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Your Complete Guide to Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas

Let me start off by saying that neither of us are buffet people. Although we do the occasional all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, for the most part we avoid buffets because we’re usually underwhelmed and don’t eat our money’s worth. Quality over quantity, right? But since moving to Vegas, where there’s a buffet around every corner, we kept hearing about how amazing Bacchanal Buffet is so we had to try it for ourselves!

And I’ll have to admit that it DID live up to its hype.

Bacchanal somehow takes buffets to the next level! Not only does it have creative and delicious dishes, but they present them beautifully and ensure that they are hot and ready for you to eat.

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Virtual Lines

As you can imagine, Bacchanal lines can get quite backed up, but now they have FreshTxt kiosks that let you check in to the line so you don’t have to physically wait there. You get a text when it’s your turn.

Caesars Bacchanal Buffet - The Best Buffet in Vegas.PinBacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace (Best Buffets in Las Vegas).Pin



If you even remotely like seafood, Bacchanal has something for you. Fresh-shucked oysters, mussels, hot and cold crab legs, shrimp, and scallop are just a few of your options.
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Fresh and Hot Food

A lot of buffet food feels stale. It feels like it’s been sitting out forever kept slightly warm from trays and lamps. At Bacchanal, the chefs are always working to keep fresh food coming, and the staff does an amazing job refreshing the plates and pans.

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The Atmosphere

This isn’t your typically cafeteria-like buffet! They’ve done an amazing job to make you feel like you’re dining in a nice restaurant. The only difference is that you go get your own food… and you can stuff your faces in a not-so-fancy manner.

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Daily Specials

Roughly 15 daily chef’s specials are added to the daily menu! That means there will always be something new and delicious to try.


Have it Your Way

Bacchanal gives you an amazing array of stations that let you customize your dish, whether it’s the Mexican bar, baked-to-order souffles, or crepes made in front of you.

Caesars Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas.PinBacchanal Caesars (The Best Buffet in Vegas).Pin


The Dessert

Yes! Even when you’re stuffed to the brim, you’ll somehow find space for their amazing desserts. There is an entire island dedicated to their mouthwatering concoctions that feature everything from chocolate lava cakes to crepes that are made to order. Don’t forget to check out their gelato too!

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Beautiful Presentation

You know that you can’t help but instagram of your food. A lot of their dishes are presented beautifully that will surely give you some likes from friends and your stomach. ;)

We loved the fresh squeezed juices display!
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The Classics

I know I’ve been talking about all the unique and creative dishes they have, but don’t worry – they still make the classics, whether your favorites are pizza, fries, or BBQ.

Caesars Bacchanal Buffet (Best Buffets in Las Vegas).PinBest Las Vegas Buffet.Pin

We’ve been tight on our food budget with our big move coming, but we may just have to make another visit before we leave! Anyone wanna come with us? :)

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Pro Tips for visiting Bacchanal Buffet:

  • You can add Bacchanal to your Buffet of Buffets (24 hr access to buffets) pass for an additional cost.
  • It’s not much, but you can save $1 with your Total Rewards card (sign up here).
  • Look for Groupons – they sometimes have deals for breakfast buffets and if you time it right, you could spill over to lunch.
  • You can buy a $20 line pass in case you want to skip the lines and get right to eating.
  • Don’t forget your stretchy pants!

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace
3570 Las Vegas Fwy, Las Vegas, NV

Bacchanal Buffet Hours:
Breakfast Mon-Fri 7:30AM-11AM
Lunch Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM
Dinner Sun-Sat 3PM-10PM
Champagne Brunch Sat-Sun 8AM-3PM

Bacchanal Buffet Price:
Breakfast: $30
Lunch: $37
Dinner: $52
Brunch: $49
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What is the best buffet you’ve been to?
What is your go-to food to try at a buffet?

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