The 7 Wonders of Oregon

The 7 Wonders of Oregon

Have you heard of the 7 wonders of Oregon? Even if Oregon’s natural wonder’s don’t make one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s a beautiful state and there are many places that deserve to be known. If you’re limited on time here, these 7 make the short list. If you’re staying a while, there’s plenty more to explore! So far we’ve been to five of them and they’ve kept us coming back for more.

The 7 Wonders of Oregon //

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1. Columbia River Gorge

There are so many gorgeous waterfalls just along the Columbia River Gorge alone, that it’s not even fair to the rest of the US. This includes the famous Multnomah Falls too.

Did you know that Oregon has over 250 waterfalls? Here are just a few hikes we already blogged about in the Gorge.

UPDATE 9/2017: Most of the trails in the Gorge are closed from the Eagle Creek Fire damage. They are hoping to reopen by Spring or Summer of 2018. See more on USDA.

Multnomah Falls + the 7 Wonders of Oregon //

2. Crater Lake

Crater Lake is Oregon’s one and only national park and is the deepest lake in the US. Each season gives the lake a unique look and brings different activities to the park! Check out Our Ultimate Guide to Crater Lake National Park and Photo Diary

Crater Lake National Park + the 7 Wonders of Oregon //

3. Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Picture a hill with distinct colors of yellows, golds, blacks, and reds and you have yourself the Painted Hills. Depending on how the light hits these hills, it may look different every time you visit. Read more about the area:

Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds + 15 Best Weekend Getaways from Portland Oregon //

4. Smith Rock

Smith Rock is a mecca for sport climbers, but even if you’re not a climber, the views are amazing to see. If you like hiking, the Misery Ridge trail is one of the best hikes in the park. P.S. It’s called misery for a reason. Read more posts about Smith Rock:

Smith Rock State Park + the 7 Wonders of Oregon - this is an amazing spot to go hiking or sport climbing //

5. The Wallowas

Alpine summits, high desert, and fields of fauna make the Wallowas a must see in Oregon. The Wallowa Mountains and Hells Canyon are the highlights, but everything around is beautiful! You can read more about the Wallowas on our Eastern Oregon Road Trip Guide.

Wallowa Lake + All the Best Places to Visit in Eastern Oregon //

6. Mount Hood

We’ll see if we have time this summer to summit Mount Hood (and learn how to mountaineer for the first time). If you’re simply looking for amazing views of Hood, there are plenty of great spots. Here’s a few to start you off: Pittock Mansion in Portland, Trillium LakeWooden Shoe Farm during the tulip festival, Jonsrud Viewpoint, Buzzard Point, Timberline Lodge, or at the vineyards, lavender farm, and fruit farms on the Hood River Fruit Loop. Read more posts on Mount Hood:

Trillium Lake, Oregon + the 7 Wonders of Oregon //

7. Oregon Coast

We just got back from driving all 363 miles of Oregon’s coast! It’s now one of our favorite road trips to date. You can see a 7-day itinerary and all the best stops here. The dramatic landscapes and amazing photo spots will keep us going back! Read more posts about the Oregon Coast:

Thor's Well + 7 Wonders of Oregon //

We thought it was a genius campaign for Travel Oregon. ;) It sure worked for us!

Have you visited any of these wonders? What are some wonders in your state?

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The Wallowas + the Seven Wonders of Oregon //


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