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What You Need to Know Before Going to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

The secret door swung open as the waiter walked in with our drinks. He handed me an empty glass with ice and a book with a smirk on his face.

I’m sure he could tell by my perplexed look, I was confused. He told me to read the first page of the book and as soon as I opened it, and found a hidden bottle of liquor. Perfect.

Mob Museum in Las VegasPin

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Last Updated: May 14, 2021

We’re not avid museum-goers, but because we’ve been hearing great things about The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, we included it in our Vegas Bucket List.

After our first visit, it’s become one of our favorite museums in the US and one we recommend even to people who don’t love museums.

Not only is it located what used to be a federal courthouse (and also a post office), it was also where one of the biggest mob hearings was held. On top of that, there are fun interactive exhibits and even a speakeasy inside!

About the The Mob Museum in Las Vegas

The Mob Museum takes you the history of organized crime, starting at its birth through to the present day. It takes you through significant events, people, and real stories from both sides of the war.

The Mob Museum Address, Hours, & Ticket Prices

The Mob Museum Address
300 Steward Avenue
Las Vegas Nevada 89101

Mob Museum Hours of Operation
Daily 9 AM to 9 PM

The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery Hours of Operation:
Sunday to Thursday – Noon to 10 PM
Friday to Saturday – Noon to Midnight

Parking at The Mob Museum
There is limited parking in the lot next to the Mob Museum and costs $7 for the first three hours with an additional charge per hour after that. There are also other paid lots nearby, including Downtown Grand, Main Street, and El Cortez, as well as street parking where you feed the meters.

The Mob Museum Tickets
General Admission (all exhibits): $29.95 | $16.95 for NV Resident
Deluxe Pass (all exhibits + one interactive experience): $41.95 | $28.95 for NV Resident
Premier Pass (all exhibits + two interactive experiences): $48.95 | $35.95 for NV Resident

Navigating the Mob Museum Layout

The museum does an amazing job with the flow of the space and walking you through the exhibits. After entering, you buy your tickets at the window then they direct you to the elevators.

The museum starts on the 3rd floor and you make your way down.

Floor 3 covers the birth of the mob, prohibition, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (including the actual wall), how the mob spreads, and how the authority starts to respond. 

Floor 2 focuses on the law, including the hearings and historic courtroom. It then shifts its focus to the mob in Vegas.

Floor 1, where you entered the museum, brings you closer to the present day. You’ll learn about bringing down the mob, find two interactive experiences including the Crime Lab and Firearm Training Simulator, a really cool exhibit where you can learn about organized crime today, and crime portrayed in Hollywood.

The Basement takes you through prohibition and it where you’ll find the speakeasy and distillery where you can grab a drink before you leave.

Our Experience

We visited for the first time in 2013 when the museum was still new. We went back again in 2021 to check out all the new exhibits and speakeasy.

This photo station used to be a free photo opp, but now they have a photographer stationed there. It’s free to take with the photographer, but you end up having to pay for the photo later.

Mob Secrets Revealed at The Mob Museum Las Vegas.
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Las Vegas Museum.

This is the actual wall from Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929.

St Valentines Day Massacre Wall.
St Valentines Massacre Wall.
mob museum las vegasPin
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Las Vegas Museum.
Touring the Mob Museum Las Vegas.
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After learning more about how the mob took over America, you can make your way down to the second floor to learn more about the other side of the story – those who were trying to take down the mob.

You start off by sitting in the courtroom that some of the most iconic hearings were held with a multi-media presentation.

The Mob Museum Vegas.
Mob Secrets Revealed at The Mob Museum Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Mob Museum.
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On the first floor, you start at this giant wall of mobsters in history all the way up to the present day. The museum now ends with pop culture references like Narcos and Breaking Bad (shown below).

Famous Mafia Bosses at the Mob Museum in Las VegasPin

Interactive Experiences

They’ve done a ton of renovations and upgrades, so it looks much different from when we first visited 5 years ago. Most of the work they did was to the first floor and basement, including two new interactive exhibits. Keep in mind that there is an additional charge for both of these experiences.

Crime Lab

The Crime Lab gives you hands-on experience finding and analyzing forensic evidence. You get to match fingerprints, DNA samples, ballistics, and more. A museum educator walks you through everything and lasts about 30 minutes.

vegas mob museum crime labPin
Mob Museum Crime LabPin

Firearm Training Simulator

The Firearm Training Simulator puts you in the shoes of law enforcement officers. You walk through different training exercises while wearing an officer duty belt and simulated firearm. You even engage in a live role-playing scenario. It gets intense and really helps you understand how much pressure there is. 

No photos are allowed. The pictures below are from a previous experience that they had.

Museums Las Vegas.
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The Underground - The Mob Museum Speakeasy and Distillery

One of the most popular attractions in the new updates is The Underground, a speakeasy located right in the basement of the museum. You can go during your visit, or if you prefer to only go to the speakeasy, there is a secret door on the side of the building near the parking lot. You can find the password on their Instagram.

During the day, it’s open to all ages to check out, but around 9 PM (sometimes earlier) it becomes 21+ to enter. They also have a Disterlly that you can tour and sample.

During our visit, we got the chance to hang out in the VIP room hidden behind a large painting. We ordered the Bathtub Fizz and the Underground Old Fashioned, which was presented in a secret book.

Mob Museum SpeakeasyPin
mob museum las vegas speakeasyPin
las vegas mob museum speakeasyPin
The Mob Museum SpeakeasyPin
mob museum speakeasy las vegasPin

Overall, out of all the museums in Las Vegas, we would recommend giving this place a visit.

It was fascinating reading all the details, and we learned so much new information about the mob. They also do a great job of making all the exhibits interesting and interactive.

Now, I want to go watch all the mafia documentaries.

Essential Tips for VIsiting the Mob Museum Las Vegas

  • They offer audio tours in multiple languages and a guided tour if you’re interested.
  • We spent about 2 hours at the museum on our own, which was plenty of time to make it through. If you want to read everything, you could easily spend half the day there.
  • You can take the kids, too. They do a good job warning you which areas are graphic.
  • They offer local discounts and you can always find coupons in hotel lobbies of hotels or anywhere you buy discount show tickets.

Best Places to Stay

Have you been to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas? What types of museums do you normally like to check out when you travel?

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