49 Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles – LA Food Bucket List

49 Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles – LA Food Bucket List

Although we didn’t try as many places as I would have liked while living in LA last year, I felt like one year was enough time to explore our options and gave us the extra urgency to get out there and try different spots. I remember while we lived in Atlanta, we just got so comfortable eating at the local spots within a 5 mile radius. In LA, we sometimes had to brave the traffic and sometimes had to wait 3 hours before getting seated. BUT we ultimately ended up with a mix of good food.

We still visit a few times a year, so check back here as we’ll be adding more and replacing our favorite places to eat.

Our list of 49 Fave Places to Eat in Los Angeles

Date Updated: Jun 17, 2018     Originally Created: Mar 20, 2014


  1.  85C Bakery Cafe (Irvine) – taro bread and sea salt coffee.
  2.  Angelo’s Italian Deli (Long Beach) – Loved the sopressata and spicy calabrese.
  3.  Aroma Coffee & Tea (Studio City) – It’s a nice hangout spot with good garlic fries & desserts.
  4.  Baco Mercat (DTLA) – Everything we ordered was delicious.
  5.  Bottega Louie (DTLA) – people love their macarons and the atmosphere. The food was just okay.
  6.  Brodard Restaurant (Garden Grove) – good vietnamese spring rolls, but can be overhyped.
  7.  Bruxie (Costa Mesa) – for waffle sandwiches.
  8.  Cafe Verona (Mid-City West) – Their ravioli di yucca was my fave pasta dish in LA.
  9.  Cham Sut Gol Korean BBQ (Garden Grove) – all you can eat korean bbq and reasonably priced.
  10.  Chil Bo Myun Ok (Koreatown) – korean cold noodle dish / mool naeng myun.
  11.  Colori Kitchen (DTLA) – they have well cooked pasta.
  12.  Cream Pan (Tustin) – yummy and cheap strawberry croissants.
  13.  Daikokuya (Little Tokyo / DTLA) – wait is super long, but the ramen is good and portions are big.
  14.  Diddy Riese Cookies (Westwood) – ice cream cookie sandwiches. Be prepared to wait.
  15.  The Donut Man (Glendora) – Best strawberry donuts I have ever tasted.
  16.  Donut Snob (Arcadia) – Donuts for donut snobs.
  17.  Father’s Office (Santa Monica) – good burger, but not kid friendly or friendly in general.
  18.  Frances Bakery & Coffee (DTLA / Little Tokyo) – We love the blueberry “cronuts”.
  19.  Hama Sushi (DTLA / Little Tokyo) – good sushi.
  20.  In-N-Out Burger (all over CA) – Just a good solid, cheap burger. Can’t leave CA without trying it.
  21.  Kappo Honda (Fountain Valley) – Japanese tapas.
  22.  Kettle Glazed Donuts (Hollywood) – the “cronut”, the lemon blueberry, and Jacob’s fave – the bacon.
  23.  Malibu Seafood (Malibu) – fresh seafood, nice outdoor area to hang after a long hike in the Malibu area.
  24.  Manhattan Beach Post (Manhattan Beach) – bacon cheddar biscuits and brussel sprouts.
  25.  Mario’s Peruvian & Seafood (Mid Wilshire) – saltado de mariscos was a favorite.
  26.  Mercado Buenos Aires (Van Nuys) – ham and cheese empanadas.
  27.  Mountain Cafe (Koreatown) – they have the best abalone porridge.
  28.  Ozero Tea & Desserts (DTLA / Little Tokyo) – our bubble tea spot.
  29.  Pa Ord Noodle (East Hollywood) – My fave thai spot so far.
  30.  The Pie Hole (DTLA) – mac and cheese pie.
  31.  Porto’s Bakery & Cafe (Burbank) – We always order a dozen cheese rolls and potato balls to go!
  32.  The Pub at Golden Road (Glendale) – the food is not great, but it’s a cool place to hang out and try local beers.
  33.  Ramen Yamadaya (Costa Mesa) – One of our fave ramen spots.
  34.  Republic of Pie (North Hollywood)- banana cream pie.
  35.  Rinaldi’s Italian Deli (El Segundo) – great sandwiches.
  36.  Ruen Pair (Los Feliz) – Ordered the pad see ew to go and it was good!
  37.  Santouka Ramen (Culver City) – Don’t be fooled because it’s in a food court. They have good ramen!
  38.  Seongbukdong (Koreatown) – Galbi jjim. Good korean food in general.
  39.  Seoul Garden (Koreatown) – They had really amazing bibim naeng myun  / korean cold spicy noodles.
  40.  Soowon Galbi (Koreatown) – Waited way too long, but the galbi was good. Worth trying once.
  41.  Spoon House (Gardena) –  Cod roe spaghetti wins here.
  42.  Sushi Enya (DTLA / Little Tokyo) – Good blue fin tuna.
  43.  SushiStop (Encino) – So cheap! It’s not bad for everything on the menu being 2.75.
  44.  SweetSalt Food Shop (Toluca Lake) – shrimp po boy.
  45.  Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle (West LA) – They only serve ramen during lunch, and the tsukemen is their specialty.
  46.  Umami Burger (Santa Monica) – Truffle burger & truffle fries. It’s a popular burger spot in LA.
  47.  Wa Sushi and Bistro (West Hollywood) – good fusion sushi. Didn’t like the risotto.
  48.  Wurstküche (DTLA) – Try the rattlesnake sausage. Jacob loves it. I also ordered the mango chicken and jalapeño.
  49.  Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun (Koreatown) – best mool naeng myun / korean cold noodle soup dish in LA imho.

Taken Off the List or Honorable Mentions

  • Din Tai Fung Dumpling House (Glendale) – truffle soup dumplings. It’s worth trying once, but it’s not their best location.
  • The Donuttery (Huntington Beach) – Blueberry donuts.
  • Genwa Korean BBQ (Hancock Park) – Good quality meat, but pricier than other spots that have comparable food.
  • Harajuku Crepe (Beverly Hills) – I like how they have earl grey flavored crepes.
  • Humble Potato (Westchester / LAX) – regular fries, fries with curry, and the little tokyo doggu.
  • Ink (West Hollywood) – Food made by celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio. The octopus was our fave dish.
  • Los Balcones del Peru (Hollywood) – fancier version of Mario’s Peruvian.
  • Urth Caffe (Pasadena) – Ppl in LA love this place. I found the food was okay.

I know when I first moved to LA, I was overwhelmed by the options. There are SO many places to try. I hope this list of 49 places to eat in Los Angeles can serve as an introduction and helpful guideline for any of your future visits to LA. If you try anything on this list that you didn’t like or tried anything not on the list that you did like, please let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking to try something new. :) Has anyone used the Food Lover’s Guide to Los Angeles? Is it worth checking out? According to huffington post, it could convince you to stop yelping.

What is a must eat for you in LA? What is a must eat for you in your own hometown? 

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  1. sooo, this looks like my kind of to-do list! I’ll keep this handy when we head to LA! ;)

    1. Please let me know what you end up trying! :) I miss the food in LA.

  2. Long list! I’ve never understood the Umami burger craze, but I love Father’s Office, the Helms location because the outdoor seating is great. Lazy Ox Canteen in Little Tokyo has a solid “classic” burger and Haven Gastropub in Pasadena has a delicious lamb burger. For beautifully plated food and cocktails, I love 1886 in Pasadena.


    1. yeah, i feel like there should be something better, but whenever people are in town.. i just never know where to take them! and most people want to try umami at least once. maybe i’ll have to check out father’s office’s other location. the people at the santa monica location were not very friendly and the experience itself made me lose my appetite for their burger. i’ll have to check those places out!! :) putting it on my growing.. and never ending list of places to check out. hehe

  3. I see places I would go out a lot to when I was back at home :) I’m happy you put some OC places on there! Mark and I would go to Yamadaya all the time to satisfy our ramen craving and 85 C… it was a little too close to school. I love my bread.

    1. :) If you have others, I am always looking for more recommendations!! I feel like I haven’t really done that much exploring in OC. There are so many neighborhoods in LA too!

      1. Have you tried Earl’s Sandwiches? They have in in Vegas and in Anaheim and I LOVE their sandwiches. After’s, in Fountain Valley, is the donut ice cream place I was talking about. Confetti, an Italian ice place which is right next to Yamadaya is a favorite spot for a lot of people who went to my college. Half and Half Tea in LA! Love their boba. There’s an Italian restaurant in my hometown, Huntington Beach, called Mangia Mangia with delicious pasta… Oh goodness, I want to eat all these things! haha!

        (If you wanted some OC recommendations ;) )

        I will have to try the places on your list too once I get back!

        1. Oh I have! We always get it when we used to visit Vegas or Orlando. haha It’s the only reasonably priced thing around tourist towns. :) Oh yeah.. I really like the earl grey at half and half. I’m going to have to write these places down, so that I remember them! Thanks for all the suggestions!! :D

          1. There’s a Half and Half 5 minutes from my house! The earl grey at Cha For Tea is the best I’ve had. There’s one in Alhambra and another one in Irvine. Personally I prefer the one in Irvine. You must come back Esther! :P Confetti is delicious! They’re custard is one of the best. I like Strickland’s too. It’s across from the grad apts at UCI. There’s Taco Asylum at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Charlie Palmer’s at South Coast is also pretty good. Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego is awesome! :)

          2. you’re making me miss all the food out there!! there’s always so much more food to try in LA. i have tried extraordinary desserts in SD. so good! :)

  4. Dang girl, that’s a long list. It’s going to take me a while to get through all those places :p I love 85C Bakery! I always get the sea salt coffee whenever I’m in Irvine. Urth Caffe has pretty good coffee. I like to go there and read. I want to try Animal one day. I hear it’s pretty good. I’m still figuring out best eats in SF but HRD, Skool, and SO are the must eats in my hood!

    1. Ooh! I’ve been wanting to go to Animal.. I guess we haven’t really done as much “fine dining” in LA. :) That one has been on my list for a while.

      I’m not much of a coffee person, so I haven’t tried all the good coffee joints, but I did try intellegentsia coffee in silver lake (the hipster hood) and people say that is good. 85C salty coffee was good :) I’m still sad that those SF places are never open or they always do the cut off right before me!

      1. Yea that’s been on my list for a while too. haha ..

        more reason for you to come visit me!! :)

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