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14 in 2014 | New Years Resolutions

It’s New Years Eve! Last week, I updated my 13 in 2013, and today I’m interrupting our weekly travel tuesday post to bring you new years resolutions for 2014. The first three added to my list are unsuccessful goals from 2013. If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Right?

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Esther’s 14 goals in 2014 // New Years Resolutions:

 1.Snowboard on the west coast.
 2. Drive across both borders of the U.S. Only did Canada.
 3. Fit into my skinny jeans comfortably. So tough evaluating after all the holiday eating!
 4. Go on 52 dates in one year.
 5. Make some youtube videos and get comfortable behind the camera. This one was too vague.
 6. Try 12 new pinterest projects.
 7. 52 photo outings with my camera, not iphone. Definitely not.
 8. Complete Rosetta Stone Level 1 Spanish. Nope. I need to purchase a new Rosetta Stone.
 9. Read 36 books in a year. Not quite. I read 10 out of 36.
 10. Finally put our poor, neglected kitchen aid mixer to good use and try 12 baking recipes.
 11. Blog at least twice a week for the entire year.
 12. Start a gratitude jar and fill it up.
 13. Try Project 333
 14. Donate $25 to charity per item not completed

Jacob’s 14 goals in 2014 // New Years Resolutions:

 1. Snowboard on the west coast.
 2. Drive across both borders of the U.S.
 3. No sweets for a month.
 4. Go on 52 dates in one year.
 5. Shoot a web series or documentary
 6. Help Esther on 6 new pinterest projects.
 7. Take a photo of myself every day for a year.
 8. Complete Rosetta Stone Level 1 Korean / Spanish.
 9. Read 12 books in a year. Read 6/12.
 10. Finally put our poor, neglected kitchen aid mixer to good use and try 12 baking recipes.
 11. Shoot two videos a week for the entire year.
 12. Write a note for Esther 3x a week for a year.
 13. Try Project 333.
 14. Donate $25 to charity per item not completed

I keep thinking that time passes by too quickly every time a year comes to a close. In hindsight, 2013 was a good year. There were some ups and downs, but I think I’m learning to embrace them both. Although I can be a glass-half-empty kind of gal, I’m actually hopeful about the new year. We are currently on a plane back from the Galapagos, so we’ll miss all the NYE celebrations. Can’t complain. I actually wonder what people do mid-flight on days like this. Hopefully, we’ll be raising our glasses on the plane. It’s international, after all. I hope everyone has a blast tonight counting all the blessings from this past year and counting down the seconds to celebrate the new year!

**Update: Jacob didn’t complete 4, and I didn’t complete 7 = $275. We ended up making our donations to Refugee Beads, Furkids, and Kiva. 2013 was a much better year for completing goals, but giving is always good! :) We’re still considering it a good year for us!

What are your plans for NYE? What are some of your resolutions?

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    1. esther julee

      Thanks so much and thanks for following. I will for sure check it out! :)

  1. Quinn

    Happy New Year! I have no doubt that you will complete all of your goals in 2014!

    I’d love to know how you like Rosetta Stone… been thinking about trying it (Korean), so I can actually maybe speak to my in-laws on our trip to Korea in 2015.

    And what is ‘Project 333’?

    1. esther julee

      Happy new year! :)

      I really like Rosetta Stone. It’s been working the best for me as far as learning a language. I want to try the korean one too. I need to brush up. I’ve been telling Jacob to learn so that he can talk to my grandma.

      Project 333 is that you pick 33 items to wear for 3 months. Hopefully, it’s manageable. I haven’t really looked that much into what I wear, but I already know I only wear half of what’s in my closet now.

      1. Quinn

        Interesting. I bet I’m doing Project 333 and I didn’t even know it. Ha! Can’t wait to read about updates to how your doing with your goals :)

        1. esther julee

          haha you should blog about unintentionally doing project 333 :)

  2. Tim Rhodes

    Best of luck on the resolutions! They all sound incredible!

  3. HTC

    Happy New Year Esther & Jacob! Great new year resolutions! David and I reflected back on our 2013 new year resolution and updated some.

    I like the 52 dates in one year. So aggressive but I like it. I just have do one nice thing for David each month. Remember the mailbox I used for my wedding? We now have that in our living room and leave stuff for each other in mailbox. That was my idea but it’s been fun.

    Maybe i should try to do some youtube videos too! But first I wrote to start a blog this year. Let’s see how that goes :p

    1. esther julee

      Happy new year! I wanna see! :)

      I wanna get back to the basics and start dating again. That’s a really cute idea and you are reusing the mailbox!

      Send me your youtube video this wk!! :D

  4. toni d.

    Good luck on your goals this year! Can’t wait to read your post on Galapagos. Been loving your photos on IG. :)

    1. esther julee

      Thanks girl! I will need it. :) I’m so excited to share them… I took soooo many photos!

  5. 52 dates in a year? that’s a lot of dates!
    make sure to wear knee padding (and butt padding) if you’re a beginner and there isn’t fresh snow. (I wish i had worn knee pads – i injured my knees so much the first time).

    and you know i couldn’t shoot for 14 so i ended up with 3’s… LOL.

    1. esther julee

      Yeah I know!! I hope we can prioritize this year. We barely have been able to do one a month. :/

      I like the 3s though. :) I want to do it too, but I feel like I will just have too many new years posts haha

  6. Erika

    Oooh, these goals sound so exciting and I love the idea of 14 in ’14! I’m glad you can look back and appreciate 2013, with its ups and even with its downs! :) YAY! I’m excited to read along!

    1. esther julee

      :) I feel like we’re going through these transitions together!

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