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25 Best Gifts for Adventurers in 2024

Here’s a list of the best gifts for adventurers in your life.

Part of why we started Local Adventurer is to push ourselves and encourage others to become everyday adventurers.

One of our favorite quotes by Marcel Proust is, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

25 Best Gifts for Adventurers //

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Last Updated: February 8, 2024

25 Gifts for Adventurers

Learn more about how we select gifts for our gift guides and our methodology here.

1. Annual Park Pass →

If your adventurer friend gravitates towards the outdoors, the America the Beautiful annual pass to the National Parks or an annual State Parks pass would be perfect to help them get out and stay out.

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2. National Parks Passport →

I know that National Parks are meant to be savored, but I can’t help that I’m a bucket list person. I’m obsessed with getting my cancellation stamps in my National Park Passport.

The best part is that all proceeds support America’s National Parks and their educational programs.

3. Travel Backpack →

We love our backpacks, hence our backpack logo. Check out our full post of travel backpacks here that breaks down which ones we use for different types of travel.

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4. Mobile by Peak Design →

If you shoot photos and videos with your phone, you need to check out Peak Design’s Mobile system. We love everything by Peak Design and how their accessories work well together. We use the Magsafe tripod and wallet the most. See our YouTube review here.

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5. National Park Scratch Off Poster →

You probably already know that we love exploring the National Parks. Our scratch-off poster is no longer available, but here are some similar ones. I like this one best at the moment.

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6. State Park map and Checklist →

You can also get a state map and explore your state parks! It’s one of the best gifts for adventurers imo, especially local adventurers. It doesn’t look like they currently make the state park ones anymore, but they still have a cute National Park one that we have as well. Hopefully, they bring them back!

7. Keep Nature Wild →

As you know, we enjoy exploring the outdoors. That’s why we love sporting our Keep Nature Wild apparel. Not only does it capture our love and care for the spaces we visit, but they are super comfy. They also pick up one pound of trash for every product sold.

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8. Riversmith Quiver

This is for your angler friends. Riversmith, a fly rod roof rack company based in Boulder, Colorado, defines itself by two main principles: peak craftsmanship and impeccable performance. Approached in engineer fashion and from the hearts of avid fly fishermen, Riversmith set out to create a one-of-a-kind and best-in-class product. Thus, the River Quiver was born.

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9. GoPro →

GoPros are always a great gift for adventurers since it can go with you everywhere and handle any terrain. They keep coming up with better technology every year. If you pair it with a chest mount, you’re ready for anything.

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10. A New Travel Jacket →

Whether you want to get a jacket that heats itself, a packable jacket, or a rugged jacket for harsh weather, we’ve made a list of our favorite travel jackets with pros and cons for each.

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11. Wyoming Whiskey →

This is the perfect gift for an adventurer who loves whiskey. This particular label is a partnership between Wyoming Whiskey and Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park. A portion of every sale goes back to Yellowstone Forever to help support the park in its 150th anniversary year.

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12. Lawson Hammock Tent →

This hammock + tent is perfect for any adventurer. It can be set up on the ground or tied up to a tree when the terrain is rough. It comes with a rainfly and bug net, and the design makes it lay flatter, unlike most hammocks.

13. Performance Bikini Briefs or Boker Briefs →

We’ve been rocking Exoficcios for a while since they are great for travel or if you’re active. They are comfortable, easy to wash, and dry in a few hours if you end up somewhere longer than you planned. For the price point, the elastic doesn’t last as long as I would hope, but they dry quicker than any of my other underwear.

Jacob also recently added Mackenzie & Park underwear, which he likes a lot (featured in photos below).

14. Transition Wrap + Towel →

You never know what kind of mess you will make when you’re on an adventure. The Orange Mud Transition Wrap is perfect to dry yourself off, use as a wrap to change, or help you keep your car clean,


15. Water Bottle →

We have a few different water bottles for different uses. We love our Trail Series Hydro Flask for day-to-day because it’s so light, but we also have a self-cleaning one for international travel and a filtering one for camping.

16. Nomadik Subscription Box →

This is a perfect gift for someone who likes discovering new products or if you need a little push to get outdoors. Nomadik is a premium outdoor retailer that helps you find the latest gear from the best brands.

You can get subscription boxes (monthly or quarterly), select themed boxes, or even purchase one-time items or bundles based on your needs.

Check out the Camp Cookout box below! I’m so excited to use our tiny Solo Stove.

Nomadik Coupon Code: Use code LOCALADVENTURER10 for 10% off.

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17. Yeti Roadie Cooler →

This is one of the toughest and most portable coolers out there. We love that it’s handy for all our weekend trips, and we don’t have to worry about bears getting into it. Don’t forget to pick up ice packs for it, too. They work so well!

The newer versions are taller vs wider and also have a different latch system.

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18. Ombraz Sunglasses →

Ombraz Sunglasses are great for adventurers because rather than arms, they have a nylon strap to keep them secure to your face. You can put them around your neck when you’re not wearing them, so they won’t fall off.

19. Field Notes National Park Edition →

Here’s another way to rep our love for National Parks and show them some support. They’re the perfect size to travel with, and you can pick from different National Park series.

If you go on rugged adventures, check out these tear-proof and waterproof ones. If you pair this with a space pen, you can even write underwater (or in space)! We received ours as a gift, and Jacob has been obsessing over them.

Field Notes National Parks EditionPin

20. REI Flashpack →

We’ve been rocking the REI Flash 18 Pack for a really long time and still love it as a lightweight pack. We also got the Flash 22 for when we need more space.

21. A Warm Beanie →

You’ll most likely see me wearing a beanie during the winter. I look for Omni-heat or Polartec technology for extra warmth.

22. Headlamp →

Headlamps are great gifts for adventurers and make the best companion on any hiking adventure. They don’t take up much space and are useful if you stay out after sunset. The one we use is waterproof and has red night vision mode and multiple brightness settings.

We also just discovered this headlamp, which is a game-changer. It has a social mode that dims when you look up at people but stays bright when you’re looking down. Plus, you can change the color of the light.

23. Climbing Camera Strap →

We love photography, and we love climbing. This camera strap, although not as cushy as my other camera straps, is the perfect length for us shorties, and climbers always comment on it.

24. Rocky Talkie →

Most adventurers will be off the grid at some point. We love these Rocky Talkies because we have one and so do our friends, so that anytime we plan on climbing together, we ensure we’re on the same channel. They’re great for road trips too so that you can chat between cars. The best part is you can buy a single one for a gift for each of your friends.

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25. Danner Boots →

We love these hiking boots! They perform really well on the trail and look good for the city too. We each have a pair of these and a couple of other pairs of Danners.

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Can you think of any other perfect gifts for adventurers? What are you getting your favorite adventurer this year?

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