The Life Is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas

[UPDATE] Instead of our regular Travel Tuesday post and Local Adventure post this week, we’re going to post 3 Local Adventures in a row on our three day weekend hanging out at the Life is Beautiful Las Vegas. This is the first music festival we’ve been to since moving to Vegas, and we can see that it’s easily becoming one of the main events to attend here. We definitely hope to go again next year! :)

I know a lot of people try to save the best photos for last, but I NEED to get these outta my system! We’re still on a high from the Foo Fighters’ amazing performance, so we’re starting with Day 3!

We were super stoked to see Foo Fighters, since we grew up on their music. I vividly remember watching their music videos on MTV. (It was at a friend’s house since MTV wasn’t allowed at home). I could not get the stupid smile off my face after Dave Grohl ran out onto the stage. (P.S. Their new album!)

We also saw Broken Bells and Arctic Monkeys! You can see the full lineup here.

We didn’t get there early enough to catch Mayer Hawthorne, but Jacob interviewed him a couple weeks ago in Boulder Colorado, so you can check out the interview here.

This is the second annual Life is Beautiful Festival and although the music brings in most of the crowd, it’s more than just a music festival. It is a unique experience that brings musicians, chefs, artists, and speakers together to connect, share, learn, and inspire. To find more information visit the life is beautiful website and follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram, or youtube.

What’s the last food / art / music festival you’ve been to?

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