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15 in 2015 Goals for the New Year!

2014 has been a whirlwind, and the one word that I find summing it up best is – BUSY. While sometimes busy can be good, it was the kind of busy that left us wondering where all our time has gone with lots of essential things being neglected (and I’m not just talking about last year’s resolutions).

Stop the Glorification of Busy (15 in 2015 Goals for the New Year!)Pin

On our trip back to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, my grandma stopped making the connection that I was her granddaughter (her favorite one, in fact). She has forgotten even her own kids but will always remember me. This time, she asked my name, which sparked recognition, and then came back minutes later, asking the same thing. Next year, she might forget me altogether. Also, my dad looks like he’s aged ten years this past year, and I was shocked that he no longer resembles the man I knew just last year. Life keeps passing in the blink of an eye.

There were too many moments where I felt too busy to call home. Too busy to hang out. Too busy to stop and have lunch with the panhandler who’s always at our exit. Too busy to be a good neighbor. This year, I need to make room in my day so I don’t want to miss out on the moments that matter. Therefore, my word for the year is INTENTIONAL.

Our 15 in 2015 Goals for the New Year:

  1. Call / Skype home once a week (at least email if traveling).
  2. Get to Zero Inbox every week (for now, every Wed).
  3. Clean my desktop once a week (starting after our big move in May).
  4. Finish playing the last piano piece I ever played / Play music once a month for fun.
  5. Narrow down the blog to less than ten categories ✔️ / Build a regular schedule for the FuZees ✔️
  6. Visit a new National Park (Bryce, Capitol Reef, Grand Escalante, Saguaro) ✔️
  7. Visit a new World Heritage site (We visited 11 on our Spain-Portugal-Morocco Trip!) ✔️
  8. Visit a new country (Turks and Caicos, Spain, Portugal, & Morocco) ✔️
  9. Do one major hike / backpacking trip. ✔️
  10. Go on 52 dates / one per week. ✔️
  11. Read 36 books in a year for Esther & 12 books in a year for Jacob.
  12. Read the bible in a year with the She Reads Truth app. ✔️
  13. Find 12 new veggie / healthy recipes for regular rotation.
  14. 20 Day Ab Challenge with Blogilates
  15. Donate $25 to charity per item not completed. ✔️

Jacob’s goals for the new year are to the right if it’s different from mine. It looks like it could be a packed year, but I’m giving myself room this year to edit as I go. Check out how we did with our 14 in 2014 and 13 in 2013.

[UPDATE: 12/22/2015] Looks like we are going to give 175! It’s time to brainstorm charities.

Happy New Year!
What are you trying to focus on this year?
Are any of ours the same as your goals for the new year?

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