Zappos Tour Las Vegas

Zappos Tour Las Vegas

If you’ve ever driven on the highways of Las Vegas, you’ll notice that EVERY single mile in the city’s vicinity is sponsored by Zappos. Since it’s inception, Zappos has been one of those companies that go against the grain. If you live in Vegas, they are famous for being a huge part of the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas. But even if you don’t, you may have heard of them in business class, or shopped with them online, or you may have read their founder Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness. I did!

Ever since reading the book, we’ve wanted to visit their offices. We were fortunate enough to visit during the grand opening of their new offices downtown, but even then, we didn’t get to walk through the halls and hear more of their story. So before leaving Vegas, we figured we should stop by and see what delivering happiness looks like!

Zappos Las Vegas Tour.

Obligatory Tourist Photo:

Zappos HQ.Zappos Tours Las Vegas.

They actually have a bunch of different tracks you can take based on what you’re interested in. Even within our group we met folks from all over the world attending multiple portions in hopes to learn something new for their own companies. We decided to just do the Zappos Tour Experience, which is a 90-minute overview of the culture and offices.

Apparently, I’m Jacob’s friend. :)

Zappos Las Vegas Tour.Zappos Tour Las Vegas.

You start the tour in a waiting room where they play some videos to keep you entertained. After everyone arrives you get to meet your culture guide – ours was Tony, or the “Culture Godfather”. You can tell that they create a fun work environment for all their employees. After a short introduction, you’re off!

Zappos Tour Las Vegas.

You walk through a lot of the offices and touch on how they integrate their core values into their day-to-day. You can tell that the biggest emphasis is the customers. Everyone who works at Zappos has to go through customer service training and during the busiest parts of the year, everyone takes a shift.

They give their employees space in the offices to use as a creative outlet.

Zappos HQ.Zappos Corporate Office.
Zappos Tour Las Vegas.

License plates show how many years employee has been at Zappos.

Zappos Office.Zappos Corporate Office.
Zappos Tour Las Vegas.
Zappos Office.Zappos Company Culture.
Zappos Tour Experience.

They reward their employees with Zollars for different good deeds and you can redeem them at the store.

Zappos Culture.Zappos Culture.
Zappos Corporate Culture.

One of the newest additions – their putt-putt course. A lot of the employees bring their families or mentees from the Big Brother Big Sister program to play.

Zappos Tour Experience.Zappos Las Vegas NV.
Zappos Tour Las Vegas.
Hammocks at the Zappos Corporate Office.

Turned in our nametags and contributed to Lucille Ball:

Lucille Ball at Zappos Tour Las Vegas.Lucille Ball Zappos Tour Experience.

They do a lot events, and this one was a charity event with Britney Spears and Roos n More (our fave)!

Roos n More at Zappos HQ.

They’ve become one of Vegas’ tourist attractions, and if you’re interested in stopping by, check out all the tours they offer here. Be sure to explore the surrounding downtown Las Vegas area as well. Since Zappos moved there, there are a lot of cool spots to hangout and drink. If you’re into office tours, check out our Pixar tour we did last year! And if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read Tony’s book!

What companies would you like to tour?
What is the best thing about your job?

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