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Last week we headed north to SunBuggy Off Road Tour Company located next to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to do the Mini Baja Chase! After checking in at their offices and getting outfitted for our helmets and goggles, we hopped on the shuttle bus for the 10-minute drive to the sand dunes. I had no idea there were sand dunes this close to Vegas!

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.

Once we arrived at the launch point, we met out guide, or Dunie, and got a quick overview of how to drive our Dune Buggy and all of the safety rules. Then… we were off! The Mini Baja Chase is not for the weak of heart. It’s a fast-paced drive where your job is to chase the Dunie. The only things that will slow them down is you.

Dunebuggy Tours on the Las Vegas Sand Dunes.
Sand Dunes Las Vegas.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

During the chase, you drive over gravel, rocks, dunes, and trails in every direction. The initial terrain is extremely bumpy and you get rattled around a lot, but later we learned the faster you go, the less you bump around.

Dune Buggies Las Vegas.

Once you get to the dunes, the ride becomes much smoother. But don’t get me wrong, a smoother drive doesn’t mean it’s any less intense. The Dunie takes you up and down the sand dunes and some of the drops definitely made us scream like little girls (especially Jacob).

Sunbuggy Dune Buggy Rentals.

Dune Buggy Las Vegas.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.
Sun Buggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rentals.

Sand Dunes Las Vegas.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

And then I slowed down too much that I got stuck! :P Lesson learned: Don’t drive like a grandma!

Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.

 Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

Dune Buggy Rental Las Vegas.

Las Vega Dune Buggy Rental.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.

Sun Buggy Las Vegas.

Halfway through the 60 minute ride, you make a stop at a viewpoint where you can switch drivers and get a great view of the city in the distance.

Dunes Las Vegas.

I’m so short.. this is how much padding I needed. Plus they had to tape something to the gas pedal. :P Just watch the video.

Sand Dunes Las Vegas.
SunBuggy Fun Rentals.

Sand Dunes Las Vegas.

Jacob is always snapchatting. :) You should check out his snaps at – jacobthefu!

Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rentals.

Sunbuggy Las Vegas Dune Buggy Rental.
Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.

Next group!

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.

If extreme isn’t for you, SunBuggy does offer more leisurely tours that can still be a lot of fun! You check them out here.

Sunbuggy Fun Rentals
6925 Speedway Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89115


Pro-Tips for the SunBuggy Las Vegas Baja Chase:

  • Wear clothes you’re okay to get dirty in. It can get really dusty!
  • Book an early morning ride, even during the winter you will start to feel the Vegas sun.
  • Pack light! You don’t want to bring any loose items with you. But if you do have anything you need to store, they have lockers in the office.
  • If you bring a camera, be sure it’s secure! There is a lot of dust and silt that will also most likely get in your gear, so you may want to bring something like a GoPro instead.

Have you driven any off road vehicles?
Would you do the extreme drive or something more leisurely?

xoxo estherJacob

If you couldn’t tell, we really love our cats Mika & Sebastian. And for the most part, I think they love us back. We’re a family – we fight, we hug, we annoy each other, we cuddle, and no matter what happens at the end of the day we have each other.

We adopted our guys from FurKids, a cage-free shelter in Atlanta. While we wanted to take all of them home, we were especially taken with one that had a bit more personality. Mika was one of these guys! He was known as the escape artist and I immediately related to him not wanting to be confined to one space and his free spirit. When we started going through the adoption process, we found out that he had a brother that he’s bonded with, so we decided to bring them both home rather than splitting up the family.

Here’s Sebastian, the brother who looks like an Avatar:

Our Orange Tabby Cat Loves Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.

He’s skittish and almost impossible to get into clothes, while Mika is more willing to comply if I want him to wear something.

Our Orange Tabby Cat Loves Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.
Our Orange Tabby Cat Loves Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.

They really have some human-like tendencies. One of the things that we both love is snuggling up in bed. But they don’t sleep like normal cats, they like to be under the covers and Mika often uses our pillows to rest his head. Jacob has even walked in while I was still sleeping and Mika was spooning me. He likes to be big spoon.

Our Orange Tabby Cat.

I really love their companionship and how they can always cheer me up when I’m having a bad day.

The one thing I don’t like is cleaning their poop. No wonder they think they’re the center of the world; humans scoop their poop for them! Jacob usually does all the poop scooping, so that’s been a nice way to avoid it. But regardless, we still deal with all the issues of litter. Since we’ve been living in apartments for the past couple of years we’ve had to control the odor a lot more. They also tend to track litter all over the place. On the rare occasion that I do help out, the litter that we’ve been using is heavy and I have a hard time dumping it into the box.

Our Orange Tabby Cat Loves Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.

I was excited to try out Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™! They challenge you to test the 10-day odor control, which definitely proved more effective than the litter we’ve been using. Ultimate Care uses high absorbing clay to eliminate odor, and it comes in two formulations – Scented and Unscented Hypoallergenic. Also, since it’s light, it’s something that I can help with… at least the pouring part. ;) It’s also way less dusty (99.9% dust free) which makes it much better when we have to pour or scoop the litter. We always want the best for our guys and definitely see the difference in the litter. Here’s a little video we made:

If you want to see more updates of our cats, follow them on Instagram. Yes, they have their own! ;)

What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?
What do you love most about your cat?
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Trees literally bring life to the world. But not only are they functional, they bring a ton of beauty, awe, and wonder! We’ve stood next to largest three trees in the world and driven through a famous redwood tree, but there are still so many out there that we want to see and photograph.


1. Chandelier Tree

Also known as the drive-thru tree, the Chandelier Tree is a giant redwood located on the 101 175 miles north of San Francisco. Can you tell I wasn’t in a particularly good mood during our visit? Couldn’t even smile for the photo. haha

The Chandelier Tree at Redwood National Park (11 Most Amazing Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

2. Tree of Life

Located in Bahrain, this mesquite tree known as the Tree of Life is one of the loneliest trees in the world. It sits at the highest point in the desert hundreds of miles from other trees.

The Tree of Life Bahrain (11 Fascinating and Unique Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

via Faisal

3. General Sherman

This giant sequoia is located in Sequoia National Park and is the largest tree in the world by volume! It’s somewhere between 2,300-2,700 years old.

General Sherman Tree (11 Most Amazing Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

4. Pando

Also known as the Trembling Giant, Pando is a massive colony of a single quaking aspen tree spread over more than 100 acres in Utah. The trees share a giant underground root system and estimated to weigh 6,615 tons, making it the heaviest living organism on the planet.

5. El Tule Tree

This Montezuma cypress tree is located in Santa maria del Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico. Although it’s not the largest tree, it still measures more than 119 feet around (the General Sherman is 102 feet around) and is beautifully stunning!

6. Dragon Blood Tree

Located in Yemen, these unique trees not only look odd, but when it is wounded, a red resin comes out that looks like blood.

7. 144-Year-Old Wisteria in Japan

Although it’s not technically a tree, this wisteria vine located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan is spectacular (really, just google it!). It’s so heavy that this plant is held up on steel supports so that visitors can walk below the canopy.

144 Year Old Wisteria in Ashikaga Flower Park Japan (11 Most Amazing Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

via Jeeheon

8. Wind-Swept Trees in New Zealand

These trees show the true power of Mother Nature! Located in Slope Point, New Zealand, the extreme wind has molded these trees into what they are now.

9. The President Tree (see full post)

The third largest giant sequoia in the world, this tree lives alongside other giants in Sequoia National Park.

The President Tree (11 Most Amazing Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

10. Rainbow Eucalyptus

Located in Kauai, Hawaii, it’s hard to miss the beautifully colorful patches of the rainbow eucalyptus, which is the result of shedding its bark.

11. Baobab Trees

Some of the most unique trees in the world, the Baobab Trees make their home in Madagascar.

Bonus: General Grant Tree

Clocking in as the second largest tree in the world, this giant sequoia makes its home in Kings Canyon National Park. Separate post coming soon!

General Grant Tree Kings Canyon National Park (11 Most Amazing Trees to Put On Your Bucket List).

P.S. Please check out these photographers’ websites who were kind enough to let us use their work! :)

Know of other amazing trees? What are we missing on this list?
What’s the most unique tree you’ve seen?

xoxo estherJacob