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15 Insanely Creative DIY Travel Projects and Gifts to Make Right Now

How is your sanity these days? Jacob is going crazy with cabin fever. Me, however? I feel right at home (pun intended) with my puzzles, painting, and crafts. Today, we’re sharing our favorite DIY travel projects we’ve made and plan to make during our quarantine. 


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Last Updated: April 9, 2020

15 Insanely Creative DIY Travel Projects and Gifts to Make Right Now

As you already know, no one can travel right now, so it’s the perfect time to get crafty for your future trips.

We had first seen a version of them sold at a store and thought how cute would they be if they looked like actual tacos. You may have seen similar ones around the web, but we were super proud that we were the first ones to be crafty enough to come up with this alternative. ;)

Materials You Need: Gold Leather (3.5 x 9.5 to make 3), Acrylic Felt (Green, Yellow, Brown, Red), Snap Buttons + Attacher Kit, Fabric Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Hammer, X-acto Knife, Pen

The Rise Festival Las Vegas - Everything You Need to Know Before You GoPin

2. Flat Iron or Curling Iron Holder

This is by far the easiest and cheapest tutorial. You can head to the nearest dollar store and pick up a potholder.

Materials You Need: Potholder, Needle and Thread

Instructions: Fold the potholder in half and sew the bottom and the sides. As a bonus, you can also decorate it as you like.

Pro Tip: Acrylic paint works as a great alternative to fabric paint. You can use a fabric medium to thin it out, but it worked perfectly fine on its own.

DIY Curling Iron Holder + 15 Insanely Creative DIY Travel Projects to Make Right NowPin
DIY Hair Straightener Holder or Curling Iron Holder + 15 Insanely Creative DIY Travel Projects to Make Right NowPin

Lately, I’ve been using youtube tutorials to teach myself how to watercolor. I’ve only been painting at home, but eventually, when we visit beautiful landscapes I would love to sit and paint. It’ll be a great way to be more present.

Materials You Need: Altoids Tin (the classic one), InstaMorph, Watercolors (this is a great beginner’s set I use)

Pro Tip:  This water brush pen pairs great with this DIY since you don’t have to carry a cup of water with you.

DIY Travel Watercolor Palette + 15 Incredible DIY Travel Projects to Work on Right NowPin

4. DIY Kindle Case or DIY iPad Case

This tutorial was for an iPad cover, but you can also measure your device and modify the tutorial as needed.

Materials You Need: Heavy Chipboard, Fabric (this one is travel inspired), One inch Elastic, Sewing Machine (or you can hand sew)

I also found these amazing handmade book covers on Etsy, and there’s a high chance I’m going to buy one. 

I’m trying to find a way if we can make a DIY version, which requires us to find vintage books that are roughly the same size as a kindle. We’ll be on the lookout once the quarantine is over.

5. Adventure Together Map Art

This is another one I saw on Etsy, which is such a great place to find DIY inspiration. You can do a paper cut out version or a digital version, but I think a digital version is too much of a copy rather than a DIY. What do you think?

Materials You Need: Map, Colored Cardstock, Glue, Scissors

I suggest you go thrifting for a map, or it won’t be cost-effective. We used our old Rand McNally.

6. DIY Scratch Map

We love scratch maps and already have two world scratch maps and a US scratch map in our home. I didn’t realize until recently that you can make your very own.

Materials You Need: World Map, Contact Paper, Acrylic Paint, Dishwashing Soap, Candle, Brush

You can find the instructions here.

7. Packing Cube

Packing cubes travel with us everywhere. Not only do they keep all your things organized, but with their compression, you can pack in so much more.

Materials You Need: Rip Stop Nylon (1/2 yard), Mesh Fabric (1/3 yard), Zipper 36″, Iron on Vinyl 

Find the instructions here or here.

Pro Tip:  Our biggest concern for this DIY would be how they hold up since we typically stuff them to the brim. These are the ones we currently use, and they are super sturdy.

8. Travel Neck Pillow

We never travel with neck pillows, because we like to pack light and they are bulky. Instead, we use a hack and stuff our puffy jacket into a pocket to use as a pillow. We do, however, know plenty of people who love traveling with neck pillows, and this DIY Buckwheat Travel Pillow by SewDIY is perfect.

DIY Travel Pillow + 21 Insanely Creative Travel DIY ProjectsPin

9. DIY Passport Holder

Passport covers don’t just make your passport look pretty. They protect it from wear and tear. Here’s a lovely DIY passport holder tutorial by Lovely Indeed.

DIY Passport Holder + 21 Insanely Creative Travel DIY Projects

10. DIY Luggage Tags

A luggage tag is a great way to let your luggage stand out. It’s also useful to keep your phone number in case the airline loses it, which has happened to us a few times. Here’s a beautiful DIY luggage tag tutorial to give your luggage some bling.

DIY Luggage Tag + 15 Insanely Creative DIY Travel Projects to Work on Right NowPin
DIY Luggage Tags + 21 Insanely Creative Travel DIY ProjectsPin

11. Jewelry Roll + Case

If you bring a lot of jewelry with you, this mini jewelry roll tutorial from Haberdashery Fun is a great way to keep them organized. It can also be used at home to store your essential jewelry too.

12. Sunglass Case

Sunglasses are an essential travel item. While I tend to toss them freely in a bag, I could give them more love and care. I think this cute DIY sunglass case tutorial by DIYCandy would do the trick.

13. Eyemask

I just need this and noise-canceling headphones to zone out on a long flight. Here’s the tutorial on personalizing your mask, and if you also want to learn to sew your own sleep mask, here’s a tutorial.

14. Sewing Kit (Ty)

Is this DIY travel project not purrrfect? (Sorry I had to). Of course, you can decorate it with something other than a kitty, but do you really want to lose then pun? You can find the DIY Sewing Kitty tutorial here. Photo courtesy of Sew4Home.

DIY Sewing KitPin

15. DIY Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer

This DIY travel tech organizer will also have to wait until the quarantine is over so we can go thrifting and look for vintage books. 



Have you made any of these DIY travel projects? Which one would you fnd the most useful?

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