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15 Best Places to Visit in the World in 2024

These are the best places to visit in the world in 2024.

It’s funny how I used to call myself a world traveler after having been to a few countries during my younger years. Even after visiting 30+ countries and seven continents, I feel I’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much to see and discover in this beautiful world.

At the beginning of every year, we come up with a list of top travel destinations. We’ll be visiting some of them this year, some are places we’ve visited in the past that are up and coming, and the rest are places on our shortlist. Remember that even if you don’t travel to some faraway place, adventures can be found anywhere, so find a local adventure!


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Last Updated: March 14, 2024

15 Best Places to Visit in the World

1. Cuba

With US relations opening up in Cuba, it is the talk of the town. There are still tight regulations on getting into the country, but that is about to change soon. This spring will be your last chance to go before giant cruise ships start arriving in May.

Cuba is a place I’d like to visit, but I think it’s still too soon to go. Though the infrastructure (hotels, internet, etc) will be behind, that makes it a unique place to visit now.

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2. Galapagos Islands →

Why visit these islands now? The Galapagos penguins, among the rarest in the world, have made a great comeback through conservation efforts. Since 2000, their population has doubled, which increases your chance of seeing them.

Since the area’s ecology is so fragile, you never know how long that will last. And don’t forget to see the giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, and more while you’re there.

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3. Iceland →

This country has been on our list for quite some time. In recent years, it’s become a wildly popular destination. We wished we had visited when it was still undiscovered, but we know it’s a popular place for good reason.

We visited in the winter to chase waterfalls and northern lights but definitely need to go back during the summer when more of the island is accessible.

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4. Greenland

Unlike Iceland, which gives you a lot of lush green landscapes and milder temperatures, Greenland is more for those who can brave the cold weather. However, it will give you some of the most remote experiences. It has the world’s lowest population density and offers a coast-to-coast ice cap, which will eventually change as it melts.

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5. Turks & Caicos

This Caribbean getaway was once only frequented by high society, but with more recent hotel developments, it’s becoming one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. Snorkel, dive, paddleboard, or enjoy the calm and pristine beaches without worrying about annoying and loud tourist activities like banana boats and parasailing.

In the future, they might become like any other popular Caribbean destination, but for now, they’ve maintained their own quiet charm.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss these things you must know before visiting.

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6. South Georgia Island & Antarctica →

This one is super exciting since we’ve been into wildlife photography lately. Visit these rocky beaches and see thousands of king penguins gather. You’ll also find fur seals, elephant seals, and albatrosses, all amongst rocky cliffs and glaciers.

We also had the chance to visit Antarctica this year and it was life-changing! It feels like you’re visiting a different planet and we immediately fell in love with the wildlife and landscape. We hope we can visit again!

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7. Botswana

Botswana rose from poverty to become one of Africa’s most stable societies. Also, who doesn’t want to see these animals??

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8. Fiji →

If you’re into diving or relaxing at a high-end resort, you’ll find it in Fiji. The country recently upgraded its International Airport, which means it will be easier to get to. We may just have to revisit to relive our honeymoon!

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9. Japan →

Japan is always one of the best places to visit in the world, no matter the year. It is a hotbed of some of the most unique and weird dining experiences in the world. On the flip side, it still holds onto the ancient traditions and customs.

We last visited in 2018 and hope to visit again soon!

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10. Uruguay

Uruguay is known as the ‘Switzerland of America.’ Watch or become a gaucho (cowboy), see the beautiful natural landscapes, or the most famous landmark, La Mano de Punta del Este.

La Mano de Punta del Este Uruguay + best places to visit in the worldPin

11. Sri Lanka

Tourism has grown by leaps and bounds since the country has become more stable. More resorts and infrastructure are being built, and there are still many places to explore without the crowds. You’ll find ancient temples, bustling cities, spectacular beaches, and rainforest-covered mountains.

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12. Latvia

Latvia has been working hard to restore its hidden castles and manors. The food scene is also developing, which makes this the perfect place to visit before it gets flooded with tourists.

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13. New Zealand →

New Zealand is full of amazing landscapes. We’ve only visited the South Island, but it had us hungry for more.

If you enjoy cycling, they developed the New Zealand Cycle Trail in 2016 so you can see the country on two wheels.

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14. Iran

With everything going on in the Middle East, people often overlook Iran, thinking it’s dangerous. But Iran has the kindest and most welcoming people, and its relations with the US are improving. Enjoy Iran’s unique culture, architecture, and beautiful landscapes while most haven’t considered it a place to travel to yet.

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15. Australia →

The Aussie dollar has lost its strength in recent years, which makes it a good time for foreigners to visit. You could spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of the country, but be sure to see its wilderness and the Great Barrier Reef constantly battling environmental threats. See them now before more compromises are made.

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Bonus: USA →

If you live in the US, it might not seem like it belongs as one of the best places to visit in the world, but as local adventurers, we know that we live in a beautiful country that deserves to be explored. There are 60+ national parks and hundreds of historical landmarks and monuments, which gives you endless options on what to see. Some of our favorite parks include GlacierYosemite, and Zion.

Map of the Best Places to Travel in the World

More Places to Visit

If you’ve been everywhere on this list, here are more places to check out:

Frequently Asked Questions


Bangkok gets over 22.78 million International travelers each year.


Bangkok (22.78 M), Paris (19.1 M), London (19.09 M), Dubai (15.93 M), Singapore (14.67 M), Kuala Lumpur (13.79 M), New York (13.6 M), Instanbul (13.4 M), Tokyo (12.93 M), Antalya (12.41 M)


The friendliest countries in the world are New Zealand, Spain, and Italy.


Based on visitation, France (81.4 M), the United States (62.7 M), China (57.6 M), and Spain (56.7 M).


Some of the top cheapest countries are Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey, where you can travel on a budget for $20/day, $28/day, and $45/day, respectively.


Cities that commonly top the list of the most beautiful to visit include:

  1. Paris, France – Known for its romantic atmosphere, stunning architecture, and world-renowned landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.
  2. Venice, Italy – With its beautiful canals, romantic bridges, and historic architecture.
  3. Prague, Czech Republic – With its well-preserved Gothic and Baroque architecture, charming Old Town Square, and stunning Charles Bridge.
  4. Kyoto, Japan – With its beautiful temples, stunning gardens, and traditional Japanese architecture.
  5. Cape Town, South Africa – With its beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and unique culture.


Determining the easiest country to go to can also be subjective and can depend on various factors such as visa requirements, accessibility, safety, and cultural differences, among other things. However, there are many countries that are generally considered easy to visit due to their welcoming cultures, visa policies, accessibility, and robust tourist infrastructure.

Some of the countries that are typically considered easy to visit for tourists include:

  1. Thailand: Known for its friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and cultural landmarks.
  2. Japan: With its well-developed transportation system, advanced technology, and stunning natural landscapes.
  3. Singapore: With its efficient transportation system, clean environment, and vibrant nightlife.
  4. New Zealand: With its picturesque landscapes, welcoming locals, and well-established tourism infrastructure.
  5. Costa Rica: Known for its biodiversity, eco-tourism, and friendly locals.


Determining the most difficult country to visit can be subjective and can depend on various factors, such as political instability, limited accessibility, visa requirements, safety concerns, cultural differences, language barriers, and so on.

That being said, some countries may have reputations for being more challenging to visit than others. For example, North Korea is known for its strict visa requirements, limited accessibility, and restricted travel itineraries, making it one of the most challenging countries to visit. Other countries that may be difficult to visit include Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, among others, due to ongoing conflicts, safety concerns, and limited tourist infrastructure.

It’s important to note that while these countries may be challenging to visit, many people still choose to travel to these destinations with careful planning, research, and a deep respect for local customs and cultures. Additionally, it’s always essential to stay informed about travel advisories and guidelines from your government and the country you plan to visit.

Planning Checklist

What trips are you planning this year? Are any of these top destinations in the world on your list?

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