – $31.99

What We Love: We did two of their boxes: the Aussie Adventure and Retro Game Show. As travel lovers, we gravitated towards the Aussie Adventure.

We especially loved quizzing each other on Aussie lingo. Plus they give you some challenges to do throughout the week.

Their designs are really cute and well done too!

What’s Included:

  • Instructions / Guide Book
  • Four Activities / Games
  • Collectible Badge
  • A Follow-Up Activity (ours was a poppy plant that we ended up gifting to a friend since they’re poisonous to our pets)

Pro Tip: The games also can be played with two couples if you want to have a double-date night. It’s always good if you can get multiple uses out of it.

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Cost: $32.95 – $39.95

What We Love: Our box came with a Truth or Dare Topple Tower as our game. It was cool to see their own branded products. Plus, it’s a game we can play again in the future as a party game with others.

What’s Included: It will depend on the theme of your box (i.e. game night, travel, DIY) but it includes everything for a date night. Ours included:

  • Guide to The Date Night
  • Custom Spotify Playlist 
  • Game (Truth or Dare Topple Tower / Jenga)
  • Candle to Set the Mood (Berry scent)
  • Crown Holder for a Prize / Bet
  • Snacks (Jelly Belly Camo Beans
Date Box ClubPin

Cost: $34 – $36 (use our promo code below for 10% off)

What We Love: The folks at Bonding Bees create many of their own games, which makes for a unique experience. Our favorite part of the box was their two-week challenge that gave us daily tasks to do something nice for each other.

They also make it a priority to give back to the community through Feeding America and local community programs in Detroit. If you get chosen as their couple of the month, you also get to pick the charity.

What’s Included: Our box was jam-packed and they differ every month. In general, you will get these items.

  • Custom Created Games (We got a board game and two card games)
  • Snacks / Recipes (We had a baking challenge)
  • Relationship Building Exercises
  • DIY Craft (We saw other boxes included it, but it wasn’t in ours)
Promo Code: Use discount code LOCALADVENTURER for 10% Off
Bonding Bees ReviewPin

Cost: $39

Each box has a surprise theme.

What We Love: This was our first box where we had a DIY activity, which we loved being able to create something together.

The game that was included in ours was Dirty Words, which will be fun for groups too.

What We Didn’t Love: The branding and packaging could use some work, but if you only care about what’s in the box

What Was in Our Box:

  • Game
  • Snacks and Drink Mixes
  • Notecards
  • DIY Supplies (this one was for DIY fridge magnets)
Unbox Love ReviewPin

Cost: $69.99

What We Love: This box is unique because it’s totally u to you to make it your own (it’s more of a one-time box than a subscription box). Following the instructions, you customize the scavenger hunt and puzzles to make it one-of-a-kind for your relationships.

What’s Included:

  • Clues, puzzles, and tools to help you create the scavenger hunt
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Rose petals and LED candles to set a romantic scene
  • Magical ink that disappears
  • A lockable treasure box to find the final prize
  • A customizable ‘scratch and win’ lotto card

Pro Tip: Make sure to find time to set everything up without your partner knowing about it!

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Other Subscription Boxes You Can Use for Date Night

Essential Tips for Planning a Great Date Night

This might seem elementary, but it’s something we have to keep reminding ourselves.

  • Turn off your phones or put them away. You’re trying to spend intentional and quality time together.
  • Make sure it’s an activity you will both enjoy. Having fun together is a great way to bond. If you don’t have much in common, and you’re the one planning the date night, you can also be nice and try doing an activity your partner likes.

Are there any date night subscription boxes we missed? We’d love to check them all out!

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