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Chinese Snacks from Universal Yums International Snack Box

We’ve been exploring the world of subscription boxes and specifically travel themed ones. Today we’ll be checking out Universal Yums. Every month, they choose a different country and send you a box full of snacks from that location. This past month’s we received Chinese snacks!

Chinese Snacks from Universal Yums (International Snack Subscription Box).Pin
Chinese Snacks from Universal Yums (International Monthly Food Box).Pin
Chinese Snacks from Universal Yums (International Food Subscription Box).Pin

Since Jacob is Chinese Indo, we are pretty familiar with snacks from China, but there were several that we had never heard of or tried before. Our favorites from the box were the Spicy Peanuts and Wasabi Potato Crisp! They’re both good at keeping you up during longer road trips. That wasabi potato crisps especially will clear out your sinuses too. So good though!

Check out our unboxing video here where we try everything. Excuse my resting ***** face. hahaha Not sure if I can ever get used to being on camera. I’m taking notes to give a little more eye contact and smile a more often even though I’m trying to avoid having smile lines. ;)

We loved that the boxes are super affordable and that our Yum Yum box was packed to the brim. It gave you a chance to sample a variety of different snacks.

They also have two different box sizes. The Yum Box includes roughly 6 snacks and the Yum Yum Box includes 13 or more, and you can pick the box that fits your budget. Here are some of the deets:


What it is: Snacks from different countries sent to you monthly.
Cost: $13-25/month
Plans: Month-to-Month

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Have you tried any Chinese snacks before? Which ones?
What are your favorite snacks to try when you travel?
Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. brittanie barba

    I’m very happy I found out about all this and I’ve never had snacks from Japan I would be super happy to though I love Asian food ☺

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