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15 Best Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Want to do an Escape Room in Las Vegas? Here are the best ones!

We’ve been on an escape room kick, and after visiting the top escape rooms in NYC, we wanted to see what they were like in Las Vegas.

There are quite a few in town and unless you’re local, it’s hard to have time to check them all out. That’s why we put together this guide to show you which ones you should absolutely check out first.

Your Essential Guide to the Best Escape Rooms in Las VegasPin

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Last Updated: May 5, 2023

Your Guide to the Best Las Vegas Escape Rooms

We went to each escape room with the exact same team, so that it would be a more fair comparison. We gave the rooms a score based on puzzles, immersion, and overall fun. To help you figure out which is the best fit for you, we’ve also profiled each player later in this post.

What is an Escape Room?

If you’re new to escape rooms, the goal is to escape a locked room within a given time (typically 60 minutes). Through teamwork, the players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using the environment and clues found in the room. 

It’s great for friends, families, and corporate team building. We’ve also seen couples do them on their own or join other groups.

For more information and tips about escape rooms, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post.

Best Las Vegas Escape Rooms

1. The Escape Game: Gold Rush →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: Gold Rush (7/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 4.5/5
Immersion: 4.5/5
Overall Fun: 5/5

Why You Should Play: The level of detail is done really well in this room. The clues integrate beautifully into the theme of the room and the reveals got us excited every time. 

It’s easily one of the most cohesive and polished rooms we’ve been in and we all walked away really impressed. It was so good it actually made us want to try all their rooms, which we’ll eventually get to! 

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2. The Escape Game: Special Ops Mysterious Market →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: Special Ops: Mysterious Market (8/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 4.5/5
Immersion: 4.75/5
Overall Fun: 4.75/5

Why You Should Play: This is one of two new rooms to Escape Game Las Vegas. And even though we’ve done 3 other rooms here, this one still had surprises and reveals that had us giddy with excitement.

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3. The Escape Game: Rugrats →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: Rugrats: Search for the Losted Toys (6/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 3.875/5
Immersion: 5/5
Overall Fun: 5/5

Why You Should Play: If you watched Rugrats at all then you’ll love this room. They did an amazing job with the room design and we had to take the chance to dress up as characters from the show. Most of the puzzles fit really well into the overall theme too. There were just a couple of times we got stuck that could have been improved upon. Overall, we absolutely loved the experience!

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4. Trapped! →

4760 Polaris Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, map

Room: Operation: X-13 – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 4.5/5
Immersion: 4.75/5
Overall Fun: 4.375/5

Why You Should Play: We visited this room only after a week of it being open. It uses different tech that made the puzzles really unique and interactive. On top of that, we wore costumes and kept in touch with the game master, who was a part of the immersive world as well.

The best part is that there is the main game (which we finished with 20 minutes left), and there are additional puzzles to solve to help you utilize the full hour.

Local Tip: Use Coupon Code: 2ND_CHANCE for 10% off.


5. The Escape Game: The Depths →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: The Depths (7/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 4.25/5
Immersion: 4.75/5
Overall Fun: 4.375/5

Why You Should Play: Get ready to head underwater as scientists in a submarine. The puzzles are fun and creative and the reveals are a lot of fun! The Escape Game always does a great job making the puzzles feel part of the environment which is why we love them so much.

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6. Lost Games →

3075 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102, map

Room: Chapter 2 (20% escape rate) – FAILED!
Puzzles: 4.25/5
Immersion: 4.375/5
Overall Fun: 4.375/5

Why You Should Play: You can tell a lot of thought and care is put into Lost Games’ Escape Rooms. Since Greg & Daina had done Chapter 1, we decided to check out Chapter 2 together. 

From orientation on, you are immersed into the universe they built. The puzzles were challenging and unique, and they worked really well into the story. Even the way you get clues is interesting.

Some escape rooms have difficult puzzles where you get frustrated and want to give up, but they kept us engaged and challenged.

There were also some fun reveals! Even though we failed, it was a great time.

Local Tip: One person on your team starts out separated, so be strategic with this!

Lost Games Las Vegas Escape RoomsPin

7. The Escape Game: Prison Break →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: The Depths (9/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 3.688/5
Immersion: 4.5/5
Overall Fun: 3.938/5

Why You Should Play: This is the toughest room at The Escape Game. Your team starts out in two separate rooms so be strategic as communicating without sight is key! There are fun reveals and the puzzles are challenging.

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8. Paniq Room: Atlantis →

3325 S Las Vegas Blvd Grand Canal Shoppes, 89109, map

Room: Atlantis – ESCAPED
Puzzles: 4.125/5
Immersion: 3.875/5
Overall Fun: 3.875/5

Why You Should Play: This is a brand new escape room that just opened in the Grand Canal Shoppes. They focus on gen 3 escape rooms that utilize technology for their puzzles.

Overall, Atlantis was fun! There were a lot of new types of puzzles we hadn’t seen before. The only downside to that is that figuring out the mechanics of some of the puzzles was sometimes harder than figuring out the puzzle itself. It resulted in us getting stuck in a couple of spots but we still managed to escape. 

On top of their escape rooms, they have a lounge in the waiting area where you can get drinks and hang out! We’re excited to check out more of their rooms.

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9. Saw Escape Room →

2121 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102, map

Room: Passed 3/7 Rooms
Puzzles: 2.875/5
Immersion: 5/5
Overall Fun: 3.875/5

Why You Should Play: When it comes to immersion, nothing compares to the Saw Escape Room. The studio who brought you the movies had a hand in the set design from the exterior of the building, the lobby, and every room that you go through.

With that said, it ultimately felt more like a mashup between a haunted house and an escape room. There are 7 rooms that you work through with some guidance from Bailey.

Each room has a limited time limit to make sure you make it through the entire experience. The problem is that it doesn’t give you much time to familiarize yourself with the rooms and solve the puzzles.

In some rooms, we were so freaked out that we had a hard time focusing or were hesitant to pick up clues. It’s intense in comparison to other Las Vegas escape rooms, but that just goes to show you how immersive it was.

Get a Groupon deal here.

Local Tip: The location is unmarked and easy to miss. Look for a meatpacking shop.

Cover photo courtesy of Saw Escape Room.

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10. The Basement →

3440 Polaris Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102, map

Room: The Basement (12.5% escape rate) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 2.875/5
Immersion: 4.875/5
Overall Fun: 3.75/5

Why You Should Play: The basement has beautiful set design and immersion. They find a great way to give you clues, which we won’t give away how. Usually when you are talking to someone outside the space it takes away from an immersive experience.

The puzzles were okay in comparison to the other escape rooms. We didn’t find them as challenging, which is why we were able to escape in just over half the time. There are fun and startling reveals though which made it a fun experience.

The Basement Las Vegas Escape RoomsPin

11. The Escape Game: Art Heist →

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S SPACE T-11B Las Vegas, NV 89109, map

Room: The Heist (8/10 Difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 3.25/5
Immersion: 4/5
Overall Fun: 3.5/5

Why You Should Play: The room is well put together like all their rooms are, but the puzzles didn’t quite feel as cohesive as Gold Rush. We got stuck on a few things not really because the puzzles were difficult but the mechanics of them.

On the flip side, this one is a lot of fun because there are multiple follow up stories through their online escape rooms.

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Escape Game Art Heist - Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas | LocalAdventurer.comPin

12. Paniq Room: The Time Machine →

3325 S Las Vegas Blvd Grand Canal Shoppes, 89109, map

Room: The Time Machine – FAILED
Puzzles: 2.625/5
Immersion: 4.375/5
Overall Fun: 3.625/5

Why You Should Play: If you enjoy Gen 3 escape rooms, PanIQ Room is the place to go. Like Atlantis, The Time Machine was overall fun. The decor and immersion is great and we dressed up in Steampunk outfits to fit the look.

We failed this one again just figuring out the mechanics of the puzzles. There were a couple that once we figured out, we would mess up too often trying to input the right answers, which got a bit frustrating.

We stayed for their themed drink afterward and will definitely check out more of their rooms.

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13. Lockdown Rooms: Western →

4437 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103, map

Room: Western (medium difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 3.5/5
Immersion: 3.25/5
Overall Fun: 3.125/5

Why You Should Play: Lockdown Rooms has three locations in Las Vegas giving you a variety of options. This is great especially if you don’t like spooky or scary themes, which is what the majority of escape rooms are in Vegas.

The Western room had unique elements. You start off as two separate groups, but eventually end up in a space together. The physical challenges made it really fun. The rest of the puzzles felt typical.

Check out deals for Lockdown Rooms here.

Pro Tip: For really large groups, they have Western Dual where you break up into two groups and compete in two identical rooms.

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Lockdown Escape Room Las VegasPin

14. Number One Escape Room →

1775 East Tropicana Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89119, map

Room: Red Riding Hood (3.5/5 difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 2.5/5
Immersion: 3.75/5
Overall Fun: 2.625/5

Why You Should Play: The entrance to Number One Escape Room is a faux storefront where you have to solve a simple puzzle to get in. Red Riding Hood had relatively straightforward puzzles, but we did get stuck on a couple.

The set design was nice and the use of music was great, but some of the puzzles felt random. Plus, we found the ending anticlimactic. When the door unlocked, we all looked at each other with a “that’s it?”.

Get a Groupon deal here.

Pro Tip: For daring people out there, they offer a room called Claustraphobia for 2 people, where you’re locked in a small box.


15. Lockdown Rooms: Mob Boss →

3271 S Highland Dr Las Vegas, NV 891093, map

Room: Mob Boss (medium difficulty) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 2/5
Immersion: 1.625/5
Overall Fun: 1.75/5

Why You Should Play: Since there are so many locations, we checked out two different ones for Lockdown Rooms. At the Highland location, we did the Mob Boss Escape Room. 

This room felt like what first generation escape rooms used to be. If you’ve done a lot of them, it probably won’t be as exciting. However, if you’re new to escape rooms, it’s a good place to start.

The overall set design was okay but a couple elements took us out of the space. Some of the puzzles also felt forced into the story.

We found the ending especially frustrating. There are a couple of kinks to the flow of the game and we sat around thinking we were stuck when we should have just moved forward.

On the plus side, we had a chance to give the owners feedback and hopefully they’ll consider them in the future.

Note: If any of you guys visit this escape room, we’d love to hear about your experience to see if they’ve changed anything.


16. Escapability: Escape from Mars →

3100 S Durango Dr #106, Las Vegas, NV 89117, map

Room: Escape From Mars (Success Rate: 40%) – ESCAPED!
Puzzles: 1.625/5
Immersion: 1.25/5
Overall Fun: 2/5

Why You Should Play: If you haven’t played many escape rooms, this can be a fun one. Similar to Mob Boss, this felt like an older first gen escape room. Now that we’ve done so many, we flew through the puzzles.

The set design also didn’t keep us very immersed. There were a couple fun reveals, but overall, we did not feel like we were on a different planet.

On the plus side, the puzzles had a good flow making it clear what we need to work on next.

When you finish, you get to sign the walls and it’s fun to see who’s been there before.

Map of Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms

While escape rooms are closed, there are still some options to get in some practice.

The Escape Game has remote adventures, which is really well done. You join your game master and friends on a zoom call. You then direct someone in the physical room to solve the puzzles. They have an online dashboard with all your clues and we were so impressed with how well it was done.

If you’re looking for something with more flexibility, they also have online escape rooms. We did Vol 1 recently (pictured below) and plan to do Vol 2 soon. They also have an escape room board game you can check out.

Online Escape RoomPin

Complete List of Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Permanently Closed

  • Escape Key
  • Fear the Walking Dead Survival

Scoring System

Each player definitely has a specific style and preference to escape rooms. Although we averaged our scores, you can see the breakdown on this spreadsheet. As mentioned earlier, we scored each room based on:

  • Puzzles – the quality and inventiveness of the puzzles.
  • Immersion – did we feel like the experience pulled us into another world?
  • Overall Fun – did we have a good time regardless of how easy or difficult it was?

The scores are comparative. If it was a one off, we may have scored them differently. Since we did them all back to back, we were able to compare them to one another. Just because they scored lower doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t recommend it.

Our Players

Jacob: is the true lover of Escape Rooms in the relationship. He loves puzzles that make you think outside of the box and connecting different parts of the room. During the escape, he usually looked at the big picture focusing on the pace of the team, while drawn to abstract puzzles. (Favorite Escape Room: Trapped! Operation: X-13)

Esther: doesn’t really enjoy escape rooms but is a great team player. She thinks very analytically and prefers straight forward problem solving and puzzles. During escapes, she wants to be given one task to execute rather than solving new puzzles. She also really hates scary rooms. (Favorite Escape Room: Lost Games Ch 2)

Greg: goes to escape rooms for an all around good time. His favorite aspect is how well he and his team can be immersed in each environment, working together through themed challenges. (Favorite Escape Room: Trapped! Operation X-13)

Daina: loves details and enjoys the production and creativity involved in the escapes. At the start of a challenge, you can find her searching through books, or under a table to make sure her team didn’t miss any clues. (Favorite Escape Room: Lost Games Chapter 2)

Essential Tips for Escape Rooms and How to Win

  • Find Out if it’s Public or Private. We much prefer private experiences with our friends so be sure to check when you’re booking if you’re matched up with strangers or if your group will have their own private room.
  • Arrive Early. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to give yourself time to sign in, use the restroom, and regroup before the game.
  • Check the Intended Group Size. Rooms are made specifically for certain group sizes. If you play the maximum team size, it can get crowded and there isn’t much for everyone to do. We prefer groups of 4-8.
  • Ask for Clues. All rooms have a method where you can ask for clues. Don’t get so stubborn that you’re stuck on one puzzle for the entire game. You can also ask the game master to watch closely and give you clues to help pace the game.
  • Search the Entire Room. In the beginning, everyone should split up to search the room for clues. Just remember where each clue was found in case it’s an important piece to solving the puzzle.
  • Trade Places. If you’re playing with the SO, the stress might cause arguments. If so, mix up who you’re working with. This is also true if you get stuck on a puzzle. Hand it off to someone else in case they see if from a different perspective.
  • Pay Attention to Details. Sometimes clues can be as simple as things written on the wall or artwork hung in the room.
  • Have a Discard Pile. It’s rare that items are used more than once. Only one out of the dozens of escape rooms we played reused a clue. With that in mind, keep finished items all in one place so don’t get confused if you’ve used it already.
  • Dress Up! To make the rooms extra fun, have your group dress up in a theme that fits the escape room. We’ve been doing that lately and have had a lot of fun with it.

Best Places to Stay

Planning Checklist

Are there other Las Vegas escape rooms that we missed? If you would like to be included in this list, email hello at localadventurer dot com for more info.

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