15 Unique Things to Do in Astoria Oregon

Our first taste of the Oregon coast was in Astoria, Oregon. I’ve been hearing so much about it from Goonies fans, and I’m ashamed to admit that I finally watched it the night we arrived in Astoria to see what exactly I was working with. No, I’m not a true Goonie. 🙈

You can also use Astoria as a launching point to doing the ultimate Oregon Coast road trip.

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Last Updated: April 22, 2019

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Astoria was regionally the trading center for the lower Columbia basin, and still remains a hub to this day. Its economy is centered around fishing, fish processing, and lumber, but most people who visit now see it as a great weekend getaway and a pilgrimage to see where the Goonies was shot.

We spent two days in this charming little town, and here’s what we did!

1. Astoria Column

1 Coxcomb Dr, 97103, map

The Astoria Column is a popular attraction along the Oregon coast. It is covered in a hand-painted spiral frieze that gets you 600 feet above sea level to give you a stunning view of the bridge and the town.

Pro Tip: There is a $5 parking fee that needs to be purchased from the gift shop.

2. Astoria Riverwalk / Riverfront Trolley

354 Industry St, 97103, map

Enjoy the beautiful Columbia River from the Astoria riverwalk. You’ll often find locals running or walking their dogs along the way, and if you’re there over the weekend, you can even hop on the Old Riverfront Trolley.

3. Relive The Goonies

732 Duane St, 97103, map

This is one of the largest attractions to Astoria. Most of the movie was shot in Astoria, and it’s where the house and jail are. You can still visit the jail from the opening scene at the Oregon Film Museum and the town just screams Goonies.

Note: Unfortunately, if you want to see the house, it is privately owned and they explicitly say no trespassing. In the past you were allowed to get on the property, but now you must enjoy the house from afar. There are plenty of street signs telling you not to stop for photos.

4. Oregon Film Museum

732 Duane St, 97103, map

The Oregon Film Museum is in the original Clasp County Jail, which is also the jail from the opening sequence of The Goonies. You can step into the cell that it was shot in, check out the Goonies memorabilia, or see items and exhibits from all the other films shot in Oregon. They even have interactive sets where you can shoot scenes from some of the movies (we may or may not have reenacted one of the Twilight scenes)!

5. Walk Around Downtown

One of the best things about small towns is how walkable it is. Stroll through downtown and check out the local shops and art galleries. Some had a lot of Scandinavian influence.

6. Brewery / BrewPubs

1 8th St, 97103, map

Astoria has a great brewery and brewpub scene. Fort George Brewery is the most popular and touristy brewery in Astoria, but this time we decided to go to Buoy Beer Company based on a local’s recommendation instead. They had great beer, a good food selection, and a small section of the floor is glass where you can see the sea lions under the pier!

7. Eat Fresh Seafood

175 14th St #180, 97103, map

You can’t be on the coast and not have local seafood. Another local recommendation sent us to Clemente’s Cafe and Public House where we had delicious clam chowder.

8. Pick Up Dessert at Peter Pan Market

712 Niagara Ave, 97103, map

This was a great find after talking to locals. The market is in a neighborhood and sells groceries, necessities, sandwiches, and desserts, but make sure you try the carrot cake! The locals go crazy over it.

9. Photograph the Astoria-Megler Bridge

This steel cantilever bridge is 4.1 miles long and connects Oregon to Washington. It’s the longest continuous truss bridge in North America and rated one of the best photo spots along the coast. There are beautiful views of it along the riverwalk or from the Cannery Pier Hotel.

10. Columbia River Maritime Museum

1792 Marine Dr, 97103, map

This national renowned maritime museum houses a great collection and tells the stories of the Columbia River Bar, which is one of the most dangerous passages in the world.

11. Heritage Museum

1618 Exchange St, 97103, map

The Old City Hall houses the Heritage Museum that typically gets overshadowed by the other museums in town. It dives into the history of Clatsop County, from the Chinook and Clatsop Indian tribes to how the iconic Astoria-Megler bridge was built.

12. The Flavel House Museum

441 8th St, 97103, map

This was the home of Captain George Flavel, who was one of Astoria’s most influential citizens in the late 1800s. Get a glimpse of what life was like back then and see how he spared no expense when building the beautiful home.

13. Fort Clatsop / Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

92343 Fort Clatsop Rd, 97103, map

This is a must stop for any National Park lover. Fort Clatsop National Memorial was where the Lewis and Clark Expedition made their home in 1805-6 before returning east to St. Louis. Explore the replica of the fort and get an idea of what life was like back then.

14. Fort Stevens State Park

100 Peter Iredale Rd, Hammond, 97121, map

Just 9 miles west of Astoria, you’ll find this state park that gives let’s you check out the coast, as well as the mouth of the Columbia River. There are multiple parking lots that give you access to the water where you can enjoy the wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Within For Stevens State Park lies the shipwreck of Peter Iredale. This four-masted steel barque sailing vessel ran ashore in 1906 and has since made its home there. When the tide is lower, you can walk right up to is to explore and take photos.

10 Basin St, 97103, map

If you need a home base, the Cannery Pier Hotel is an amazing spot that gives you amazing views of the bridge and the barges right from your room. The staff is amazing and we really enjoyed their cheese and wine reception that they had from 5-6 PM every day.

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  • Young River Falls (10 miles / 22 mins away) – This waterfall cascades over a large 54-foot wall into a locked in pool. If you are hoping to hunt down all the waterfalls in Oregon like we are, be sure to make time for this!
  • Cannon Beach (26 miles / 42 mins away)
  • Tillamook Rock Lighthouse (27 miles / 50 mins away)
  • Kelly’s Brighton Marina (48.3 mi south / 1 h 14 min drive, map) – go crabbing or just eat fresh crab

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Are you a Goonies fan? Have you visited Astoria Oregon? Anything we’re missing?

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  1. I also spent a really good time at Fort Stevens State Park during my last summer holidays and we came back with unforgettable memories.

  2. Great! I am from Brazil, going to Astoria in November 2018. I am a fan of the movie The Goonies. I am planning to see the city, but to go to the houses and film locations. I saw some pictures of the jail at the museum but you were the only one hanging. Is it allow and safe to do so? I think I will do it. LoL

    1. It’s perfectly safe. We were just posing for the photo haha and it wasn’t real. I hope you enjoy your trip to Astoria. :)

  3. I grew up in Astoria, and you definitely hit many of the highlights. FYI, Scandinavian heritage is at the core of the history of this town, with many being Finnish. Suomi Hall in Uniontown (under the base of the bridge) is an icon to Finn.

    Every year there is a large festival “Scandinavian Festival” that is worth a visit. And if you love seafood, try the Crab & Wine festival …. really great food. There is also a kite festival in Ilwaco, and a sand castle contest in Cannon Beach. There is also Regatta in August that is a boating festival.

    Another interesting part of the town’s history is that the downtown area is all landfill (much like San Francisco). Originally it was all wooden docks, but the town burnt to the ground twice. The last rebuild was in the 1920s, which is the time frame of most architecture in downtown … like this historic Liberty theater and Elliot hotel.

    History of Astoria:

  4. All items listed are great to do in Astoria. I’ve been here 20 years and embarrassed to say there is one item I still have not done! The Flavel house…gorgeous on the outside and the family has an interesting local history. Next time you are in Astoria, try the Bowpicker (a converted fishing boat) that serves the best fish and chips.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Stephanie. We’ll have to check that out next time. :) I’m always down to try alllll the food! I’m definitely embarrassed that we didn’t do a lot of things while we lived in Atlanta. We only realized it after we moved away. Hopefully you’ll get to go soon.

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