11+ Beautiful California Wildflowers and Flower Fields You Must Visit This SpringPin

11+ Beautiful California Wildflowers and Flower Fields You Must Visit This Spring

Want to know which California flower fields to visit this spring? Here they are!

Every year I see people posting photos of spring blooms, I tell myself we’re going to go see them too. But every year, we plan too late, and they’ve already come and gone. I’m not much of a flower kind of girl (Jacob knows I will take nice food or booze over flowers any day), but there’s something I love about a whole field of flowers. If they were bugless, I could hang out in them all day. 

This year has been the perfect storm for the super bloom in Southern California. Since I’m already obsessed with making daily lists for myself, I decided the best way to get myself to go is to come up with a list of places I want to go see them.

Timing is key with the super bloom, and the low desert is already seeing blooms right now (early March) and it’s predicted to last in the high desert until June. Don’t miss your chance to see them!

California Wildflowers - When and Where to See the SuperbloomPin

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Last Updated: March 12, 2021

Best Places to See California Flower Fields and When to Visit

Trailhead Coordinates: 33.732593, -117.393808, map

Flower Type: California Poppy and Others
Season: Feb to April
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Carter Estate Winery and Resort, Temecula (luxury, 23 mi away) or Best Western Plus Lake Elsinore (mid-range)

Walker Canyon California Wildflowers + Where to Find the Best Flower Fields in California // Local Adventurer #california #walkercanyonPin
Walker Canyon PoppiesPin

17495 Soda Lake Rd, Santa Margarita, 93453, map

Flower Type: Goldfields, California Poppy, etc but differs year-to-year based on conditions
Season: Feb to May
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Best Western Plus Taft Inn (mid-range, 17 mi away) or Topper’s Motel (budget, 17 mi away). All luxury hotels are at least 40 miles away.

Carrizo Plain National Monument + When and Where to See California Wildflowers in SocalPin

5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, 92008, map

What: Tecolote Giant Ranunculus (also is known as a Persian Buttercup or Ranunculus Asiatic)
Season: Changes Yearly. Mar 1st – May 8th, 2016
Hours: 9AM to 6PM

We made an exception for the Flower Fields. These aren’t wildflowers, but it’s a sight you can’t miss.

Where to Stay: Four Seasons (luxury), Legoland Hotel (mid-range), or Most Popular Airbnbs in Carlsbad
Carlsbad Flower Fields (11 Beautiful Southern California Flower Fields You Must Visit this Spring) // localadventurer.com

15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, 93536, map

What: Various Poppies (Primarily California Poppy)
Season: Late February to May, Check site for Bloom Status
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Beverly Hills Hotel, LA (luxury, 45 mi away) or Best Western Plus Desert Poppy Inn, Lancaster (mid-range, 13 mi away)

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve + 11 Best Places to See California Wildflowers in Southern CaliforniaPin

652 Palm Canyon Drive, Borrego Springs, 92004, map

What: Parish’s Poppy, Hairy Desert-Sunflower, Desert Lily, Sand Verbena, Dune Evening Primrose, Indigo Bush, and other various wildflowers
Season: Feb to Apr
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

When we visited, the caterpillars were eating through a whole field of them each day. They disappeared so fast that we had to look for small patches in Borrego Springs outside the park.

Anza Borrego Super Bloom + Best Places to Find California Wildflowers in SocalPin

Coordinates: 34.73486, -119.98585, map

What: California Poppy and Sky Lupine
Season: Feb to April
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Santa Ynez Inn (luxury, 18 mi away) or Hampton Inn & Suites Buellton (mid-range, 22 mi away)


Coordinates: 34.79264, -118.846951, map

What: California Poppy, California Tickseeds, Bentham Lupine, Bluehead Gilias, and Lacy Phacelias
Season: Feb to May
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Hampton Inn (mid-range, 17 mi away)

Coordinates: 35.250187, -120.895203, map

What: California Poppy
Season: Feb to April
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles (luxury, 30 mi away) or Landing at Morro Bay (mid-range, 7.5 mi away)


18751 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 92651, map

What: Hyacinth, Morning Glories, Popcorn Flowers, and Southern Suncups
Season: Feb to Apr
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: The Inn at Laguna Beach (luxury, 5 mi away) or Ayres Hotel Laguna Woods (mid-range, 2 mi away)

Coordinates: 35.46434, -120.33701, map

What: Goldfields, Coastal Tidy Tip, Baby Blue Eyes, and California Poppy
Season: Feb to April
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Where to Stay: Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles (luxury) or Avila La Fonda Hotel (mid-range)

Shell Creek Road Meadows, Southern California + Best Places to Find California WildflowersPin

Coordinates: 33.938204, -115.965612, map

What: Mojave Poppy, Canterbury Bells, Desert Dandelion, and more
Season: March – April, Changes Yearly
Hours: 24/7 Year Round
Address: 12460 Keys Creek Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082

We found the largest concentration of Mojave poppies in Wilson Canyon. The bluebells and lupines were found in Cottonwood Visitor Center area. It looks like the blooms are slowly going north now.

Joshua Tree Wildflowers in Wilson CanyonPin
Joshua Tree Super Bloom + 11 Best Places to See California WildflowersPin

12460 Keys Creek Rd, Valley Center 92082, map

What: Lavender
Season: May and Jun, Changes Yearly
Hours: Wed through Sun 10am-3pm, July through April by reservation only

271 Highway 190, Death Valley, 92328, map

What: Desert Star, Blazing Star, Desert Gold, Mimulus, Encelia, Poppies, Verbena, Evening Primrose, Phacelia, and more.
Season: Feb to April (Lower Elevations), April to May (3000-5000 ft elevations), May to July (5000 to 11000 ft elevation.
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Essential Tips for Visiting and Photographing the Super Bloom

  • Photo Tip – There are ways to photograph yourself “in” the flowers without going off trail. Shoot with a long lens and at a low vantage point. That will bring the distance of the flowers and you closer together and will also hide the trails.
  • Go ASAP when you see people post about the super bloom. We saw entire fields disappear in a couple of days because they’re being eaten by caterpillars. Did you know they eat 200 times their weight in flowers and leaves?
  • Please respect the flowers so that others can enjoy them too, but respect people too. There’s a growing resentment for people who are visiting these California flower fields and trampling on the wildflowers. This makes us upset too, but we’ve found that it’s better to calmly educate than to shame people. Since when did flowers become more important than humans?
  • See wildflower updates on Desert USA. Other sites haven’t been as accurate and left us disappointed. Make sure you pay attention to posting dates and visitation dates since they may differ. You can also see who’s posting recently on #superbloom. I usually look in the captions or ask when they visited, since a lot of them could be latergrams.

What to Pack for Your Visit


DID YOU MISS THE Spring Bloom SEASON in California?

If you miss the flowers in SoCal head up to the PNW. The flowers bloom later there. Check out the best hikes to see Pacific Northwest Wildflowers.

I’ve always wondered by definition what qualifies as a wildflower (I mean… aside from the genetically modified ones… didn’t all flowers come from the wild?) Maybe you already know this, but in case you were wondering, I looked it up after all these years. ha!

It’s simply a flower that grows without any care or nurturing. However, if you take that same flower and plant it in your garden, then it no longer is a wildflower if you intend to keep it alive longer than its natural lifespan. Where my florists/botanists at? Does that sound about right?

Have you been to any of these flower fields in California? Out of these places, where would you be most interested in visiting?

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11 Beautiful Flower Fields You Must See in Southern California // localadventurer.comPin
It's a great season for the Super Bloom! Here are 11 California Flower Fields You Must See This Spring // Local Adventurer #superbloom #california #flowerfields #springPin

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