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13 in 2013 | New Years Resolutions

As you may already know, I love making lists. I have an ever growing bucketlist, a 101 in 1001 days, a 30 before 30 list, my MIT daily list… the list of lists can go on.  I know at times I feel overwhelmed when the list is growing at a much faster than I can cross off.  But I love making them.  I do know for a fact, too, that writing down all the places I wanted to visit and prioritizing travel this past year has allowed us to set foot on 5 different continents.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

2013 will be a year we continue to prioritize travel. I still want to try many new things.  I’ve simplified my list down to 13 in 13 SMART goals that I think can be achieved this year (thanks Mindy for the idea).

13 things in 2013 new years resolutions goalsPin

13 in 2013

  1. Hike / Camp at 5 National Parks ✓
  2. Snowboard on the west coast
  3. Drive across both borders of the U.S.
  4. Learn 12 new recipes ✓
  5. Complete Rosetta Stone Level 3 Italian ✓
  6. 365 on Instagram ✓
  7. Blog once a week for the entire year ✓
  8. Journal 1000 things I’m thankful for ✓
  9. 100 day challenge of less stuff (purging & no shopping) ✓
  10. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years ✓
  11. Send one handwritten letter a month for 1 year ✓
  12. Fit into my skinny jeans comfortably
  13. Donate $25 to charity per item not completed ✓

[UPDATE: 12/31/2013] I managed to get 10/13 goals completed this year. Not bad. The $75 we decided to donate to HeartPhilippines since the Philippines have been on our hearts.

Although we were very close to crossing both borders on our road trip to Seattle, we weren’t allowed to with the fiesta. We didn’t fit in a snowboarding trip this year. And sadly, I do not fit into my skinny jeans. It’s not for lack of effort either. I finished all my insanity workouts this year and started kickboxing, too. I think they must be getting smaller and smaller. Boooo!

I’ve added these uncompleted items to my 14 in 2014. Hopefully, next year, we will make them happen!

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  1. sophia

    hehe. i love lists too! although sometimes they inhibit my writing. i really like your goals and how they’re SMART. i need to be better about that and set deadlines for my goals because i didnt do any of goals from last year. lol.

    travel to visit me! kekekeeeee although its my goal to travel to visit you as well…

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