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15 Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

Visiting Glacier National Park? Don’t miss these hikes!

Glacier National Parks is best known for the epic Going to the Sun Road drive through the park. The drive gives you amazing views and pullouts, but if you want to see the best views in the park, you need to hop onto the trails. There are dozens of hikes in the park for every skill level, but to help you get started, we’ve put together a round up of the best hikes at Glacier National Park.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024

15 Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

Before hitting the trail, be sure to stop by a Visitor Center and talk to the rangers. Hikes are closed through the majority of the year due to snowfall. Even during our visit at the end of June, some of the trails we wanted to hike were still closed. Also, whether you’re doing a long or short hike, it’s best to have bear spray with you. Before your visit, check out our post on everything you need to know about Glacier National Park. You are in bear country, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Hikes in Lake McDonald Area

1. Avalanche Lake

Distance: 5.9 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 757 feet

This is one of the most popular hikes in the park. It may not be the most beautiful lake in the park, but it’s a relatively easy hike and is also easy to access. Following the creek up the gorge, you’re rewarded with a view of a lake fed by waterfalls.

2. Trail of Cedars

Distance: .9 Miles Loop
Elevation Gain: 49 ft

This hike is a really quick stop and is wheelchair accessible. There are interpretive signs throughout the path, and you get to see the creek rush through the gorge for a great photo opp!

Hikes in Logan Pass Area

3. Hidden Lake Overlook

Distance: 2.7 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation: Gain 551 feet

Starting at the Logan Pass visitor center, take this short trail to see Hidden Lake. On the way, you’ll get panoramic views and wildflowers. Because of its elevation, snow is typically there until mid-July. You can also hike an additional 1.2 miles to the lake itself.

4. Highline Loop / Trail

Distance: 14.9 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,621 Feet

This is the most iconic hike in the park and on most hikers bucket list. You see the park’s high country, stunning peaks, wildflowers, and you might spot some wildlife too.

Highline Trail Glacier National Park + 15 Best Day Hikes in the USPin

5. Piegan Pass

Distance: 16 Miles Point to Point
Elevation Gain: 3.077 Feet

This hike is far less crowded than Highline but offers some equally spectacular views.

Hikes in Many Glacier Area

6. Cracker Lake Hike

Distance: 12.8 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 1,712 Feet

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The turquoise color is unreal, but you do have to earn it by trekking through the forest. To really make it worth your while, you can book a campsite right near the lake and stay to enjoy the views.

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7. Grinnell Glacier Hike

Distance: 10 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,047 Feet

Grinnell Glacier is the most easily accessible glacier in the park, and since you’re at Glacier National Park, it’s worth checking out. You can also extend the hike to get a view of the milky blue Grinnell Lake.

8. Iceburg Lake Hike

Distance: 9.6 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 1,459 Feet

The lakes in Glacier National Park are stunning. This one is unique because you get to see icebergs floating in the lake too!

9. Ptarmigan Tunnel

Distance: 10.6 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,362 Feet

The highlight of this hike is the 240-foot tunnel that was originally built for horses and early park tours. You get amazing views on both sides and the slopes are frequented by bighorn sheep and grizzlies.

10. Swiftcurrent Pass

Distance: 13.7 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,467 Feet

This is a tough hike but is chock-full of amazing scenery. You’ll get a chance to see three lakes and waterfall on the way up. Afterwards, you’ll get an overlook of six lakes and Swiftcurrent Glacier. You can even see Heavens Peak and Granite Park!

St. Mary Area

11. Saint Mary Falls

Distance: 3.1 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 452 Feet

This is one of the most popular hikes in the St. Mary valley because of its relative ease and beautiful waterfall. You can also check out Virginia Falls in the same area.

12. Siyeh Pass Loop

Distance: 9.8 Miles Point-to-Point
Elevation Gain: 2,244 Feet

This stunning hike takes you through Preston Park and climbs to one of the highest maintained trails. The hike ends at Sunrift Gorge, which is the perfect view before hopping back on the shuttle.

Two Medicine Area

13. Pitamakan Pass

Distance: 14.8 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,739 Feet

Pitamakan Pass offers dramatic views and you can see five lakes on either side of you. Dawson Pass is also a popular hike in the area.

14. Scenic Point

Distance: 7.7 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 2,365 Feet

This is a tough hike! You gain a lot of elevation in a short amount of time. Fortunately, it lives up to its name with a beautiful view at the end.

15. Upper Two Medicine

Distance: 11.3 Miles Out-and-Back
Elevation Gain: 1,007 Feet

Two Medicine is a beautiful area to get away from the crowds especially when Going to the Sun Road is open. Enjoy the serene lake and keep your eyes out for wildlife in the area especially during dawn and dusk.

Tips for Hiking at Glacier National Park

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Planning Checklist

Which hikes have you done at Glacier National Park? What is next on your list?

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