Bula~! Honeymooning at Koro Sun Resort in Savusavu Fiji

Bula~! Honeymooning at Koro Sun Resort in Savusavu Fiji

Fiji was amaaaazing!  I’m still flying high from the trip.

This was the plane we rode to the island.  Quite the experience.  We had six people total on the plane including the two pilots.

The airport in Savu Savu was not too much larger than a garage:

Here are some photos of the experience at the Koro Sun Resort. Also, check out this link for more tips for planning your own trip to Fiji.

We stayed in the edgewater villas, the one farthest left.

Here’s the gorgeous view from our balcony.  Even at night, I could stay out there for hours gazing at the stars.  It was incredible.

Jumping right off our balcony into the crystal, clear (and COLD) water!

Some photos with our new underwater camera Jacob got me as a wedding gift.  Let’s see how the Canon Powershot D10 does.  This is me at bat island.

It’s amazing how many different kinds of starfish there are.  I’ve never seen the blue ones, ones that look like spiders, the round, puffy ones.  Chime in if you know their actual names.  haha  I learned to get over my fear of fish.  Somewhat.  The first trip snorkeling, I was hyperventilating and biting down on my mouthpiece so hard the entire time that my teeth hurt for days after.  You gotta watch out for the big, ugly fish.  They bite!  The second trip wasn’t too bad.  I went, I saw, I conquered.

What made the trip most worthwhile was that we got to meet a lot of the Fijian natives, and by the end, we really felt like we were part of their family.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad saying our goodbyes leaving a hotel/resort.  Getting to know the staff and the other honeymooners really made our honeymoon so much better.  VINAKA!  Thank you everyone at Koro Sun that made our stay really special!   We hope that one day we can see you all again.

Lastly, here’s one of our self-timer portraits.  We wouldn’t be photographers otherwise.

Moce! (See ya later/Goodbye, pronounced Mothé)

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