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First Look of Our New Studio Apartment in NYC

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We’ve been living in NYC for almost two months now and we’ve wanted to give you a tour of our new apartment, which had been looking a little sad until we got our furniture a couple weeks ago.

The first year we moved from Atlanta to LA, we packed up a huge moving truck and drove it across the country. Every year we moved to a new city, we got rid of more of our stuff and by the 4th year, we realized it’s not worth moving any large furniture. In Portland, we bought cheap pieces of furniture that we later sold when it came time to move.

When we moved NYC (our 5th city), we only brought what we could fit in a minivan rental. After piling in our clothes, outdoor gear, and our cats, it didn’t leave much space for anything else.

First Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC // Local AdventurerPin

This year, instead of buying cheap furniture and dealing with the hassle of selling it later, we decided to try something different – renting.

Our Experience Renting Furniture with CORT

The ordering process was easy. When we visited their website, we were prompted to put in our zip code, and it let us look through what was available at the nearest rental center. From there, we picked what we wanted and added it to our cart.

Some of the items didn’t have measurements, and when I had a few questions about pieces I couldn’t find (like just a box spring), I was able to chat with their support and they helped me by adding it to my order. After finalizing our rental, we scheduled a delivery time, and within a couple of days, our apartment was furnished!

In total, we rented 9 pieces from CORT:

TIP: Make sure you check all your furniture when they arrive. I realized after they left, that my chair was wobbly and the lamp was a bit crooked, so I emailed the showroom and they had them replaced within a couple of days.

This is the perfect solution for people who move often like us or if you need some placeholder furniture while you decide or save up for your adult furniture. We’re over the cheap college furniture and want nice grown-up pieces now.


Now, here’s our tiny 375 sq ft studio apartment! We have a few tricks to make the most out of our place and make it look more spacious (which we’ll share in a post soon).

First Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC // Local AdventurerPinFirst Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC // Local AdventurerPin

The kitchen is still something I’m still working on. I really don’t like using the top of the cabinets as storage.

First Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC // Local AdventurerPin
First Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC // Local AdventurerPin
First Look of Our Studio Apartment in NYC + Cort Furniture Rental Review // Local AdventurerPin
First Look of Our Tiny Studio Apartment in NYC + Cort Furniture Rental Review // Local AdventurerPin


Definitely an improvement right?



Esther and Jacob are the founders of Local Adventurer, which is one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world. They believe that adventure can be found both near and far and hope to inspire others to explore locally. They explore a new city every year and are currently in NYC.

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. Kristin

    What a cute space! And what an AMAZING view!!!

    1. Esther JuLee

      Thank you, Camila! :) It was definitely the selling point.

  2. Carly

    I never cease to be amazed by couples who share a studio apartment without going crazy! I need two bedrooms and two bathrooms just for me! ;)

    1. Esther JuLee

      it’s challenging for sure! We lived in an airstream for one summer, and that was even rougher because when one person was walking around, the other person had to sit down somewhere. I think that helped us. Also, most of the time we’re on our computers haha.. so it’s almost like the other person isn’t there.

  3. Sher

    oh fun! I had no idea you guys moved to NYC :) Hello from a fellow NYC based travel blogger

    1. Esther JuLee

      I didn’t realize you were based here too! :) Let me know if you’re free to meet up! I haven’t been wanting to go out as much in the winter, but this week has been pretty warm. Hopefully, it stays that way.

  4. Andi

    I love how you have a column between your 2 workspaces to give you a sense of separation even in the tiny space – renting furntiture – BRILLIANT!

    1. Esther JuLee

      hahah You know us! We need some separation. Last time we shared one table with a giant monitor in between us. Whatever you need to do to get your own space :P

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