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19 Goals for 2019

What a year! We had a full year of living in NYC, and I’m surprised how much I fell in love with this city (the ugly parts and all). Christmas time and spring were magical here. We checked off a majority of our NYC bucket list, explored a good bit of the Northeast, and even took some trips to Canada, England, and Japan.

While so much has been going well on the outside and for the blog, our personal life took a huge hit this year. Next year, we want to focus on some self-love, our relationships with each other, family (including our two cats), friends, and community.

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Last Updated: Jan 1, 2019

19 Goals for 2019

My Word of the Year

Last year my word was purge. Moving into a small studio in NYC certainly helped with that, but we still ended up accumulating a lot while working with different brands. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to the purge we have to do before our move at the end of January. It always feels so freeing.

Next year, our word of the year is


People hustle in NYC, and on one hand I love that it has motivated me to hustle. On the other hand, I haven’t worked so many hours and felt so exhausted in my life. It has also been our favorite distraction from the other chaos in our personal / family life, which we’ll get more into that later.

This might sound elementary, but we seem to always forget our ABCs in life. We’re going to bring more play back into our life by adopting a new hobby or two. It’s going to include lots of climbing too.

Travel Goals
  1. Visit one new country. ✓
  2. Visit one new state (Alaska). ✓
  3. Visit one new major national park (Denali + Big Bend). ✓
  4. Create a bucket list for the next state we’re moving to (Nevada). ✓
  5. Attend the RISE Festival or ABQ Balloon Fiesta ✓✓
  6. Climb at one new rock climbing destination (Moe’s, Bishop) ✓

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Personal Growth Goals
  1. Bullet journal or doodle every day.
  2. Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1 (and find someone to practice my Italian with)
  3. Cook one new recipe a month (or 12/yr)
  4. Climb a V7 and generally at a V6 level.
  5. Read 8 Books.
  6. Get invisalign (Esther). Write one handwritten letter a month (Jacob)

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Blogging Goals
  1. Post to IG every day (@estherjulee) unless we don’t have wifi. Post 3x a week (@jacobthefu)
  2. Shift 10% of our income to affiliate or new income stream.
  3. Live off of 50% of our income. Hopefully living in a cheaper city will make this possible. ✓
  4. Continue our one sec of video a day (Check out 2016, 2017, 2018) ✓
  5. Partner with one of our dream brands (Delta) ✓
  6. Work 40 hours or less per week. Once, we reach 40 hours, take the rest of the week off to play. ✓
  7. Donate $25 for every item not completed. You can help us decide where the money goes at the end of the year – We have $175 to donate, what organizations should we give to?

Previous Years

18 in 2018 (The Year of the Purge)
17 in 2017 (The Year of Moderation)
16 in 2016 (The Year of Being Brave)
15 in 2015 (The Year of Intention)
14 in 2014
13 in 2013

To Help You Plan Your Year


What are your goals for this year? Do you set resolutions?


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    Nebraska is cheap to live in and i think people would be suprised at how many things there are to do. Omaha or Lincoln would be the places to live but surrounding areas are great to visit!

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