Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

We went on our first hike at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area a few weeks ago. We had signed up for a hiking meetup and then quickly learned that we have only been equipped to do level 2 hiking, so we ended up exploring a level 2 hike on our own. I guess in all my life my perception of hiking was that it required your feet but very little of your hands. If you had to use your hands, that was climbing.. or so I thought.

We did the Red Springs Loop or some people call part of it the Calico Loop. There was some scrambling but nothing where I felt like I was in danger. There were many trails that ultimately led to the Saddle or Guardian Angel Pass and on the way we saw several people bouldering:

Even though we stopped shooting engagements, I feel like we’re always in scouting mode. This would be a great location!

Looking over the top of Guardian Angel Pass / the Saddle.

We got a little lost and added an hour to our hike, so it was such a relief to finally see the parking lot!

Red Springs Loop:
Difficulty Level: 2
Danger Level: 2
Cost: Free Entrance

We followed this guide written by the founder of the las vegas hiking meetup that we failed to participate in. We can put together our own version and track it on gps for you if that’s something you’re interested in, but hope this serves as a good photo guide of our hike. Also, I’m not sure who comes up with the names of these trails and the landmarks, but it seems like there are several names for each. Seriously confusing!

The parking lot was before the Scenic Loop Road, but I hear that if you want to go into the Scenic Loop Road it’s also included in the America the Beautiful National Parks Pass (even though this is technically not a National Park). We have a few more months  with our annual pass and so many parks left to visit!

Hopefully we’ll  make it out here as many times as possible before the unbearable summer heat sets in. I would like for us to complete some class 3 hikes!

This post was also featured on Best at Travel UK’s Las Vegas Guide.

What are some national parks that are on your bucket list?

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  1. Esther, what gorgeous, GORGEOUS photos! It snowed here yesterday so I am also loving how warm and sunny this canyon looks :)

    1. Thanks so much Amy! :) You should come visit if it gets too cold over there!! We might need to leave here during the summer too. :P We should house swap.

  2. OMG these are amazing pics you guys! Ah-ma-Zing <3

  3. The pictures are so pretty! Maybe David and I can do our 1 year anniversary pictures there :p hahaha … i like your hat! I need to get one of those big brim ones for outdoor activities …

    1. You should! I can find you a photographer. I know someone here. :) Yeah, we bought it originally for the Machu Picchu hike and it has come in pretty handy lately. Sometimes I feel like an ahjumma though.. When should we buy those visors? haha

      1. no visors !! we’re still young! i don’t think it looks like ahjumma — in asia it’s so common to wear big brim hats since they don’t like to get dark :p it’s call taking care of our skin :)

  4. Wow those pictures are gorgeous, I would absolutely love to visit one day, the red rock looks so beautiful. I would be really worried if I got lost out there! We have some beautiful national parks here in the UK too, I hope to do a couple this summer in Scotland and Wales – will probably feature in an upcoming Weekly Wishes post:-)

    1. Thank you! :) I would recommend it if you’re near Vegas.. but if not, Yosemite is by far my favorite national park. I’m not too familiar with the national parks in the UK. Which ones are the ones on your must visit list? Hopefully, next time we’re there we can see more than just London.

    1. I’m sure you could probably do it! I think you’re way more fit since you walk a lot more and you have to lift heavy things all the time. :) I was actually pretty angry at Jacob when we got lost for an extra hour. It’s like I have to go into it with the expectation that we will probably get lost.. *sigh

  5. All I could think while reading this post is I LOVE THE SOUTHWEST AND I WANNA GO BACK NOW!

    Tyler and I got the chance to go to Red Rock Canyon… and while he would have loved the hike, the rest of us were content with driving the scenic road and jumping out of the car at a few key points.

    These pictures are mesmerizing. I WANNA BE IN THE SOUTHWEST OH MY GOSH. There’s something about the red rock that just lights me up!

    And you guys are just cute!!!!

    1. Thanks girl! :) haha I’m glad they’re making you want to come back! maybe you’ll have to make it part of your summer plans after all! :P

      it was a really interesting hike in my opinion. loved all the different rock formations and landscapes. some hikes i get bored after a while if there isn’t anything interesting and different to see along the way. :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I’ve been to Red Rock once, but the people I was with weren’t really the hiking type, so I would love to go back and explore again.

    1. Thank you! You should absolutely check out the hikes! There are a lot of different ones, and we only saw a small part of red rock.. but we’re excited to see more. Did you do the scenic drive? We definitely want to do that too.

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