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25 Gifts Your Outdoorsy Friends Will Actually Love – Your Essential Outdoor Gift Guide for 2024

These are the best gifts for your outdoorsy friends!

It’s that time of year again! We try to get a head start on our holiday shopping early so we don’t have to stress about it later on. I actually shop throughout the year and hold them for holidays and birthdays.

When we shop for gifts, we tend to lean towards useful items that help fuel our adventures. If you have any outdoor lovers in your life, here’s the list for you. It includes a wide range of prices from stocking stuffers to gifts that will make them feel completely spoiled. We own and use most of these, but there are a couple still on our wish list. ;)

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Last Updated: February 7, 2024

Your Essential Outdoor Gift Guide for 2023

Learn more about how we select gifts for our gift guides and our methodology here.

1. Osprey Backpack 💰💰💰💰💰 →

A good backpack can make your load feel lighter. We used our previous Osprey bags for over 8 years but finally decided to upgrade this year for our Winter Patagonia Trip. You should visit your nearest REI store and try them on with weight in them. I literally tried on every women’s and youth backpacks in the store.

Get yours here: HERSHIS, + KIDS

Pro Tip: Go to REI and have them help you find the right backpack for your body type. Since I’m petite, the women’s bag was too big for my torso, so I ended up getting the youth bag instead.

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2. REI Co-op Magma Sleeping Bag 💰💰💰💰💰 →

A good sleeping bag is a gift that keeps on giving. Since every ounce counts when you’re backpacking, we always look for ones that weigh as little as possible, packs down as small as possible, and still manages to keep you warm. It’s always a challenge to compromise between warmth and weight / size.

We have the older versions of these and love them! They’ve kept us warm on all our camping and backpacking trips and are super lightweight.

3. Yeti Roadie Cooler 💰💰💰💰💰 →

Yes, it’s such a pricey cooler, but it’s the ultimate cooler. We recently just picked one up and love it. It can be used outdoors and in the city to keep drinks and food cold longer. All other coolers can bow down.

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4. Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket 💰💰💰💰💰 →

This one is for your outdoor-loving friends who also love to go for the gram. It’s super popular on IG. The blanket can work as an extra layer on cold nights, but can also be a replacement for your sleeping bag on warmer nights.

5. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent 💰💰💰💰💰 →

We just recently got this Hammock / Tent but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It’s able to set up on the ground or suspend as a hammock if you can’t find level ground. Unlike other hammocks, the design keeps the bed flatter so you don’t get that cocooning that happens in other ones. Plus it has a rainfly and bug netting.

6. Danner Mountain 600 💰💰💰💰💰 →

These have been our go-to hiking shoes for the past few years, and we’ve tested out a lot of hiking shoes. We love that they have a different style than typical hiking shoes so that they blend well into the city but still can take on a rugged trail. They even have insulated ones if you’re spending more time in cold places.

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7. Rocky Talkies 💰💰💰💰 →

These are awesome when you’re carpooling, camping or hiking. We use them to find our friends when we’re climbing and since we all have them, we just make sure we’re on the same frequency. They’re also great on caravan road trips so you can communicate with the other cars without worrying about having service.

8. Patagonia Better Sweater 💰💰💰💰 →

We both own the Better Sweater. Because I wore it so much, I ended up getting a second one without a hood. It keeps us really warm and has a nice slim fit.

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Best Patagonia JacketsPin

9. Jetboil Minimo 💰💰💰💰 →

This is the perfect gift for someone who backpacks, loves coffee, or just looking for the easiest way to have meals on the trail. We’ve had a JetBoil for over 10 years and it’s still our go to.

10. REI Co-op Flash Carbon Trekking Poles 💰💰💰💰 →

Any serious hiker needs a great pair of trekking poles. We recently added these to our arsenal since they are easy to travel with great on the trail.

Backpacking Gear List - What to Pack for Zion Narrows Top Down HikePin

11. Leatherman Multi-Tool 💰💰💰💰 →

We recently just picked up a leatherman to add to our arsenal. We’ve been in multiple scenarios that we’ve needed one and fortunately have been with people who are prepared, but now we’ll have one next time we need it.

Leatherman Multi Tool - Best Camping EssentialsPin

12. Hot Chillys Micro-Elite Base Layers 💰💰💰 →

We recently discovered the Hot Chillys Base Layers and absolutely love them. They are soft and comfortable and keep us warm. I want to get some of the ones with fun patterns on them.

Check out Jacob wearing his baselayer on the top while climbing in this tall/short beta.

13. American the Beautiful Pass 💰💰💰 →

Give the gift of exploring our beautiful National Parks all year long! We always get a new pass every year, and it’s totally worth it if you visit even a few throughout the year.

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14. REI Co-op Flexlite Chair 💰💰💰 →

These super light camping chairs are always in our trunk when we’re on the road. We use them camping and pull them out when we’re hanging out with friends. When not in use, they pack up really small.

15. REI Co-op Wallace Lake Collection 💰💰💰 →

Their Wallace Lake collection is comfy and stylish. This is one of the comfiest henley’s I’ve ever had. I wear it at home to stay warm and cozy, and it’s perfect for layering as well. 

16. Platypus Big Zip Reservoir 💰💰 →

Most people who spend time outside will have a water bladder, but they get old and need to be replaced. We love this one because it’s easy to fill and clean with the huge opening.

17. REI Flash Pack 💰💰 →

Daypacks are awesome for anyone who’s active. It’s perfect for day hikes and short trips. When we travel, we pack one in our suitcase to use for the day too, since it’s lightweight and can pack down pretty small. We recently upgraded to the Flash 22 because we like the flap closure better.

18. Hydro Flask Bottle 💰💰 →

Keep drinks cold or hot for longer with a Hydro Flask bottle. We like the Trail series since it’s lightweight, plus they are always coming out with new colors.

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19. Petzl Headlamp 💰💰 →

I tend to lose my headlamp more than anything else. Because of that, I have a couple spares. It’s also useful to lend out to other people who don’t bring one with them on camping trips.

20. National Park Passport 💰💰 →

We love collecting stamps at all the National Parks we visit with our passport book. This is a great gift for any National Park lover.

21. Buff 💰💰 →

I bring a Buff with me anytime I travel. It’s a great way to stay protected from the sun but also adds an extra layer of warmth that is versatile like a scarf.

22. Sea to Summit Lightweight Drysack 💰 →

I have a few dry bags and love using them for the obvious reason of keeping my gear dry, but also for keeping my gear and clothes organized when I travel. You never know when you’ll get rained on.

23. REI Beanie 💰 →

I wear beanies a ton during the cooler months. It’s perfect for adventures or city strolls.

24. Packtowl 💰 →

We each have a few towels, larger towels when we are out and about and not worried about space, and small light ones when we’re worried about space. We also bring a small one with us dedicated to our camera gear.

25. Balega Socks 💰 →

If you have the right socks, you’re less likely to have blisters on hiking days. These are the current socks we like the most. They’re made to keep your feet cool and dry.

Bonus: Gift Card →

If you have one of those friends or loved ones who seem to have everything, you can always get them a gift card so they can buy what they need when the time comes. I know gift cards sound lame or don’t seem like the most thoughtful gift, but they are practical. I know we’d appreciate it. ;)

Any other outdoor gift ideas we should add to our outdoor gift guide? Are you buying any of these this year?

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