7 Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers

7 Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers

After checking out our first subscription box, we were hooked! We want to see what else we can find to feed our travel bug. In the next few weeks, we’re going to be checking out some subscription boxes that are food and traveled themed and let you know what we think about each of them. Here are some of the ones that are on our list and why we’re checking them out.

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Last Updated: April 1, 2020

7 Best Travel Subscription Boxes

What it is: They put together a box of local delicacies from a new city every month!
Cost: $33-39/month

What We Love: We love that we can explore a different city in the world through the food they send us, and we especially loved our Venice box.

Unboxings: Portugal, Japan, Marrakesh, Spain, Venice, Buenos Aires, Thailand, and Holiday Box

Try The World - Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers.

What it is: A great way to experience authentic French dining traditions.
Cost: $65-75/month

What We Love: These boxes are beautifully put together and you get to select the boxes based on what you want to try so it’s not a complete surprise.

Unboxings: Paris Aperitif, Breakfast in France

Bon Appetit Paris (Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers).

What it is: Each month has a different theme like kitchen, refresh, or tribal, and they put together a collection of artisan-made products from around the world.
Cost: $30-35/month

What We Love: We love that they use every part of the ‘box’ to take you around the world, including the box itself! Each month is packaged in a woven basket with a mix of food and other items. 

Unboxings: Cozy, Wellness, LaundryWanderEntertainKitchenPicnicBake

GlobeIn Artisan Box (Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers).

What it is: Explore the world through food.
Cost: $12.95-$24.95/month

Favorites: Plum Candy, Squid Peanut Crackers?!! (I don’t know how to translate that.)

Unboxings: Serbia & Croatia, Korea, Japan

What it is: Get an assortment of Japanese candy sent to your door every month.
Cost: $12-30/month

What We Love: We love trying to new candy and Japan has got some of the most unique ones we’ve had! They also have different levels of subscriptions in case you want to try a smaller one before committing to the premium box. We’re hoping we’ll get some Kit Kats we’ve never tried before.

Unboxings: October, September, August, JulyJuneMayApril

Japan Crate - Trying Weird Japanese Candy.

What it is: Snacks from different countries sent to you monthly.
Cost: $13-25/month

What We Love: Whenever we’re traveling and need to get a snack in a new country, we have no idea what is good or not. This is a great way to try different snacks so we know what we like when we visit. They also have 2 different sizes that you can choose from. See our unboxing here.

Universal Yums (Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers).

What it is: A monthly box with delicious and healthy snacks.
Cost: $20-24/month

What We Love: Anytime we hit the road we always struggle to eat healthy. This will give us a chance to try some healthy snacks and hopefully find ones that we like. They also have workout plans, music, and recipes to help you keep healthy at home!

Unboxings: August, July, June, April, March

Coupon: Use THIS LINK to get a free gym bag with your purchase.

Fit Snack (Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers).

What it is: A monthly subscription box with unique toys and treats for your cat.
Cost: $22.95/month

What We Love: The first Meowbox was a surprise theme, and we adored the NYC theme. It’s the last city we lived in, and we love how there are so many iconic things about NYC. Not only did we love the box, but our cats were drooling all over it as soon as we opened it. Also, for every Meowbox sold, they provide a can of food to a shelter cat.

Meowbox Promo Code: Use coupon code LOCALADVENTURER15 for 15% off your first box on Meowbox.com

Meowbox Review

What it is: A monthly box of cat goodies.
Cost: $19-29/month
Why we love it: Ok, this isn’t exactly a travel or food box. But when we hit the road we want to make sure our cats get some new toys and goodies too so they’re not too upset that we’re not around.

KitNipBox - Cat Treats in a Monthly Cat Subscription Box.

Escape Monthly (Discontinued)

What it is: A destination-inspired box full of products to help you escape. It’s a vacation in a box.
Cost: $49.95/month
Why we love it: You get to try different products from a different place every month and they include a guidebook – which we love collecting for future trips!

Aloha Crate (Discontinued)

What it is: Experience Hawaii through Hawaiian snacks in a box!
Cost: $13.70-14.95/month
Why we love it: Who doesn’t love Hawaii? This is a great way to get our Hawaiian fix until we make it out there. See our Unboxing Video here.


Hole in Wall Box (Discontinued)

What it is: Explore a city through locally sourced goodies from small, local businesses.
Cost: $30-35/month

Why we’re excited: They shop local, and we’ve already eaten everything in the box the day it arrived.
Previous boxes: San Diego

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More Travel Subscription Boxes

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Our Favorite Current Travel Subscription Boxes

Tips for First Timers

  • If you’ve never done subscription boxes, be sure to do some research! There are a ton of different boxes out there, and some companies took payment and then closed and didn’t ship out the boxes.
  • Don’t forget to look for promotions that they run for additional free months or giveaways.

What other travel subscription boxes should we add to our list?
Have you tried any of these boxes? Which ones did you like or dislike about it?

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