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25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List (2023)

We are far from hardcore hikers. In fact, my friends used to call me “indoorsy” before I started training for our Inca Trail hike 5 years ago. We do, however, like to get out and explore knowing some places you can only access on foot.

We’ve compiled a list of the best hikes in the world, including the distances and best times of the year. So far we’ve completed two of these hikes plus sections of others. 

We hope to get our bodies in shape so we can hike them all in our lifetime. If an indoorsy person like me can do it, you can too!

The Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket ListPin

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Last Updated: September 7, 2022

25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List

Location: Peru
Distance: 26 miles
Time: 4 days
Best Time to Go: May to September

One of the most popular hikes in the world, the Inca Trail takes you through 26 miles of grueling inclines and declines. You get a chance to explore ruins, jungle, and beautiful mountain scenery, and of course, end the hike at Machu Picchu.

BONUS: Inca Trail Alternates

Check out The Ancascocha Trail, Lares Valley Hike, or Salcantay Trek if you’re looking for less crowded alternatives. With each, you still get amazing views and you can easily add a day to explore Machu Picchu as well.

Dead Womans Pass - Highest Point on the Inca Trail // localadventurer.comPin
Ultimate Guide on How to Hike to Machu Picchu Peru // localdventurer.comPin

Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
Distance: 37-50 miles
Time: 4-6 days
Best Time to Go: Popular from October and April. We preferred July (their winter).

The popular route that follows the letter “W” takes you through the wondrous Torres del Paine National Park. You get a chance to see volcanic peaks, glaciers, and beautiful lakes.

You can also do the longer longer “O” circuit that encompasses the “W”.

If you want to beat the crowds, try the hike in their winter. It’s probably not as cushy as the summer trek, but during our hike we only saw one other person with a guide vs 800-1000 people who are on the trail every day during their summer. It’s unreal to have the park to yourself.

Here are some posts we wrote to help you plan your trip:

Everything You Need to Know About Hiking the Patagonia W Circuit //

3. Appalachian Trail

Location: Georgia to Maine, United States
Distance: 2,180 miles
Time: 5-7 months
Best Time to Go: Year Round

This hike is one of the longest continuously marked footpath in the world and is not an easy feat. It takes you through 14 states and takes careful planning and execution if you want to do it one go.

Hiking the Appalachian TrailPin

Location: Tanzania, Africa
Distance: roughly 35 miles
Time: 7+ days
Best Time to Go: January, February, or September

Africa’s highest peak (19,340 feet) is widely popular and still on most people’s bucket list. With a wide range of climbing routes, most travel with a guided tour to reach the spectacular view above the clouds. This is the next major hike we want to do.

Kilimanjaro Trek + 25 Best Hikes in the WorldPin
Kilimanjaro Hike + Kilimanjaro Trek + 25 Best Hikes in the WorldPin
Climbing Kilimanjaro + 25 Best Places to Hike in the WorldPin

5. Kungsleden

Location: Sweden
Distance: 65 miles
Time: 3-5 days
Best Time to Go: August to Early September

Kungsleden, or “The King’s Trail,” is a 275-mile traverse, but get a glimpse of this amazing landscape with a shorter hike. See the amazing Arctic landscape, open tundra, big glaciers, and brush up against Sweden’s highest peak, Mount Kebnekaise.

Kungsleden Trail + 25 Best Hikes of the WorldPin

Location: Nepal
Distance: 70 miles
Time: 16 days
Best Time to Go: March to May, September to November

This trek is becoming popular as you get the opportunity to experience the people and culture that makes their home at these elevations. You also get to be face-to-face with the highest point on Earth.

Everest Base Camp Trek + 25 Best Places to Hike in the WorldPin
Everest Base Camp Trekking + 25 Best Places to Hike in the WorldPin

7. Snowman Trek

Location: Bhutan
Distance: 200+ miles
Time: 25+ days
Best Time to Go: April or October

Some say that this is the hardest trail on the planet and many are unable to finish because unpredictable weather in the high Himalaya. Traversing 11 passes, most of which are more than 16,000 feet, you can only do this hike with a guided tour and is at the top of most hikers’ bucket lists.


8. Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike

Location: Arizona, United States
Distance: 44 miles
Time: 4-6 days
Best Time to Go: March to May, September to November

This hike gives you an in-depth look at on of Earth’s greatest features. Not only does it help you appreciate its vastness physically, the views and scenery that you get by being up close and personal with it will be more rewarding than any view point you’ll get by a quick stop.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike + 25 Epic Hikes of the WorldPin

9. Pacific Crest Trail

Location: California, Oregon, and Washington, United States
Distance: 2,650 miles
Time: 6-7 months
Best Time to Go: April to October

Trek through 7 national parks and numerous national forests, state parks, and wilderness areas on this hike. Along the way, you will experience the Mojave Desert and also reach heights of over 13,000 feet. After reading Wild, I kept thinking if she can do this, maybe we can too!

Location: California, United States
Distance: 60 miles
Time: 6-7 days
Best Time to Go: Mid-July to Mid-September

This trek takes you through some of the best of Yosemite National Park (our favorite NP!), part of the John Muir Trail, and the Cathedral Range. You hike through waterfalls, granite basins, sprawling meadows, and you even ascend Half Dome via the Cable Route.

Yosemite Half Dome Hike // localadventurer.comPin
Yosemite National Park Half Dome Cable Route // localadventurer.comPin

Location: Alaska and Yukon Territory, United States and Canada
Distance: 33 miles
Time: 3-5 days
Best Time to Go: Late June to Early October

With routes like the Golden Stairs, the Stone Crib, and the Scales, this hike lives up to its name. Its rich gold miners history brings you through amazing views of Alaska and Yukon Territory and helps you experience the wild and vastness of this area.

12. Tonquin Valley

Location: Alberta, Canada
Distance: 27 miles
Time: 3-5 days
Best Time to Go: July to September

Ansel Adams made his way to this valley to take photos of the amazing scenery and landscape. And a quick google search will convince you that it’s well worth the experience and effort to get into the valley.

13. Bay of Fires

Location: Tasmania, Australia
Distance: 16 miles
Time: 4 days
Best Time to Go: October to May

This hike takes you to endless beaches of white sand, boulders covered in blood red lichen, and alongside turquoise water. You can do this hike on a guided trip or on your own, but the scenery makes it one of the best hikes in the world.

Bay of Fires Tasmania Australia + 25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Hiking Bucket ListPin

14. Queen Charlotte Track

Location: New Zealand
Distance: 44 miles
Time: 3-5 days
Best Time to Go: Year Round

Located on the north end of the South Island, this trek takes you through sunny hills, next to beautiful blue waters, and gives you plenty of options on how to take this journey.

Queen Charlotte Track New Zealand + 25 Best Treks in the WorldPin

15. Mountains of the Moon

Location: Ruwenzori Range, Uganda
Distance: 38 miles
Time: 6-7 days
Best Time to Go: December to March

These peaks make up the highest range in Africa at over 16,000 feet. Besides the views, this enchanting place also brings you face-to-face with high altitude glaciers and elephants in the same place.

Mountains of the Moon Uganda HikePin

16. Kalalau Trail

Location: Kauai, Hawaii, United States
Distance: 22 miles
Time: 3-5 days
Best Time to Go: May to September

This amazing coastal hike takes you on steep trails and tropical heat as you trek through amazing jungle, beautiful waterfalls, and explore the mile-long arc of Kalalau Beach.

Kalalau Trail Kauai Hawaii+ 25 Best Hiking Trails in the WorldPin

Location: France, Italy, Switzerland
Distance: 105 miles
Time: Around 10 days
Best Time to Go: Anytime from July to mid-September

Experiencing a Mont Blanc holiday not only gives you the chance to hike through 3 countries, but also trek through mountain passes, alpine meadows, and glacial valleys, and the base of the highest mountain in Western Europe.

Tour du Mont Blanc Trek + 25 Best Backpacking Trips in the WorldPin

18. The Long Range Traverse

Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Distance: 25 miles
Time: 3-6 days
Best Time to Go: July to September

Less of a trail and more of a frolic through the Gros Morne National Park. This hike takes you to a land that seems untouched. You will trek over tundra and explore hidden lakes, and you may even share campsites with moose, caribou, or black bears.

19. Laugavegurinn / Fimmvörðuháls Pass

Location: Iceland
Distance: 50 miles
Time: 4 days
Best Time to Go: June to September

Taking you through volcanic landscapes, lichen-covered rocks, and amazing views of rhyolite peaks, this hike packs in more variety in its 50 miles than most hikes do. You also have the option of a 15-mile add-on to start or end at the 200-foot-high Skogafoss waterfall.

Laugavegur Hike Iceland + 25 Best Treks in the WorldPin

20. Sierra High Route

Location: California, United States
Distance: 195 miles
Time: Around 13 days
Best Time to Go: Summer or Early Fall

Keeping you between 9,000 and 11,500 feet, most of this hike runs parallel to the Join Muir Trail but gives you more scenery and solitude.

Sierra High Route (25 Best Hikes in the World).
Steve Dunleavy / cc

21. Routeburn Track

Location: South Island, New Zealand
Distance: 20 miles
Time: 2-4 days
Best Time to Go: November to April

Fiordland National Park has amazing hiking options. Although Milford Track is the most popular hike in the park, the Routeburn Track gives you a chance to see equally spectacular views with fewer people on the trail.

Routeburn Track New Zealand + 25 Greatest Hikes in the WorldPin

22. Scottish National Trail

Location: United Kingdom
Distance: 470 miles
Time: 5-6 weeks
Best Time to Go: April and May

Opened in 2012, this trail is Scotland’s first end-to-end walking route. Giving you views of the most amazing landscapes in the country, this hike becomes more difficult as you go. If time is an issue, you can also break this journey into four sections.

Scottish National Trail + The Best Hikes in the WorldPin

23. Fitz Roy Trek

Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Distance: 36 miles
Time: 4-7 days
Best Time to Go: February to March

This takes you through Los Glaciares National Park, which by the way is the size of Delaware, and gives you views of beech forests, open plains, glaciers, waterfalls, and the iconic Fitz Roy Massif.

Patagonia Fitz Roy Trek + The Best Hikes in the WorldPin

24. Trek to Petra

Location: Jordan
Distance: roughly 50 miles
Time: 5-9 Days
Best Time to Go: October to April

This is considered one of the best hikes in the Middle East and takes you through gorges, ridges, and rocky terrain. You end this epic hike exploring the temples and tombs of this fascinating city.

Trek to Petra + 25 of the Best Hikes in the World to Add to Your Bucket ListPin
Petra Hike + 25 of the Best Hikes in the World to Add to Your Bucket ListPin

Location: Italy
Distance: Varies
Time: Varies
Best Time to Go: Mid-March to Mid-October

Much less crowded than the Amalfi Coast, the Ligurian coast in Cinque Terre National Park offers spectacular views of the rocky coastline. Two of the most popular hikes are Alta Via or “High Path,” which is 22 miles and Sentiero Azzurro or “Blue Path,” which is 7.5 miles. 

We explored each of the 5 towns and the Blue Path a couple of years ago, but was only able to hike parts of the trail because a lot of it was destroyed by the flood. We hope to go back now that the trail has fully reopened.

Cinque Terre National Park (25 Amazing Hiking Trails).
  • Abel Tasman Coast Track, New Zealand
  • Boiling Lake, Dominica
  • Cordillera Huayhuash Trek, Peru
  • Fish River Canyon, Namibia
  • Great Himalaya Trail, Nepal
  • Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Whale Trail, South Africa

We’re hoping to do the Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon hike before we move next month, and then Kilimanjaro, we’re coming for you next!

Don'T Forget These Hiking Essentials


Do you keep a hiking bucket list? Which of these have you done? Are there any other best hikes in the world that we’re missing?

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25 Best Treks in the World for Your Hiking Bucket ListPin
25 Best Hikes in the World to Add to Your Bucket ListPin
25 Best Hiking Trails in the World to Add to Your Bucket ListPin
25 Best Hikes in the World To Put On Your Bucket List // localadventurer.comPin
Best Hikes of the World Bucket List Challenge // Local Adventurer #hiking #bucketlistPin
Best Hikes in the World Bucket List Challenge // Local Adventurer #hiking #bucketlistPin

Best Hikes in the World by Region

“Discovery consists not of seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes” – M. Proust


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  1. Anita Dolomita

    Have you done any of the Dolomites “Alta Via Uno”?? Super great hiking on the 65-70 miles of trails in the Italian Alps. Highly recommended!

  2. Lynn


    One more quick question. Which alternative trek would you choose? Ancascocha or Lares Valley Hike?

    1. jacob

      We personally haven’t done either, but we know people who have done Ancascocha who have loved it.

  3. Lynn

    Hi again,

    I read somewhere that you were taking a group to hike in Patagonia this July but I can’t find that page now. Are you still doing this? If so, can you provide me with the details and costs of the hike? Thanks!

    1. jacob

      That was last year! We went with OneSeed Expeditions though and they are great!

  4. Lynn

    Hi, I love your list! I am looking to go to Peru in either May (end of the month), June or July this year. When did you go? Which month would you suggest I go? Also, I just contacted a trek company about Ancascocha Trail after seeing it on your list. Can you tell me why you choose that trail? I know that I am looking to avoid crowds, see the most beautiful scenery possible and have a truly challenging hike. Thank you!

  5. Simon

    Fantastic list. A few are deffinaly on my need to do list.

  6. Marat Stepanoff

    This is a great article. I’m fond of hiking and it’s interesting for me to go through several of these routes. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Carlos Renalov

    Which hike trek is the best for you ? Torres Del Paine looks like a really unique name

    1. Esther JuLee

      So far, I liked Torres Del Paine more, but we went in the winter and had a much different experience than hiking Machu Picchu in the summer. It was so crowded in Machu Picchu.

  8. Kara Bui

    The #25. CINQUE TERRE NATIONAL PARK is the best option! I’ll go there someday!

  9. Dori

    You should include some of the Southern African Trails.. The Otter Trail, Fish River Canyon( Namibia) and the Whale Trail

  10. Bharat gurung

    Everest best camp trek highly recommended. You will see Heaven in Earth.

  11. rebecca

    Hi! This list looks amazing! My friends and I are looking to do our first multi day hike and we can’t make a decision…any advice?


    1. jacob

      You should do Patagonia! Of all the ones we’ve done so far that one was he easiest in terms of elevation. It’s a good one to start with.

      1. Chris

        If it’s there first hike Patagonia may be little to advance. Grand Canyon will be better or maybe Appalachian ( specially in upstate NY area )

  12. The Hiking Pear

    Wow, this is amazing! I visited Peru, but I didn’t have the opportunity to do the Inca Trail. We also backpack together as a couple, but mostly around the Portland, Oregon area. I want to try backpacking abroad. Thanks!

    1. Esther JuLee

      Thank you! There’s so much good backpacking in Oregon too. :) I feel like it will be quite the different vibe since Inca Trail is so much more crowded. But the views are definitely amazing.

  13. alka nand

    This is an amazing List! How many of these have you done? We have done a few only but we did do Everest Base Camp Trek and that was beyond Amazing! Shall definitely try to do some more from this list. We love the mountains and are always looking for Hikes with views of snow clad mountains – but in the summer!


  14. STeve

    Fantastic List! I’d put the Salcantay Trek as another Inca Trail option. We did it a couple of years ago and the Lodge to Lodge option was perfect for a couple on the “North” side of 50 years old!

    1. jacob

      Thanks! We’ll have to consider it for our next list!

  15. Florence Nguyen-Quang

    Very surprised that you didn’t include Abel Tasman (New Zealand) on here! That’s such a great and easy one!

  16. Sameer

    Wow, Everest did make it to your list of best hikes. Certainly it is one of the best hiking destination for any adventure seekers. Welcome to the Himalayas in Nepal.

  17. Klara Major

    My husband and I just got back from our New Zealand adventure where, among other great hikes, we did the Milford Sound track and absolutely loved it.
    We traveled to Dominica a couple of years ago and did a day hike in the Roseau valley to the Boiling Lake. With a few hikes behind us from your list, including the Inca trail and the Cinque Terra, I would definitely recommend the Boling Lake one. The challenging and quite strenuous trail takes you through a variety of ecosystems. An added bonus is that you’ll only have to share it with a handful of people.
    Check it out and long live great hikes :)))

  18. Kalena

    Total bucket list goals! I just did the Tour du Mont Blanc and it really was an amazing hike with spectacular views. I highly recommend it :)

  19. Donna Lederle

    All your hikes look amazing! Loved your article. I have a suggestion …. I have done Pico Ruveiro on the island of Madeira, Portugal. It is the highest point in Madeira and 3rd highest in Portugal. Great, great hike, absolutely beautiful scenery, and quite challenging!

    1. Esther JuLee

      Thank you so much, Donna. I would love to check it out next time we’re in Portugal. We will have to add it to our 3rd edition. :) Thank you for sharing!

  20. Annie

    The Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory Australia is an amazing multi day trek too. It should be on your list as the gorges and waterholes in the outback are astounding and the landscape in the McDonnell Ranges is timeless.

  21. Anton gorlin

    that’s a great collection, thanks for sharing. I wish I had enough time (and money) for at least half of those!

  22. Randy

    I have hiked the Inca and Chilkoot, both were amazing. Your list should include the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. This is an amazing, world class trek.

  23. P. Gioko

    Great compilation here. I am really happy to see Mt Kilimanjaro because I intend to hike there in future. I am sure though I will not do the entire 35 miles.

  24. Matt

    I’m surprised to not see the Mount Kailash Kora on this list.

  25. Joe O'toole

    Best blog for people who loves to explore the world. I am Joe O’ Toole of washer and Dryers review sites. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog.

    1. Esther JuLee

      Thank you so much for saying that Joe. :) We really appreciate you.

  26. Cecilia

    I think you should add Huayhuash trek in Peru.

  27. David bibby

    Bhutan’s Snowman Trek is seriously good. Glad to see that on your list.

    Sad that you didn’t include Peru’s Huayhuash trek which is truly beautiful. …and I’d say better than the back trail to Machu Picchu. Although that is good as well.

    Another for the serious that should also be included is the epic Great Himalaya Trail traversing the length of Nepal via the highest navigable trail. About 153 days all up or you can do one or more of the 7 sections with World Expeditions. I did the last 3 sections. 61 days of trekking across western Nepal. Amazing experience.

  28. George

    Dude/Dudette, This list is epic!

  29. Roy nirschel

    Great list.
    I’ve done the Inca trail, Patagonia, Kilimanjaro, bit also recently the Camino Primitivo in Spain.
    Add in day hikes in the Copper Canyon, Appalachian trail multi day hikes, it’s been greatl
    I am 65 and off to Italy for the way of st francis 30 days florence to Rome soon. Buen camino, good walking.

    1. Esther JuLee

      That’s so amazing!! Very inspiring, Roy. :) We just got back from hiking Patagonia in the winter. What part of the AT did you do?

  30. Lindsey

    I just backpacked a 13-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon this last weekend and it was truly breathtaking. We passed through so many different climates and ecosystems because of how much the elevation changed; everything from rocks and scree to swamps and frogs to silent snow and trees. I really want to try the Grand Canyon Rim hikes next.

    1. Esther JuLee

      Where did you start and stop on the PCT? :) We love hiking around Oregon, I know that portion is probably beeautiful.

  31. Summer perkins

    Thanks so much for the great list! As someone who lives close to the Appalachian Trail and has experienced its beauty I was glad to see it included.

    1. Esther JuLee

      Thank you for reading, Summer. It’s hard not to include it! ;)

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