25 Free Things to Do in Portland OregonPin

25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon

Every time we move to a new city, we often have to make compromises. We can eat out at nice restaurants as long as we are frugal in other areas. As far as activities go here, it’s all about the outdoors. We recommend saving your money for food and beer, and checking out some of these fun free things to do in Portland.

25 Free Things to Do in Oregon - Free Things to do in Portland This Weekend and Cheap Things to do in Portland // localadventurer.comPin

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Last Updated: February 8, 2021

Jacob is Chinese, so by nature, he’s always looking for a bargain. If it’s free, that’s even better! Before, we got into all sorts of arguments about spending, but now I realize we give each other a good balance. He helps us keep money in our pockets, while I push him live a little.

Not sure if you’ve heard this saying before, but I first heard it in college. “Chinese people have cheap wallets with loads of cash inside, while Koreans will buy an expensive wallet and have no money inside.” I know it’s a generalization, but if it’s between just the two of us, it’s very true.


SW Taylor St & SW Naito Pkwy, 97204, map

This tiny park is worth stopping by if you’re in the area. The park has interesting history, and it’s constantly changing with new contributions. I heard news at one point someone stole the tree, but there’s one there now! It’s also right by the waterfront, so you can enjoy the views afterward.

Smallest Park in the World - Mill Ends Park (+ 25 Fun Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Things to Do Portland Today // localadventurer.com

107 NE Grand Ave, 97232, map

This may only be a hallway in the back of a Stark’s vacuum shop, but if you can channel your inner Monica, you can appreciate the vintage vacuums that date all the way back to 1905. If you’re not into vacuums, you can just appreciate the weirdness of it all.

Stark's Vacuum Museum - Weird Things to Do in Portland Oregon - Coolest Things to Do in Portland // localadventurer.com

3. Portland Farmer’s Market

1831 SW Pedestrian Trail, 97201, map

There are two main markets that happen every weekend in Portland. The Farmer’s Market is a great place to browse fresh produce. We did some grocery shopping here the first week we were in town, and we will probably pick up our veggies and kimchi here in the future.

Update: We just heard some very sad news that Matt, the guy we used to buy our kimchi from, was murdered. Here’s their gofundme for his funeral expenses.

Portland Farmers Market + 25 Free Things to Do in Portland OregonPin
Portland Farmers Market + 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon - Portland State University - Portland Things to Do // localadventurer.comPin

4. Portland Saturday Market

2 SW Naito Pkwy, 97204, map

I heard someone describe the Portland Saturday Market as the place to go to buy your Che Guevara shirts made in China. Though I didn’t find anything I would purchase here, I thought it was nice because they had live music, and you could hang out by the waterfront. If we went back, we would probably grab an ice cream and just people watch.

5. The Grotto

8840 NE Skidmore St, 97220, map

Although the upper-level garden requires admission, you can still visit the lower garden, grotto, chapel, visitor center, and gift shop for free.

Local Tip: It’s decorated especially nicely during the holidays, but you pay an admission.

6. Powell’s City of Books

1005 W Burnside St, 97209, map

Powell’s is the largest independent bookstore and a cornerstone of Portland. Any book lover needs to stop by. The hard part making this a free experience is having to resist buying more books.

Powells Books (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - What to Do in Portland Today // localadventurer.comPin
Powells City of Books (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Best Things to Do in Portland Today // localadventurer.comPin

7. Portland Central Library

801 SW 10th Ave, 97205, map

I love it when libraries are housed in beautiful buildings. Enjoy the architecture then go in and browse the books.

8. Go on an Art Walk

1991 NW Upshur St, 97209, map

Every first Thursday, you can check out First Thursday art walk, and ever last Thursday, you can go to Last Thursday on Alberta in the Alberta Arts District.

9. Visit the Witch's Castle

Lower Macleay Trail, 97210, map

You can take a short hike to Witches Castle in Forest Park. Rumor has it that it’s haunted, but we didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

Hike to Witches Castle (25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Things to Do in Portland This Weekend // localadventurer.com

10. Urban Waterfall at Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain Park

SW 3rd Ave & Clay St, 97201, map

Gotta be honest. I didn’t think much of it, when I heard about the Ira Keller fountain in downtown Portland, but it was really beautiful seeing it in person.

Visit an Urban Waterfall (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) // localadventurer.comPin
Visit an Urban Waterfall (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Things to Do in Downtown Portland // localadventurer.comPin

11. Oregon Rail Heritage Center

2250 SE Water Ave, 97214, map

See the rich history of the locomotives and railroad industry in Oregon. You can get a guided tour of the big engines or even hop aboard the Oregon Pacific Railroad for a short trip.

12. Oregon Historical Society

1200 SW Park Ave, 97205, map

If you’re a history buff, you can check out the history of Portland and Oregon to get a better understanding of the city.

13. Brewery Tour

It’s no secret that Portland is a beer town. Though not every brewery in Portland has free brewery tours, we found a few that did: Ecliptic Brewery, Ground Breaker BrewingHopworks Urban Brewery. Any others you can think of? We’ll be checking more of them out soon!

Ecliptic Brewing Brewery Tour (+25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Fun Things to do in Portland for Adults // localadventurer

We’ve enjoyed getting to know whiskies the past couple of years, but have only done one distillery tour. We’re excited to check out the local ones and hopefully find a new go-to beverage.

15. Free Community Yoga

They meet at different locations every weekday of the week, but find one that’s convenient for you and get your namaste on (did I use that correctly? :P). Most free yoga classes recommend donations.

16. Look for Wildlife

If you love wildlife photography or you just enjoy viewing wildlife, there are a few different options around Portland. There’s great birding at Oak’s Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Sauvie Island. You can also go feed fish at the Bonneville Lock and Dam.

17. Go for a Bike Ride

Everyone in Portland bikes as a mean for transportation, but there are also some great recreational rides too. Some popular spots include Springwater Corridor, which connects a lot of the parks and runs along the waterfront. We ended up borrowing some bikes from Jacob’s cousin, but if you don’t have access to a bike, it’s still a beautiful walk.

And although not free, you can bike to pick up lunch at one of the many food carts or food trucks and take it to the park for a picnic.

Biking Portland (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Activities in Portland // localadventurer.comPin
Biking Portland (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Things to Do in Oregon // localadventurer.comPin

18. Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

511 NW Couch St, 97209, map

Classic arcades are hard to find nowadays, but Portland is home to one that has all your favorites. It’s free unless it’s a special event and you must be 21 or over after 4:30 PM.

19. Frank Kidd Toy Museum

1301 SE Grand Ave, 97214, map

We all loved toys at some point (and some of us still do). You can visit the Frank Kidd Toy Museum for some nostalgic moments. Unfortunately, it looks like the museum may have closed but we’re going to leave it here until that’s confirmed. Finnegan’s Toy Store is also a local favorite (map it).

20. Historic Belmont Firehouse

900 SE 35th Ave, 97214, map

Recently celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Belmont Firehouse is a beloved landmark to locals. You can learn about the history of the firehouse, get your photo sliding down a fire pole, and kids can spray water out of a fire hose.

21. Paul Bunyan Statues

8433 N Interstate Ave, 97217, map

When you think of the PNW, you often think lumberjacks. Take a photo with the biggest of them all!

22. Visit the Simpsons Streets

NW Portland – NW 2nd to NW 24th St

Did you know that Matt Groening is from Portland? It’s something we learned after we moved here! He named some of the Simpsons characters after the streets, like Flanders, Lovejoy, Quimby, & Kearney. This is one of the street signs in the Pearl District, where someone wrote in a D after NE for Ned Flanders.

Simpsons Character Streets (+ 25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Fun Thing to do in Portland // localadventurer.com

23. See Ramona Quimby’s Portland

If you were a fan of Beverly Cleary, then you probably are familiar with Ramona Quimby. Although the characters are fictional, the streets and landmarks are real.

24. Hoyt Arboretum

4000 SW Fairview Blvd, 97221, map

There are over 2000 species of trees and plants at the Hoyt Arboretum inside Washington Park and tons of trails to walk. The Maple trail is especially beautiful in the fall.

Hoyt Arboretum (25 Free Things to Do in Portland Oregon) - Things to do in Portland with Kids // localadventurer.com

3229 NW Pittock Dr, Hillside, Portland, OR, United States map

It’s one of our favorites in the city and walking the grounds is completely free (there is a fee to enter the mansion). Try to visit in the summer to increase your chances of having a clear sky to see Mount Hood looming over the city.

Pittock Mansion has the Best Views in Portland Oregon - Willamette Valley - Things to Do in Portland Tonight // localadventurer.com

BONUS. Chase a Waterfall

The waterfalls are technically outside the city, but the Historic Columbia River Highway isn’t too far (some are only half an hour away) and you’ll find a ton of waterfall hikes there. Multnomah Falls is a popular stop, and you practically park right next to it. If you’re willing to drive out a little farther, here’s a list of more waterfalls to check out in Oregon.

Some of our favorite easy waterfall hikes include Wahclella Falls, Latourell Falls, and Elowah Falls.

Multnomah Falls (+ 25 Free Things to Do Near Portland Oregon) - Travel Portland - What to do in Portland Oregon - Free Things in Portland // localadventurer.com

Map of Free Things to Do in Portland OR

More Things to Do in Portland for Free (Seasonal / Conditional)

What to Pack for Portland OR


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Do any of these free things to do in PDX look interesting to you? Can you think of any other free things in the city that’s worth a visit?

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