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101 in 1001 Days | Personal Goal Setting

I made my first 101 in 1001 list on DayZeroProject on March 31, 2012, and I’m sad to say I haven’t really looked at it ever since. It says that I have 385 days left, but it’s interesting to see that a lot of the goals I set are no longer relevant. I can’t believe how much I changed in less than a couple years. Oh, what a fickle person I am. OR maybe my priorities are changing for the better? ;)

Recently, I saw that my snail mail & blogger pal had started a 101 in 1001 list of her own, and after seeing it, I couldn’t resist revisiting this list. You may already know I’m addicted to making lists. Also, I’m helping her check off one on her list! Win-win! I just needed to prioritize 101 from my growing bucket list.

I’m all about setting S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, and when creating this list, I struggled most with the question of what is attainable. When do you reach for the stars? What are my limits? What is impossible? Also, I know there are some left on the list that are a piece of cake. Knowing myself, I had to give myself a few to boost my self esteem and get me rolling. (Tip for those that give up on goals and are hard on themselves: This really does help!) Also, 168 hours You Have More Time Than You Think and the Power of Less were both very helpful books in terms of learning time management and what my priorities are.

I also know that I think and live in extremes. If I get too focused on achieving goals, they will stress me out and if that’s the case, it defeats the purpose of having them in the first place. I’m mainly using all these to navigate life. To grow. To discover. To Create. To explore. In order to keep perspective, I always need to remind myself of this quote by Sid Caesar:

In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed. - Sid Caesar Quotes for 101 in 1001 days post.Pin

I must admit, though, I still find 101 things to do in less than three years daunting. I broke it down and saw that there are 33 months, and I need to complete about 3 per month. Well, two of the months I need to complete 4 to get to 101. The good thing is, goals are easier to achieve when you have a buddy to do it with you. :D Good thing I have a husband! Jacob and I are doing them together for the most part, but he also has some separate ones that he is doing in blue.

OUR 101 IN 1001 DAYS:

Start date: Dec 12, 2013
End date: September 08, 2016


  1. Galapagos Islands
  2. ⬢ Greece
  3. ⬡ Australia
  4. Vietnam
  5. Philippines
  6. ⬡ Cambodia
  7. ⬡ Thailand
  8. South Korea with Jacob
  9. ⬡ Alaskan Cruise
  10. Vancouver


  1. ⬡ Drive across both borders of the US
  2. ⬢ Go to the four corners monument
  3. Find out what’s really down ZZYZX Road on I-15
  4. Hike the Narrows at Zion National Park
  5. ⬢ The Horseshoe Bend
  6. Bryce Canyon National Park
  7. ⬡ Upper Canyons at Antelope Canyon
  8. The Wave in the Vermillion Cliffs
  9. ⬢ Snowboard on the west coast
  10. Go back to Big Sur
  11. ⬡ Drive through New England in the Fall
  12. ⬡ Hike Down Grand Canyon (sorta.. does Havasupai count?)
  13. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
  14. Arches National Park
  15. ⬢ Multnomah Falls


  1. ⬡ Participate in Warrior Dash
  2. ⬢ Participate in the Color Run (Feb 28,2015)
  3. ⬢ Eat at the French Laundry (May 31, 2014)
  4. ⬡ Take an improv class
  5. ⬡ Brew own beer
  6. ⬢ See Britney Spears in Vegas
  7. Attend a masquerade
  8. ⬡ Dogsled in Alaska
  9. See a Broadway on Broadway
  10. ⬡ Skydive
  11. ⬢ Go on a multi-day backpacking trip
  12. ⬡ Climb Harbour Bridge in Australia
  13. ⬢ Go skeet shooting
  14. ⬢ Get a tattoo
  15. Try Rock Climbing


  1. ⬢ Don’t drink Diet Coke for a month // ⬢ Jacob: Avoid Sweets for a month
  2. ⬢ Kickboxing classes // ⬡ Jacob: Swim laps 3 times a week for a month
  3. ⬢ Fit back into my skinny jeans // ⬡ Don’t wear larger than a 31 waist
  4. ⬢ Couch to 5k running plan // ⬡ Jacob: Run a marathon
  5. ⬡ Complete a 10k // ⬡ Jacob: Join a rec league
  6. ⬡ Workout 3x a week for 6 months // ⬢ Workout (weights) 3x/wk for a month
  7. ⬡ Learn 12 healthy recipes to put into rotation
  8. ⬡ Don’t eat out for an entire month
  9. ⬡ Eat veggies every day for 60 days
  10. ⬢ Finish Insanity


  1. ⬡ Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1
  2. ⬡ Rosetta Stone Korean Level 1
  3. ⬡ Get to 2000 on my Gratitude Journal
  4. ⬡ Read all the books on my shelf
  5. ⬡ Read 36 books in a year // ⬡ J: Read 12 books in a year
  6. ⬡ Read 52 books in 52 weeks // ⬡ J: Read 20 books in a year
  7. ⬡ Join a book club // ⬡ J: Take an online editing course
  8. ⬡ Read 30 books from this list
  9. ⬡ Learn to write with my left hand
  10. ⬡ Participate in NanoWriMo


  1. Create a YouTube video // ⬡ J: Create a video that tops our other views
  2. ⬡ 52 photo project in 52 weeks // ⬡ J: shoot a webseries
  3. ⬡ 365 photo a day // ⬡ J: 365 on instagram
  4. ⬡ Paint something good enough to frame // ⬡ J: Take a photo of myself every day for a year
  5. ⬡ Learn watercolor // ⬡ J: Help produce a full length feature
  6. ⬡ Make one pinterest project per month for a year // ⬡ J: Help with 6
  7. ⬡ Open an Etsy shop // ⬡ Contribute an item to the Etsy shop
  8. ⬡ Draw every day for a month // ⬡ Record and release an EP
  9. ⬡ Photograph the perfect storm
  10. ⬡ Photograph polar bears in the wild
  11. ⬡ Make some light art
  12. ⬡ Write a song
  13. ⬡ 50 States Photography Challenge
  14. ⬡ Create own font
  15. ⬡ Create a documentary


  1. ⬡ Turn off all electronics for a week
  2. ⬡ Don’t complain about anything for a week // ⬡ J: Don’t complain about cost for a whole month
  3. ⬡ Make a list of 100 things I like about myself & J // ⬡ J: Call parents every week for a year
  4. ⬡ Learn how to talk to strangers (basic questions) // ⬡ J: Don’t be on the phone during meals for a month
  5. ⬡ Read the bible every day no matter how little


  1. ⬢ Make a meal and take it to a neighbor
  2. ⬢ Create a care package for someone in need
  3. ⬡ Send a box of donuts / bagels to a construction site
  4. ⬡ Pay for a grocery bill of someone checking out behind you
  5. ⬡ Pay for someone’s morning coffee behind you
  6. ⬡ Leave 30 random notes of inspiration all over the city
  7. ⬡ Buy people flowers on V-day
  8. ⬡ Donate blood
  9. ⬡ Anonymously pay the dinner bill for a stranger
  10. ⬡ Leave 100% tip for good service
  11. ⬢ Donate my hair// J: Go through clothes and donate 2x a year
  12. ⬡ Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
  13. ⬢ Influence someone to do their own 101 in 1001
  14. ⬡ Make it a habit to do one act of kindness per day (Start one a day for a month)
  15. ⬡ Send parents on a nice vacation


  1. Project 333
  2. ⬡ Finish all exercises in 7 principles of marriage
  3. ⬢ Go on 52 different dates for one year
  4. ⬡ Buy the 3-year journal and complete (just bought!)
  5. ⬡ Renew vows
  6. ⬡ Give $10 for every item not completed

Wanna join in on any of the goals we’re doing? The more the merrier! Let me know if you decide to make a list of your own, so I can check one off my list! ;)

You’ll probably also some of these same goals as I am putting together my new year’s resolutions.

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  1. toni d.

    Ooooh! I could be your tour guide in the Philippines :D Well, if I can afford it hehe. Otherwise I could meet up with you in Oz ;)

    What’s Project 333?

    I love your list!

    1. esther julee

      Thanks! :D It’s basically picking 33 items to wear for 3 months. I’m trying to pare down my closet. I figure if I have a set amount of clothes i know i’m going to wear and get rid of all the stuff i don’t wear.. it helps me focus better and not get overwhelmed when I’m dressing myself haha here’s more info:

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