Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Grand Canyon is an amazing sight to see. Normally, we road trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, where we stop at viewpoints and peer over the edge. We have even done the Skywalk, but we wanted to get another perspective of this natural wonder.

Neither of us has been on a helicopter, so we were excited to do a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Tour with Maverick Helicopters! Besides hiking or rafting, it’s the only easy way to see the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

We did the Free Spirit helicopter tour, which gave us a chance to fly over the Vegas landscape, Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam before arriving at Grand Canyon.

As we approached, we not only got the chance to admire its grandeur from above, but we flew right into the canyon and landed at the bottom.

After landing, we hopped out and enjoyed some champagne and snacks as we took photos and appreciated the new perspective.

We also made a stop on the way back to refuel the chopper and change seats again. And if you’ve never seen a Joshua Tree, you get a chance to take a photo with one. Since we’ve seen plenty, we took the chance to take some fun photos with the helicopter.

On the right is an aerial shot of where we did our ATV Tour!

Tips for your Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Tour with Maverick Helicopters:

  • We flew with two other couples and each couple had a chance to sit in the front. But even from the back, there are huge windows for your view.
  • As far as photography goes, if you go are on a morning tour, you will get window glare sitting on the right side of the helicopter. Not that you have control over where you sit, because the pilot decides weight distribution, but know that you’re the lucky ones if you get to sit in the back left side. The front is not bad on the way back though!
  • The weather was perfect when we went (February), but it can get brutally hot during the summer, so be sure to get an early morning or late afternoon flight if you’re going in the hotter season.
  • Check out all their tours that Maverick Helicopters / Soar Mustang offer here.

The next time we visit the Grand Canyon, we hope to do the rim-to-rim hike! There’s no better way to appreciate how huge and… well, grand it is than to conquer it with our own two feet.

Have you been in a helicopter? If so, what did you see?
How would you like to see the Grand Canyon?

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  1. What a great time! I flew around the Grand Canyon a few years back with my wife for our anniversary.

    We live in Arizona, so it’s not too far of a trip- but totally worth it. Now, I mostly do camping and motorcycling trips along the canyon and northern arizona with my new company (I hope it’s okay if I mention it: Resolute Expeditions).

    I’m gathering lots of photos of our camping trips, but I’m wondering what the best photo editing software is. I’m currently using photoshop, but I feel like there might be something faster or better out there for processing the low-light campfire night scenes we enjoy when we’re out in the wilderness. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Chad! We use both lightroom and photoshop. lightroom just makes color correcting so much easier, and most of the time I’m done with the photo after that. Photoshop I use to edit out things like a piece of trash on the ground. Sounds like an amazing company. :)

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