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101 Fun Things to Do at Home While Social Distancing

Have cabin fever? Here are some fun things to do at home. Talk about micro or local adventures. 😉 This is as local as you can get.
Adventure is not just out there. It’s something you carry with you. I’m a firm believer that having an adventurous spirit at home is far more important than jet setting to some exotic destination. Hence, our blog Local Adventurer.
As long as you have an open mind and are ready to step outside your comfort zone, adventure can start with simply trying something new.
We’re huge fans of the movie UP, and I loved how the scrapbook illustrated this. Even though they never made it to South America, their marriage was an adventure. On the last page Ellie wrote, “Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one!”
101 Fun Things to Do at HomePin

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Last Updated: April 21, 2020

101 Fun Things to Do at Home While Social Distancing

I know with the current circumstances, many are feeling anxious. People are losing their jobs. The store shelves are empty.

It’s only day 1 where all non-essential businesses have closed here. While being bored is clearly a first world problem, since I love making lists, hopefully this will give you a few ideas to curb cabin fever while you are social distancing. We’ll be working our way down the list.

Arts + Crafts + DIY

Time to get those creative juices flowing.

This book is amazing especially for those who think they can’t draw.

Lately I’ve been teaching myself watercolor on youtube.

  1. Photography

See our best photo tips here. Learn new skills like long exposure or flash. You can even have themed days where you photograph objects of the same color.

  1. Photoshoot

Setup your very own professional photoshoot

Or start with a collage.

  1. DIY Cards

It’s a nice touch when you get handmade greeting cards.

  1. Mixed Tape

These days it’s a playlist, but I miss making actual physical mixed tapes.

  1. Finger Knitting
  1. Cross Stitching
  1. Origami
  1. Pottery

You can take online classes here.

  1. DIY Garland

I recently made a balloon garland for a friend’s baby shower using this tutorial.

  1. Press Flowers

This is a great tutorial.

These corner bookmarks were a lot of fun to make.

  1. Paper Beads

I used to make these all the time as a kid. Here’s a tutorial.

  1. Tour the Met Online

The Met gives you a way to do a virtual tour.

101 Things to Do at Home for FunPin

With the Kids or Let Your Inner Kid Out

  1. Play Dress Up

You can have a costume night and host a fashion show.

  1. Make Your Own Board Game

I definitely did this a a kid.

  1. Build a Fort

Have enough pillows and blankets?

  1. Invent Your Own Language

And then send each other secret messages.

  1. Play Hide and Seek

Or sardines if you have a big family or any of those other games that kept us busy as kids.

  1. Make an Obstacle Course

Our old gym in NYC had this slackline, but you can also set up this ninja course.

Learn some new tricks on a kendama or yoyo. Our friend was a pro, and it’s insane the tricks he can do.

With board games or video games. You can even have someone make a scavenger hunt for your family.

  1. Virtual Disney Ride

You can find many of the rides here.

These are my current favorite travel puzzles, and here’s a list of best selling puzzles. If you have an unfinished puzzle, here’s a mat to save the pieces in place.
101 Things to Do at Home When BoredPin

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Set up your tent in the living room. You can even cook yourself a meal using only a jetboil limited ingredients.

  1. Slumber Party

Or PJ party. Similar to camping, set up your sleeping bags on the floor in the living room.

  1. Car Camping Setup

Build your ultimate dream car camping configuration because I’d rather camp in a car than on the dirt.

Make them over the fireplace, stove, or candles.

  1. Stargaze
  1. Create Indoor Climbs

This is a fun example I’ve seen on instagram. 

Make a terrarium or find fun DIYs for urban gardening.


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In the Kitchen Food Adventures

  1. Bake Something New

Try something new or make your favorite treat.

  1. Cook Something New

You can also cook through your favorite cookbook and do Julie and Julia. Here are some great choices: The Food Lab, Joy of Cooking, How to Cook Everything. We’ve loved using our Instant Pot

  1.  Pickle

Or try our kimchi recipe or learn to make jams.

  1. Decorate Cookies

Or cupcakes or a cake.

  1.  Cooking Challenge

Split into teams and try to cook with limited ingredients.

  1. Wine Tasting

Compare a flight of wine, beer, whiskey, or sake.

  1.  International Dinner

Cook your favorite food from a certain country. Here are some of our Korean recipes.

Make your own popsicles or invent your own ice cream flavor!

  1. Make Fun Popcorn Flavors
  1. Pizza or Taco Night

Use creative toppings. Are you team pineapple?

  1. Meal Prep

Plan your meals and prep them for the week or make smoothie bags.

How to Make Kimchi IngredientsPin
Mom's Authentic Korean Kimchi RecipePin

Home Improvement

  1. Rearrange Furniture

It can make the place feel fresh and new.

  1. Redecorate Each Room

Take all the decor out and start adding them back in.

  1. Hang Your Photos

Finally design the gallery wall you’ve always wanted. Print, frame, and hang your photos.

  1. Rainbowtize Your Library

Arrange your books by color. All our designer friends do this, and their homes look so nice.

  1. Clean Your Closet

Donate what you don’t wear and if you want to have a little fun, rainbowtize your clothes too.

Tidy up your own home so everything in it brings you joy.

  1. Make Linen Spray
Rent to Own Furniture from CortPin

To Relax

This is the latest book we read and enjoyed, and here are the best travel books of all time. Any recommendations for us?

  1. Watch Cat Videos

Or dog videos. Furry friends can always lift your mood.

  1. Listen to a Podcast
  1. Binge a Show

Watch a new show or binge your favorite series. You can go through the best movies of all time according to rotten tomatoes or imdb.

  1. Watch Ted Talks

Always inspiring.

  1. Take a Nap

Have you tried a coffee nap where you drink a cup of coffee right before you nap? Supposedly you wake up ready to go!

  1. Make a Sound Bath

Here’s a guide to making one at home.

  1. Meditate

I currently use the Simple Habit and love the app.

  1. Spa Night

Do a facial at home, take a bubble bath, give yourself a mani pedi, or anything that helps you relax and feel pampered.

  1. Learn to Give a Massage

We got a Theragun, which makes giving massages so much easier.


Personal Growth

These might not be what you think of for fun things to do at home, but the sense of accomplishment always makes it fun for us.

  1. Budget Plan

Make a want and need list and set up a budgets to help reach those goals.

  1. Vision Board

You can do this via pinterest too.

  1. Start a Side Hustle

Start a blog, podcast, or side hustle. If you already have one, put some work into it.

  1. Schedule Social Media

Scheduling for the week or month always saves me time.

  1. Plan Out Your Month

Put together what you have to do on your calendar.

Exercise your brain with a Sudoku or Crosswords book.

  1. Join Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo is officially in November, but you can do it in any month. Or start with a haiku.

This bullet journal is a favorite in the bujo community.

I’ve always loved learning new languages and have been meaning to teach myself Spanish.

  1. Memorize Lyrics

I can’t remember the last time I memorized all the lyrics to a song.

  1. Try a New Workout

It’s always fun to try a workout you’ve never tried before like aerial silks.

  1. Play a New Instrument

Whether it’s the guitar, piano, or recorder.

  1. Learn a New Dance

Try a new style of dance or start with one new dance move. We used to take hip hop classes with Jasmine in NYC, and now she has free virtual classes (click to find out more on her IG).

  1. Handstand

Learn to do a handstand or these advanced yoga poses. First step: a wall handstand.

  1. Go for a Walk

Walk your favorite path or trail near your home or explore a new one.

101 Things to Do That Are Fun at HomePin

Get Social (Online)

Luckily, we still have facetime.

  1. Video Chat

Facetime with your family or friends.

  1. Virtual Book Club

Read a book together and set times to talk about it in group chats.

  1. Drink Virtually

Get on video chat and cheers each other. We just did this for St Patty’s.

  1. Have a Talent Show

Do this with people you live with or do it virtually.

  1. Write Letters

I like to write at least one a month.

  1. Themed Movie Night

Dress up and have themed snacks.

We definitely got a karaoke machine for our home.

  1. Put Together Care Packages

That you can give out later.


  1. Teach Pets New Tricks

Our cats know how to sit and shake. We got a clicker to hopefully teach them more tricks.

  1. Start a New Instagram
Or create a YouTube account or TikTok. I started one for climbing and  our cats.
  1. Make a Wishlist

Create an Amazon Wishlist or a list of destinations you want to go to via google maps.

  1. Make a Time Capsule

Or if you can’t bury anything, write yourself a letter, seal it up, then read it in ten years.


Seasonal Fun Things to Do at Home

  • Fall: carve pumpkins
  • Winter: build a snowman or igloo, make paper snowflakes
  • Summer: run through sprinklers, slip and slide, water balloon fight

Can you think of any more fun things to do at home? Which of these will you be doing while social distancing?

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101 Fun Things to Do at HomePin
101 Fun Things to Do at HomePin

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