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What to Expect at Alibi Las Vegas – The Show That Isn’t a Show

We’ve never done a mystery dinner theater show before so we were excited to experience Alibi Las Vegas! It isn’t like any ordinary dinner theater show, or any show we’ve seen for that matter. It’s an interactive experience that is a cross between a show, scavenger hunt, comedy, and mystery, with food and drinks.

What to Expect at Alibi Las Vegas

The day before the show you get a text from Cuddles the showgirl with instructions on where to meet. I had signed up a month prior and forgot about it, so the text came as a bit of a surprise. Who was this Cuddles? And do I tell my wife about her?

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When we arrived to our meeting spot it only took a couple minutes before we saw Cuddles come frolicking across the street. She went about her business until some of the others from our group introduced themselves and we followed suit. Then the fun began!

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We followed Cuddles to our first destination as she told us about the area and worked in bits of the story. After arriving, we ordered drinks (soft drinks or good ‘ole PBR). We talked and heard more about her background before she gave us the first clue!

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After our group figured it out, we said farewell and made our way to the next destination. We continued to meet others, including an Elvis impersonator, the mastermind, and a paranoid conspiracy theorist. New clues brought us throughout downtown Las Vegas and the story continued to unfold. We don’t want to give too much away, but we had a great time!

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Alibi Las Vegas Dinner Shows.Pin
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Essential Tips for the Show

Since it’s an interactive show, you get more out of it when your willing to dive into the story. The actors are hilarious, and all of the characters have amazingly deep backstories. After the show, Esther and I wondered if we should have prodded more about their past to see what they would have come up with.

The show took roughly 2.5 hours and included 2 rounds of drinks and lunch. It’s a unique experience and we’re glad we got a chance to check it out before leaving Vegas.

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Have you gone to a dinner theater type experience before? Is this something you would do in Las Vegas?

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