Road Trip From Los Angeles to Seattle | Road Trip USA

Road Trip From Los Angeles to Seattle | Road Trip USA

A couple weeks ago, we took a road trip from LA to Seattle as part of reliving a childhood road trip.

Road Trip USA | Travel guide for a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Click on each link to see the things you should do for each stop.


0. Los Angeles – 101 Things to Do in LA Bucket List

Urban Light LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

1. San Francisco – 101 Things to Do in SF

Can't visit SF without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge + Best Places to Stop on Your Los Angeles to Seattle Road Trip // Local Adventurer

2. Mount Shasta

Road Trip USA | Mount Shasta stop on a Roadtrip from Los Angeles to Seattle.

3. Crater Lake National Park

Road trips from Los Angeles | Crater Lake National Park stop on a road trip from los angeles to seattle.

4. Portland – 101 Things to Do in Portland Oregon

Road Trip America | Stopping at Blue Star Donuts in Portland on our Road trip from los angeles to seattle.

5. Seattle – 101 Things to Do in Seattle Washington

West Coast Road Trip Ideas - Pike's Place Market Seattle Washington stop on a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle.


We tried to take the most direct route, but if you have some time and want to make a few detours, here are some worthwhile ones:

If you have more than 2 weeks, we even suggest you cut over to the Pacific Coast Highway and do the stretch from Big Sur in California all the way up to Reedsport in Oregon before going back onto I-5 (to Portland). These are some great stops on coast:

If you don’t mind skipping Portland, we recommend doing the entire Oregon Coast drive. Check out our guide to all 363 miles of Oregon Coast!

After Seattle, for our next adventure, we took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry to get from Seattle to Olympic National Park. First time on a car ferry! See our next adventure: what to see at Olympic National Park.

Edmonds Kingston Ferry after our road trip from LA to Seattle.
Where to next?
West Coast Road Trip Ideas | Road trip from LA to Seattle.
Olympic National Park photo from one of our favorite road trips | Road trips from Los Angeles.

This is the year of road trips for us. We’ve taken some pretty epic cross-country road trips over the past two years. Three of them were Atlanta to Los Angeles. Now that we’ve done so many, it’s hard to believe, but it no longer seems like such a long drive. Our all time favorite road trip was when we drove along the southern border of the US to San Diego, up to Seattle, then beelined it diagonally across the US back to Atlanta. It took us a month and a half, and I still feel like there’s a lot that we missed in between! There really is so much beauty just within the States that we have yet to explore. I think we need to take a full year off and just rent an RV. ;)

If you need some inspiration to hit the road, check out New York Time’s 36 hours / 150 weekends in US & Canada.

What’s an epic road trip you’ve taken? What were your fave stops? What road trips do you want to take?

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  1. Hey guys! We are about to take on our own adventure this summer from San Diego to Washington (possibly go into Canada too!) the goal is to checkout cities, nature, hidden gems, and we have three months, 1 truck, 3 chihuahuas along the route. Any suggestions you may not have mentioned in this post? Or perhaps other articles you have already written would be super useful! Actually any resources at all would be amazing! ps: Maybe we can even meet you guys when we make it to Portland?

    1. Hi Cami! That’s so exciting! Wow, this is a bit of an older post, so I definitely need to update it soon. These are some suggestions off the top of my head, but we really need to sit down and do a guide for each state soon. We recently did the entire Oregon coast, which had so many amazing spots if you want to check that out I would also check out the gorge if you’re swinging through Portland. If you didn’t already know, there are over 250 waterfalls in Oregon, so I would stop by any of them that are on your route If you’re going up the California coast, I would also stop in at Point Reyes, Fort Bragg for the Glass Beach. There’s a tree tunnel just north of there too. In Washington, I’d do Olympic and Cape Flattery. There are just so many things to do, but 3 months is a good amount of time where I feel like you’ll be able to see a lot. Also, Erin and Caroline recently wrote a post about long term travel with dogs ( Hope that helps and let us know when you’re coming to Portland.

  2. Hi. I was researching on some tips and ways on how to plan a long drive (not a typical road trip) from Los Angeles to Tacoma, WA. My husband is in the military and assigned there. We are going 2nd week of June. This will be our first time going on a long drive/trip. I am just concern with the long hours of drive because we are traveling with our 8 years old son. Since we are not in such a hurry in getting to Washington.
    I am thinking of making a several stop to sleep and rest in a motel/inn. We are not looking for some leisure road trip or wanting to go to some tourist spot to visit. Our goal is to go safely to Washington. I hope you could help us in finding some great pit stops and what route should we take. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Sheryll! Sounds like it’s going to be a fun trip. There are a lot of good stops along the way. Some of our favs are: Big Sur, SF, Samuel H Boardman, Cannon Beach, Portland. Hope that helps!

  3. thank you so much for all the information. i’m planing to go the same way you did. i really like it, and you explained everything in details . Good job. :)

  4. i clicked on the donut shop link you mentioned and my mouth began to salivate. those donuts look delicious!

    i really like that waterfall photo. that’s in america? didn’t know america could look so beautiful.

    1. yeah, i’ve been realizing that the more i travel, the more i appreciate what we have in the states. we actually have a lot of different types of landscapes all in one country, and that’s why we’ve been spending most our time this year exploring the states. i don’t even think we have time to hit all the national parks that we want to go to this year. i thought atlanta was really boring until we actually left it, and it made me realize that i took a lot of things for granted. i used to think the grass is always greener on the other side. there are bigger and better things somewhere else.. I still really like this quote “Discovery consists not of seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes” – M. Proust

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