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Your Ultimate List of Kit Kat Flavors in Japan & Where to Find Them

If you follow me on instagram, occasionally I post up photos from a kit kat exchange we have going between two of my gfs and I where we try random new japanese kit kat flavors. We take turns visiting Japan and bringing them back home to share.

We’ve been collecting them since 2012, but there are so many more to try!

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Last Updated: August 26, 2019

Right now you can get some of them online, and I’ve linked them below. 99Japan has a ton of them and you can get a few on amazon too.

Your Ultimate List of Kit Kat Flavors in Japan and Beyond

Fruity Kit Kats

  1.  Banana
  2.  Banana, Easter Break
  3.  Blood Orange
  4.  Blueberry / Hascapp from Hokkaido
  5.  Cantaloupe
  6.  Citrus Golden Blend (Lemon, Sudachi, Mandarin Orange) ✓
  7.  Chocolatory Special Strawberry Maple ✓
  8.  Fruit Parfait
  9.  Green Grape Muscat
  10.  Kiwifruit
  11.  Lemon Chocolate, V-day limited edition
  12.  Mango
  13.  Orange ✓
  14.  Passion Fruit ✓
  15.  Peach
  16.  Pear ✓
  17.  Pickled Plum
  18.  Pineapple
  19.  Pumpkin
  20.  Raspberry
  21.  Raspberry, Adult Sweetness ✓
  22. Salt and Lemon, Setouchi Region
  23.  Shinshu Apple ✓
  24.  Strawberry  ✓
  25.  Strawberry Adult Sweetness ✓
  26.  Strawberry, Tochigi
  27.  Sweet Strawberry
  28.  Tangerine (Iyokan)
  29.  Triple Berry
  30.  Watermelon and Salt

Chocolatey Kit Kats

  1.  Black Chocolate
  2.  Cacao 61%
  3.  Cacao 72%
  4.  Chocolatory Sublime Bitter, Milk, Ruby – the fourth type of chocolate ✓
  5.  Dark Chocolate Adult Sweetness ✓
  6.  White Chocolate ✓
  7.  White Chocolate Express

Nutty Kit Kats

  1. Almond – Men’s Almond ✓
  2.  Almond & Cranberry ✓
  3. Chestnut (Wa Guri)
  4.  Chocolatory Pistachio & Raspberry ✓
  5.  Sakura & Roasted Soy Bean

Tea Kit Kats

  1. Chocolatory Sublime Matcha ✓
  2.  Chocolatory Special Matcha & Kinako ✓
  3.  Hojicha Taste Roasted Tea ✓
  4.  Iced Tea
  5.  Matcha Almond Berry
  6.  Matcha Green Tea ✓, Matcha TasteThe Power of MatchaGreen Tea Leaf Taste ✓, Strong Matcha TasteUji Matcha from Kyoto
  7.  Royal Milk Tea
  8.  Sakura Matcha
  9. Sakura

Boozy Kit Kats

  1.  Amazake Flavor
  2.  Rhum Raisin
  3.  Sake Masuizumi, Toyama Prefecture ✓
  4. Sakura Sake, Mini

Candy and Dessert Flavored Kit Kats

  1.  Adzuki Red Bean Taste
  2.  Bakeable Custard ✓
  3.  Black Sugar / Kokuto
  4.  Blueberry Cheesecake ✓
  5.  Brown Sugar Syrup ✓
  6.  Bubblegum with Blue Chocolate
  7.  Cafe Latte with Hokkaido Milk
  8.  Caramel and Salt
  9.  Caramel Macchiato
  10.  Cinnamon Cookie ✓
  11.  Cookie Dough Kit Kat
  12.  Cookies and Chocolate
  13.  Cookies and Cream
  14.  Cookies Plus
  15.  Honeycomb
  16.  Ikinari Dango ✓
  17.  Kobe Pudding
  18. Momiji Manju Taste, Hiroshima Edition ✓
  19.  Red Bean Soup
  20. Sesame Seed Bun ✓
  21.  Strawberry Cheesecake ✓
  22.  Tiramisu

Veggie Kit Kats

  1.  Beet from Hokkaido Prefecture
  2.  Candied Sweet Potato (Daigakuimo)
  3.  Cucumber
  4.  Edamame Soybean ✓
  5.  Grilled Corn / Yakimorokoshi, Hokkaido Prefecture
  6.  Mashed Edamame Beans (Zunda), Yamagata and Miyagi Prefecture
  7.  Potato (Jyagaimo), Hokkaido Prefecture
  8.  Sweet Corn
  9.  Sweet Purple Potato (Beni Imo), Okinawa ✓
  10.  Veggie

Misc and Weirdest Flavored Kit Kats

  1.  Apple Vinegar
  2.  Chocolatory Special Butter
  3.  Ginger Ale
  4.  Hot Japanese Chili ✓
  5.  Lemon Vinegar
  6.  Pepper
  7.  Ramune
  8.  Rose
  9. Soy Sauce, Tokyo Limited Edition
  10. Soybean Flour (Kinako)
  11.  Toasted Soy
  12.  Wasabi, Tamaruya-honten, Shizuoka-Kanto Edition ✓

Kit Kat Collections

Japanese Kit Kat Flavors Explained

There are flavors suitable for adults who have different taste buds than children and different flavors for men than women. I guess the Japanese know what they are doing. They did invent “umami,” which is now the 5th taste. Also, according to Dr. Oz – Women have more taste buds than men, which makes women more sensitive to flavors. Good to know. We tasted the adult sweetness kit kat, and we found it less sweet and more tart than the regular strawberry.

japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange. japanese weird candy. list of kit kat flavors. apple kit kat wasabi. green tea kit kat. orange kit kat.

Our Favorites and Least Favorites

Shinshu Apple was collectively our least favorite. All the strawberry ones are winners and the wasabi was surprisingly subtle and enjoyable.

japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange. japanese weird candy. list of kit kat flavors. apple kit kat wasabi. green tea kit kat. orange kit kat.

I’m always thankful to find these treats in the mail. I love snail mail, and it’s most likely my ultimate love language. Even though the three of us live in different cities (Sophia in Boston, Hsiao in San Francisco, and me in LA), it helps us stay connected. Whenever we are on the hunt for new flavors, we always keep the others in mind. 

I know it’s probably impossible because some flavors are discontinued, but we hope to one day try every flavor we can get our hands on. :) I’m also trying to get everyone else hooked on crazy flavored Kit Kats too. 

If you haven’t yet, you should give them a try. If you come across some new ones, please let me know!

japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange. japanese weird candy. list of kit kat flavors. apple kit kat wasabi. green tea kit kat. orange kit kat.


Which of these Japanese kit kats have you tried? Any other flavors we’re missing?

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  1. Oh wow, there are so many different flavors! I’ve never seen that many at my store, but then again I haven’t really looked haha. I was given grape and I think it was strawberry and those were pretty good.

    1. esther julee

      There are!! :) But I found that when I was looking around while visiting Japan.. it was hard to find the diff flavors.. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but I finally found them at the airport! Let me know what you find! :)

    2. esther julee

      I don’t think I’ve tried grape.. all I know is there are TONS of diff strawberry flavors with strawberries in diff regions of Japan.. some are for kids, some are for adults, some are for male or female.. and they actually all taste different!

  2. Agness

    When I was living in Poland, I used to eat a lot of kit kat bars. My favourite flavour was the white chocolate, but there is a great variety of them in Japan. I didn’t even know there were such flavors as almond out there. Must be yummy!

    1. esther julee

      I didn’t know about them either until my friend introduced them to me! :) There are definitely some yummy ones in there… and then ones that are horribly bad. haha

  3. I can’t believe there are so many flavors of kit-kat! this is so cool! I wonder if I’d actually like anything but the original.

    1. esther julee

      you never know until u try it! :) they have white and dark chocolate in the states. have you tried those?

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