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To all our photographer and videographer / YouTuber friends, this one is especially for you! And if you just like winning free stuff, this is for you too! :D

WD My Cloud Unboxing.

We have a TON of photo and video files. Though we’re not shooting weddings anymore, we’re constantly documenting our Local Adventures and everyday life, so having enough space for everything is always an issue. On top of all the files we have sitting on our desktops, we currently have 10 TB worth of external hard drives hooked up to both our computers. Still never enough!

Anyone who knows me also knows I like to be efficient. I want to make sure we’re using our time to the best of our abilities, and that includes how we organize our workflow. Since I’ve joined Esther on the blog in January, I’ve been trying to make sure we have a good workflow in our day-to-day and have a good system to keep track of all of our photos. It’s tricky when we’re working on separate computers and when our files could be in any number of places, so I was really excited to use the WD My Cloud EX4100!

Private Cloud Storage with WD My Cloud Review.

For me, the best part of the My Cloud series is that you can have centralized storage that’s accessible on your devices at home and even mobile devices. That means we can set up folders and keep them all in one place that both Esther and I can access! It also doesn’t live in “the cloud”, so I know exactly where my files are and that they are secure and backed up.

WD My Cloud Reviews.

I’m comfortable around computers but not the biggest techie, so I was intimidated opening up the box. I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to set it up the correct way but was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was. You just plug it in and follow a few simple steps to make sure your computer has access.

Also, since it’s not plugged directly into my computer, I was worried that it might slow down our workflow, but everything has run smoothly. It’s a high performance NAS device that makes work seamless. Check out all the tech specs here!

And here’s the best part, WD has partnered with us to give away a My Cloud EX2! So be sure to enter below and tell your friends about it for extra entries.


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Would you try WD My Cloud? Why or Why not?
How do you organize your photos?
What hard drive do you currently use?

Welcome to Lovely Letters, a monthly blogger exchange hosted by Jordan and I, where you can make new snail mail pen pals every month! :) It’s been exactly one year since I introduced Lovely Letters on my blog, and now we’ve grown to over 100 participants in 12 countries. I’m also happy to announce that Jordan will be co-hosting with me on a consistent basis.

Though you don’t have to participate every month, we highly encourage you to at least meet a few new bloggers in this space. Everyone I have connected with so far has been so sweet. :)

You can sign up for your blogger pals every last Saturday of each month until the 6th. We try our best to pair you with someone in a different country or at least from a different part of your country. See all the previous exchanges here if you want to get a better idea of what the swaps look like.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Pen Pals.

This month I was paired with Joy who is a huge foodie and loves to travel. We obviously could go on forever just talking about food and travel alone, but we also discovered that we both lead / led worship and that both our husbands are hustlers and great in business. Go check out her blog to see her food adventures in the Bay Area and beyond!

The [COLORFUL] package I sent:

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Pen Pals.

How did I do? Will update you on the package I received soon! :)

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Pen Pals.

<div align="center"><a href="http://localadventurer.com/lovely-letters/" title="Lovely Letters Blog Community and Snail Mail Exchange"><img src="http://localadventurer.com/wp-content/themes/prophoto5/images/blank.gif" data-lazyload-src="http://localadventurer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/LovelyLetters.png" alt="Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Since everyone is getting their packages at different times, the link up will be open until May 30th.

Dates to remember for MAY’s Snail Mail Swap:

  • Sign ups are open until May 6th midnight PST. You can sign up HERE (FOR BLOGGERS ONLY. If you don’t have a blog, you can always start one!)
  • You will get your snail mail pen pal by the 9th and begin getting to know your partner.
  • Send out your packages by May 20th. Stay under $7 Limit. {Theme: FAVORITES}
  • Write about your experience and link up on May 30th (the last Saturday of the month).

Do you have a favorite color? Does it show in your home / clothes / etc?

xoxo esther

In case you’ve missed the last few, we’ve been checking out some of the Best Subscription Boxes for Travel Lovers. Next up on the list is the Bon Appetit Box! As I’m sure you can gather from the name, this box focuses on France. Zoe and Bertrand were born and raised in the south of France and are your curators for this journey. They select the best products and put together a French subscription box.

Bon Appetit Paris Apertif - A French Subscription Box

What’s unique about their subscription is that you get to choose the box you get based on your taste.

We decided to go with the Bon Appetit Paris Apertif Box that is full of appetizer treats, many of which we’ve never tried before. It was a lot of fun discovering new foods. My favorites were the Gherkin Pickles and Sweet Onions Confit, and Jacob loved the Petit Toasts! How cute are the mini toasts?!

In addition to the goodies, we also got an Eiffel Tower postcard (which will be perfect to send out to a future Lovely Letters partner) and cards that gave us more info about each of the products – what it is, who makes it, and why you’ll love it.

Bon Appetit Paris Apertif - A French Subscription Box
Bon Appetit Paris Apertif - A French Subscription Box

Check out our unboxing video here. You get to see us try a lot of the items that we got!

What it is: A great way to experience authentic French dining traditions.
Cost: $65-75/month
Plans: 1 Month, 2 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months

If you’re into the French culture, hope to visit France, or just want to reminisce on your time there, this box will do the trick. :) If you get this box, let us know what you liked best from it!

What part of France would you like to visit the most?
Have you tried any French food? What did you try?

xoxo estherJacob

We’ve never done a mystery dinner theater show before so we were excited to experience Alibi Las Vegas! It isn’t like any ordinary dinner theater show, or any show we’ve seen for that matter. It’s an interactive experience that is a cross between a show, scavenger hunt, comedy, and mystery, with food and drinks!

The day before the show you get a text from Cuddles the showgirl with instructions on where to meet. I had signed up a month prior and forgot about it, so the text came as a bit of a surprise. Who was this Cuddles? And do I tell my wife about her?

Alibi Las Vegas Comedy Shows.

When we arrived to our meeting spot it only took a couple minutes before we saw Cuddles come frolicking across the street. She went about her business until some of the others from our group introduced themselves and we followed suit. Then the fun began!

Cuddles from Alibi Las Vegas Show.

We followed Cuddles to our first destination as she told us about the area and worked in bits of the story. After arriving, we ordered drinks (soft drinks or good ‘ole PBR). We talked and heard more about her background before she gave us the first clue!

Carson Kitchen Downtown Las Vegas.O Faced Doughnuts Downtown Las Vegas.
Alibi Las Vegas Dinner Shows in DTLV.
Alibi Las Vegas DTLV.
Alibi Las Vegas Show.

After our group figured it out, we said farewell and made our way to the next destination. We continued to meet others, including an Elvis impersonator, the mastermind, and a paranoid conspiracy theorist. We got new clues that brought us throughout downtown Las Vegas and the story continued to unfold. We don’t want to give too much away, but we had a great time!

Downtown Las Vegas.
Alibi Las Vegas Show.
Dinner and a Show Las Vegas Alibi.
Alibi Vegas - Dinner and Show Las VegasAlibi Las Vegas Dinner Shows.
PIzza Rock Downtown Las Vegas.
Pizza Rock DTLV.Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas.
Alibi Las Vegas Dinner Shows in DTLV.
Alibi Las Vegas Dinner Shows.
Dinner Theater Las Vegas.Alibi Las Vegas Comedy Shows.
Alibi Las Vegas Comedy Shows in DTLV.
Alibi Las Vegas in DTLV.Gold Spike Downtown Las Vegas.

Since it’s an interactive show, you get more out of it when your willing to dive into the story. The actors are hilarious, and all of the characters have amazingly deep backstories. After the show, Esther and I wondered if we should have prodded more about their past to see what they would have come up with.

The show took roughly 2.5 hours and included 2 rounds of drinks and lunch. It’s a unique experience and we’re glad we got a chance to check it out before leaving Vegas.

Check out our vlog here (and if you’d like to see more vlogs, give us a thumbs up!)

Find out more about the show and book your tickets here.
Use coupon code: LOCALADVENTURER for discounted ticket prices of $49 (normally $65)

See more of our daily adventures on instagram (esthergram + jacobgram)

Have you gone to a dinner theater type experience before?
Is this something you would do in Las Vegas?

xoxo estherJacob

Have you heard of ClassPass? If you’re anything like us, we have a hard time sticking to any particular workout schedule or routine. Partly because anytime we do get into one, we travel and end up dropping the ball. Or we just get bored. I heard about ClassPass through a friend of mine who started using it for a few months in the Bay Area. At the time it was only available in SF, and I was envious. I love trying new classes but don’t like paying the expensive one off class fees.

Months later I was happy to hear that they had expanded to Vegas too! The way it works is that you get access to some of the best studios in your city for one monthly membership. You essentially get a membership to a bunch of gyms with one pass. That means you can cycle, yoga, box, barre, bootcamp, dance… you can do it all! During this past month, we checked out four different studios:

Shine Alternative Fitness

Started by Cirque du Soileil performers, they focus on what they call ‘The Art of Fitness’. You have a lot of fun, and it’s a beautiful way to stay in shape. I did the Aerial Silks Level 1 class while my girlfriends were in town. When else do you get a chance to be instructed by Cirque performers?

Aerial Silk Classes Las Vegas at Shine Alternative Fitness with Classpass.


The Body Bar(re)

With multiple locations in Vegas, Barre seems to be a trend that is all over the nation. Focused on precise movements to strengthen the muscles, the workout is a lot harder than it looks. We took the (Re)shape-Classic Mixt Barre class and definitely felt the burn! I dragged Jacob with me, and he was the only guy in the class, but you could tell he was struggling through the exercises too. If you do plan on taking the class, I recommend getting these socks, otherwise it’s really slippery!

Body Barre Las Vegas Gym with ClassPass.The Body Barre Las Vegas Gym with ClassPass.


SurfSET Las Vegas

SurfSET Las Vegas offers really unique classes on surfboards. It adds a whole new element to exercises you already know and introduces you to new ones. We actually visited SurfSET Las Vegas for a couple of classes. We started with their Balance Session, and did their Blend Session a week later. The Balance Session is a great introduction class that gets you more comfortable on the board and the Blend Session kicked our butts with more cardio and strength involved. BEST AB WORKOUT EVER!

Surfset Las Vegas Gym.


Big Cat Boxing

The last studio we checked out was the Big Cat Boxing Gym. As we walked in to meet Dion, The Big Cat, he told us that training with him for 6 weeks will get you in the best shape of your life. After our first workout, I believe it! We did the Tone Tuesday workout and got our butts kicked in the best way possible. Also, if you’re a germ-a-phobe like me, bring your own wraps. These are the ones I have.

Big Cat Boxing Classes with ClassPass Las Vegas.Big Cat Boxing - Sampling Las Vegas Fitness Classes with ClassPass.

We’ve had a lot of fun checking out different studios and hope to check out more. The best part of this is that when we travel to a participating city, we can check out gyms there too! Check out the full list here.

Would you try Classpass?
Do you follow workout trends?
What’s a workout you’ve been wanting to try?

xoxo estherJacob