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DeathValley: Artist’s Palette

Artist’s Palette was our first stop in DeathValley. It’s named after its vibrant colors – like nature’s own painting. It was a scenic drive and was a nice warmup for the rest of our trip. You can actually see these views right from the parking lot, requiring little to no walking. Yay!

Fun fact! Or it might not be that fun for you. This intrigued me, but maybe becauses I was a chem major.  These colors are caused by the oxidation of different metals.  Iron salts give off the pink, red, and yellow. Manganese makes purple, and mica produces green.  Also, I’m not gonna lie… Don’t take my word for it. I just wikipedia’d this, and obviously all things on the internet must be true.

Photos of Artist’s Palette in DeathValley:

DeathValley National Park: Artist's Palette.Pin
We went in daylight, around 1 or 2, so the colors were a bit flat. The colors are much more vibrant during sunset. Also, a lot of photographers HDR it up. We decided to spend sunset at another location.  If we ever come back for a multiple night camping trip, I wouldn’t mind hanging out around here during sunset.
DeathValley National Park: Artist's Palette. Death Valley Pictures.Pin
Little people in big places.
DeathValley National Park: Artist's Palette.Pin
What kind of bird do you think this is?
A bird in Death Valley Death Valley CA.Pin
Photos of Death Valley National Park.Pin
Photo of DeathValley National Park: Artist's Palette.Pin
Artist's Palette, Photo of Death Valley National Park.Pin
Onto our next adventure!
DeathValley: Artist's Palette in Death Valley National Park.Pin
You can see the highlights of our death valley trip here, and our friend’s photos here and here.  Have you been before? What’s your favorite place in Death Valley?

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