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7 Breathtaking National Parks Near Las Vegas You Need to See

Did you know there are seven National Parks near Las Vegas?

The main reason we moved to Las Vegas was its proximity to epic outdoor adventures. Las Vegas is an amazing home base for exploring the national parks in the Southwest.

Sure, you can come here for the typical strip experience, but we highly recommend you venture out and see these breathtaking national parks near Las Vegas.

We organized them in the order of distance from Vegas.

7 Breathtaking National Parks near Las VegasPin

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Last Updated: April 9, 2024

7 National Parks Near Las Vegas

With so many national parks within driving distance, we get great use out of our Annual National Park Pass. If you plan on visiting more than 2 parks within one year, we recommend picking one up for yourself since it saves you money in the long run and saves you time at the gate.

Be sure to click through to each park’s guide when you’re planning your trip. If you love national parks like us, we also have a complete list of 400+ US National Park Units, and you can find one near you. 

1. Death Valley National Park →

36.4617588,-116.8688004, map

Distance: 142 mi / 2 hr 15 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Artists PaletteMesquite Flat Sand DunesBadwater Basin
What to Eat: 
Stovepipe Wells Restaurant, Smokin J’s Barbecue
Where to Stay: Hotels Near Death Valley

In Death Valley, you’ll find the lowest point in the United States and the most variety of landscapes. Not only do they have salt flats and sand dunes that you would expect in the desert, but they also have canyons, mountains, and arches.

It’s also an International Dark Sky Park, so it’s perfect for stargazing events or shooting astrophotography.

Local Tip: Summer is brutally hot. We’ve been during late spring, and it was hard to stay outside for more than 20 minutes at a time. It’s actually one of the best national parks to visit in the winter.

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2. Zion National Park →

1101 Zion – Mount Carmel Hwy, Hurricane, UT 84737, map

Distance: 160 mi / 2 hr 40 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Canyon Overlook TrailAngels Landing, Zion Narrows
What to Eat: 
River Rock Roasting CoMain Street CafeDixie Pizza Wagon
Where to Stay: Hotel Deals Near Zion National Park

This is one of the most popular national parks in the US, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve been a handful of times, and we always love going on different hikes in Zion. Within the main valley, you’ll find awe-inspiring peaks, you can trek through a river surrounded by steep canyons or you can test your fear of heights by conquering Angel’s Landing.

Local Tip: Get to know how the shuttle system works since that is the required way to get around in the park during busy season. We go into more detail in the guide below.

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3. Joshua Tree National Park →

6554 Park Blvd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, map

Distance: 199 mi / 3 hr 20 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Arch Rock, Cholla Cactus Garden, Keys View
What to Eat: 
Pie for the People!Crossroads CafeJoshua Tree Coffee Company
Where to Stay: Best Hotels in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is our go-to national park near Las Vegas. Since we’ve lived in LA and San Diego, it’s a great halfway meeting point to see our southern California friends.

At first glance, it may not seem as interesting as the other national parks, but we love it for the amazing rock climbing, epic sunsets that practically look photoshopped, and astrophotography.

Local Tip: Desert camping is a lot of fun as long as it’s not summer. Joshua Tree is one of our favorite places to camp.

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4. Bryce Canyon National Park →

UT-63, Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764, map

Distance: 260 mi / 4 hr (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Navajo Loop Trail
What to Eat: Bryce Canyon LodgeStone Hearth Grille, Idk BBQ
Where to Stay: Hotels Near Bryce Canyon

Bryce is the smallest park on this list but worth checking out because of the collection of hoodoos. It’s also a great park that you can explore in one day. We combined our Bryce trip with Grand Staircase-Escalante and Capitol Reef.

Local Tip: If you can visit in the winter, seeing the hoodoos covered in snow makes for a gorgeous scene.

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5. Great Basin National Park →

100 Great Basin, Baker, NV 89311, map

Distance: 291 mi / 4 h 25 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Lehman Caves, Bristlecone Pines, Wheeler Peak
What to Eat: Great Basin Cafe, Sugar Salt & Malt Restaurant, Sandra’s Mexican Food
Where to Stay: Hotels Near Great Basin

It’s hard to believe a place like Great Basin National Park exists in Nevada. It has the second-highest peak in the state, caves, and the oldest trees in the world. Great Basin is also a dark sky certified park and is worth going during their annual Astronomy Festival (late September).

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6. Grand Canyon National Park →

S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, map

Distance: 280 mi / 4 hr 25 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Mather Point, Bright Angel Point, Grandview Point
What to Eat: 
El Tavor Lodge Dining RoomFoodie Club, Roughrider Saloon
Where to Stay: 
Grand Canyon Hotel Deals

The Grand Canyon is one of those landmarks you have to visit at least once in your life. We’ve done a helicopter tour and a driving tour from Vegas, but we still have the rim to rim hike on our bucket list. Guess we should start applying for permits soon!

Local Tip: If you don’t have a weekend, the quickest way to visit is through a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. There are plenty of operators out of Vegas.

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7. Capitol Reef National Park

38.2914684,-111.264238, map

Distance: 334 mi / 5 hr 15 min (map)
Things You Can’t Miss: Chimney Rock, Scenic Drive, Fruita 
What to Eat: 
La Cueva Restaurante MexicanoSlackers Burger Joint
Where to Stay: 
Search Hotels in Capitol Reef National Park

The 7.9-mile Scenic Drive gives you the best overview of Capitol Reef National Park. You’ll see amazing formations, sheer cliffs, and plenty of pull-outs. There’s also an orchard within the park where you can pick fresh fruits when in season.

Things to Do in Capitol Reef National ParkPin

Map of National Parks Near Las Vegas

More National Parks Near Las Vegas

Arizona National Parks

  • Pipe Spring NM, 179 mi / 2 hr 45 min (map)
  • Navajo NM, 347 mi / 5 hr 40 min (map)

California National Parks

  • Mojave NP, 68.4 mi / 1 hr 5 min (map)
  • Castle Mountains NM, 78.3 mi / 1 hr 25 min (map)
  • Cesar E Chavez NM, 257 mi / 4 hr (map)
  • Manzanar NHS, 242 mi / 4 hr (map)
  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP, 397 mim / 6 hr 55 min (map)
  • Devils Postpile NM, 321 mi / 5 hr 45 min (map)
  • Yosemite NP, 340 mi / 5 hr 30 min (map)

Nevada National Parks

Utah National Parks

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More State Parks Near Las Vegas

  • Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park, Las Vegas
  • Valley of Fire State Park (48.5 mi NE, 55 min, map)
  • Cathedral Gorge State Park (167 mi NE, 2 h 40 min, map)
  • Beaver Dam State Park (189 mi NE, 3 h 25 min, map)
  • Spring Valley State Park (197 mi NE, 3 h 20 min, map)
  • Echo Canyon State Park (181 mi NE, 3 h, map)
  • Providence Mountains SRA, CA (112 mi, 2 h 10 min, map)
  • Gunlock State Park, UT (120 mi NE, 2 h, map)
  • Snow Canyon State Park, UT(128 mi NE, 2 h, map)
  • Sand Hollow State Park, UT (133 mi NE, 2 h 5 min, map)
  • Quail Creek State Park, UT (131 mi NE, 2 h, map)
  • Sand Hollow State Park, UT (133 mi NE, 2 h 5 min, map)
  • Lake Havasu State Park, AZ (151 mi S, 2 h 25 min, map)

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Essential Tips

  • Pick up an America the Beautiful Annual Park Pass to save money and time at the gates.
  • If you’re flying into Las Vegas, click here to rent a car.
  • It’s always best to check the parks’ site or Visitor Center for the most up-to-date info on closures or changes in the park.
  • Always stay hydrated when you’re out hiking.
  • Download AllTrails+ so you can access trail maps offline.
  • Gas stations are much harder to find in remote areas near and in National Parks. Always be sure you have plenty of gas.
  • Weather varies greatly throughout the year in many of these parks, and there are times when certain parts of the park may not be accessible in the winter. Check each national park guide so you can plan ahead.

Best Places to Stay

Planning Checklist

Have you been to any of these National Parks near Las Vegas? How many have you been to? What’s your go-to National Park near to your home town?

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