25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide

25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide

Since we have been moving from city to city every year, we have been paring down our stuff. We want everything in our house and on our travels to serve some sort of purpose. Since the holidays are coming up, we’ve come up with a list of practical gifts for the traveler in your life. We use all (except one) of these, and they have made our travels and lives better.

AND we are giving away one of these babies! Check the details below.

Travel Gift Guide for the Practical Traveler

25 BEST GIFTS FOR TRAVELERS (A Practical Gift Guide)

1. Global Entry

The $100 application fee is worth it once you get approved! For 5 years, you’ll be able to speed through security lines, passport control, and customs lines. We have gotten this as a gift for all our family members who travel.

2. REI Flash 18 Pack

This lightweight and versatile daypack is perfect to bring onto the plane or to use during the day. It doesn’t take up much space but is still well built and comfortable to wear.

3. Electrolight Day Pack

If you want a day pack that is lighter and smaller, this one packs down into a tiny stuff sack that’s included. I’ts a great day pack to keep in your luggage until you need it.

25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide.25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide.

4. Speck Candyshell Wallet Case

This has been our favorite phone case to use day-to-day and for traveling. It holds 3 cards so you can carry what you need and not worry about a wallet.

5. Patagonia NanoPuff Jacket

If you’re looking to give a quality, lightweight jacket that packs small but still keeps you warm, then look no further. When it’s packed up into its pocket, I like to use it as a travel pillow too!

6. ExOfficio Sol Cool Hoodies

If you’re traveling in warmer weather, these sol cool hoodies are a great option to keep you covered and protected from the sun while staying cool. The fabric has a technology that attaches xylitol to the fibers that creates a cooling sensation and reduces the skin’s surface temperature up to 5 degrees. It is also rated UPF 50+.

7. Exofficio Bikini Briefs or Boxer Briefs

These are amazingly comfortable and they are dry wicking, so it’s great for travel and anything active. Their motto is “17 countries. 6 weeks. one pair of underwear. okay, maybe two.” You can definitely bring as many as you want, but technically you only need 2 pairs for an entire trip. They are high performance, easy to wash, and dry in 2-4 hours. We love them and hope to eventually switch out all our underwear to these!

8. Travel Scarf (See Giveaway Below)

A travel scarf is great for multiple uses. We found this amazing travel scarf with lots of different pretty patterns that includes a pocket to keep your passport secure! I’m super excited to try this scarf out and can’t wait for it to arrive. :D I’m always cold on a flight, so scarves are always handy.

Travel Scarf with Hidden Pocket (25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide).

9. Rosetta Stone

The best and smartest way to travel is learning the local language, even if it’s a bit. Rosetta Stone is one of the best ways to learn.

10. Power Converter & Adapter

Most people have multiple electronics now and sometimes there just aren’t enough outlets when you travel. This gives you the flexibility of a converter and adapter for international travel and has 4 USB charging ports and 3 outlets.

11. Portable Charger Anker Astro Mini

Whether your on a plane or just on the go all day long, this mini charger is the perfect companion to give you the juice you need for your phone.

12. GoToob

We all have our favorite toiletry products but they don’t always come in travel friendly sizes. GoToobs are easy to load and never leak.

13. Hoboroll

The Hoboroll is a great gift for anyone who loves traveling and the outdoors. It helps organize and compress your clothes. You can carry it on its own, pack it into your backpack, or toss it in your suitcase. Check out our full review here.

The Hoboroll (25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide).The Hoboroll (25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide).

14. Platypus Soft Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle is ready for you whenever you need it and packs away small when you’re done. We use it to load up on water in the airport after passing through security and also to have water handy when we’re out all day.

15. Kindle Paperwhite

It’s always nice to take along a few books on a trip but they always take up space and can get heavy. A Kindle can carry an entire library with you so that you can read whatever you’re in the mood for.

16. Field Notes Expedition Edition

Waterproof and tear proof makes this a great companion for any adventurer or traveler. You’ll never have to worry about how rough the adventure may get.

17. Grayl Legend or Grayl Quest Water Filter

You never know what the water situation is going to be when you’re traveling. With three different filtration options, the Grayl is a water bottle and filter all in one.

Grayl Legend or Grayl Quest Water Filter (25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide).


18. FlipBelt

The FlipBelt was designed to use while exercising, but we’ve found that it’s also great for travel. You can keep your phone, cash, credit cards, and keys on you without hindering your movement. It’s also great to keep things concealed when traveling. You can wear it under your shirt and keep all your valuables handy but secure.

19. Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack 

This is the one item we don’t own, but we saw someone use it on our most recent trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. This backpacker’s bag is great to transport everything you need. Once you’re settled into your hotel, you can detach the smaller built-in daypack so you can be on the go!

20. PackTowl

You never know when you’ll need a towel. You might want to go on an impromptu swim, find yourself drenched in rain, or just want your own towel for working out. This pack towel is easy to have on hand since it’s small and is quick dry.

21. 3-1-1 Compliant Toiletry Bag

This should have been one of the first things we got as a frequent flier. I don’t know how many times I would get annoyed trying to fit all my toiletries in a ziploc bags and breaking them. I can’t believe it took us so long, but finally this year we have our own TSA-approved toiletry bags, and we’re so happy we did. It’s also better for the environment. 

22. Space Savers

People are always asking me how I manage to pack for multiple weeks in one carry on. My answer is using Space Savers and Packing Cubes (below)

23. Packing Cubes

Any practical traveler is going to try and pack efficiently too. These two options are invaluable to packing everything tightly.

24. Mochithings Underwear Organizer

Keep your bra and underwear organized and protected when you travel. There’s also a detachable zippered pouch to store away your worn underwear. Men, you can store your underwear in here too. Mine is in Leo Pink, but they have solid colors / manlier versions of this organizer.

Mochithings Underwear Pouch (25 Best Gifts for Travelers: A Practical Gift Guide)

25. Compression Socks

Socks may seem like a terrible gift, but these socks soothe and minimize ankle, leg, and foot swelling and reduce fatigue.

BONUS. Digital Luggage Scale

We also don’t use a digital luggage scale, because we try our best to pack light and don’t shop much when we’re overseas. They can however come in handy for those who plan on doing shopping and loading up on souvenirs. The last thing you want is an overweight luggage charge when you’re traveling.


We’re so excited to be teaming up with SpeakEasy Travel Supply to give away the Munich Travel Scarf:


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Jacob travels with all of these as well except for a scarf and leopard print bra organizer (I would hope so haha).

You may notice that we use many different organizers. When you’re constantly on the go, it really helps to keep your things organized and in different compartments. People are also always asking us how we are able to pack for weeks in a carry-on, but these space savers, packing cubes, and organizers make such a difference.

What other practical gifts are we missing? Is there anything on this list that you would never use? And which gift makes sense for the practical traveler in your life?

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