South Tufa Mono Lake CaliforniaPin

South Tufa Mono Lake California

When we usually road trip to Napa we make a stop in both LA and SF, but this time on our way back we decided to go the long, scenic route and stop in South Tufa in Mono Lake California.

California Road Trip to Mono Lake Tufa Towers.Pin
California Road Trip Destinations: Mono Lake Ca.Pin
Road Trip Destinations USA - Mono Lake California.Pin
Mono Lake South Tufa Trail.Pin
Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve.PinMono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve.Pin
California Road Trip to Mono Lake Tufa Towers.Pin
West Coast Road Trip Destinations - Mono Lake California.Pin
Sea Foam at Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve. Pin
Mono Lake California Road Trip.Pin
Mono Lake California [Road Trip Destinations USA].Pin
Mono Lake South Tufa Towers. Pin
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve.Pin
Tufa Towers Mono Lake California.Pin
California Road Trip Itinerary - Mono Lake.Pin
Mono Lake Tufa Towers // California Road Trip Ideas.Pin
South Tufa Mono Lake California.Pin
Road Trip California - Mono Lake Tufa Towers.Pin
Mono Lake Tufa Towers // California Road Trip Destinations.Pin
California Road Trips - Mono Lake Tufa Towers.Pin
Road Trip Destinations USA - Mono Lake California.Pin
Northern California Road Trip - Mono Lake South Tufa.Pin
Mono Lake Ca - Road Trip Across America.Pin
All photos taken with a 5D Mark III and 35/1.4L.

Mono Lake is a saline soda lake that is almost 3 million years in the making and is twice as salty as the sea. It lies at the western edge of the Great Basin and has an otherworldly feel especially with their cream-colored tufa towers. These tufa towers were formed when calcium rich spring water bubbled up from the bottom of the lake. They were all once underwater, but are now revealed as the water level has declined. Back in the day, Los Angeles redirected a lot of the water to support its growing city and almost caused an ecological collapse, but now they are working on conserving Mono Lake.

Tips for your visit to Mono Lake California:

  • We made 3 stops, but if you only have time to stop in one spot, go to South Tufa.
  • Bring water and maybe a sunhat as there is no shade on the trail.
  • Be sure to check the webcam to see the weather beforehand.
  • There is a large parking lot available and is a short and easy hike to the lakeshore.
  • When visiting Mono Lake, the best time is sunrise or sunset.
  • Our annual National Parks passes work here but not Yosemite passes.
  • It’s right next to Yosemite, so you can see both on the same trip.

When’s the last time you took a road trip?
What was your favorite destination?

xoxo estherJacob

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