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We’ve been to Vegas a number of times. Mainly the strip. We’ve even visited old Vegas / downtown Vegas, but we’ve never experienced it like we did last month!  If you had visited a year ago, you would have seen Fremont Street where a lot of the classic casinos reside, but other than that, it was fairly run down. Now that Zappos has moved their headquarters into the old city hall, you can see the vast changes that the Las Vegas Downtown Project are making.  As stated on their website:

We’ve allocated $350 million to aid in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. We’re investing $200 million in real estate, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in education, and $50 million in tech startups through the VegasTech Fund. – See more here

There was still a lot of construction while we were there, but you can definitely see the changes happening.  Local bars are full of employees from various startups, and better restaurants are popping up to fill the demands of the people moving to downtown. It really has an amazing vibe, and we can’t wait to visit again!

Photos of the Las Vegas Downtown Project:

After reading Tony’s book, I’ve always been inspired by what he did with his company, so I can’t wait to see what will happen with Downtown Las Vegas!

Have you visited downtown Las Vegas recently?

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  1. The thing about what Zappos is that it seems like they’re trying to monopolize downtown. The old mom and pop places that have been there forever are being pushed out by overpriced Zappos’ small businesses in the incubation program. Plus their incubation program demands most of the profit the small businesses make (plus perks for Zappos employees), so they can’t really branch off and do their own thing. It was great when it was first introduced, but some of the locals are regretting it now.
    I’m trying to look on the bright side and see where this takes us in the future. Maybe it will be like Downtown San Diego or Seattle one day, since that’s the direction Tony Hsieh seems to be taking DTLV in.

    1. Were there a lot of mom and pop shops in DTLV? I guess I might not have been paying attention, but I only remembered those souvenir shops. I was under the impression that there wasn’t much left there. You do bring up a good point though. That’s sad that the mom and pop shops are being pushed out. We’re pretty close to the people in one of the startups that Tony is funding, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

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