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Kayaking in Monterey Bay with Adventures By the Sea

While exploring Carmel earlier this month, we wanted to go kayaking in Monterey Bay, which is only a 10 minute drive away from Carmel. I was uber jealous that Jacob saw sea lions while kayaking in San Diego on a bachelor party, so I made him go again with me! It’s like when your significant other goes to see the movie without you. It’s only fair he sees it twice, right? :P

Monterey Bay Things to Do: Adventures by the Sea.Pin

Turns out that this was a much better tour than the one in San Diego. We went with Adventures by the Sea, and we learned so much about the marine life in Monterey Bay and the California coast in general. We even got to hold a few sea slugs in our hands!

Also, if you’re anything like me and want to take photos and enjoy the view, bring along a partner to paddle for you. I made Jacob do all the hard work so that I could take all the photos. ;)

Kayaking in Monterey Bay with Adventures by the Sea.Pin
Kayaking in Monterey Bay with Adventures by the Sea.Pin

We found a Melibe sea slug and held the slimy creature in our hands.

Melibe Sea Slug on a Monterey Bay Kayak Tour.Pin
Holding a Melibe while we kayak Monterey Bay.PinHolding a Melibe while Kayaking Monterey Bay.Pin
Melibe while Kayaking in Monterey Bay.Pin

There were sea lions galore hanging out especially on the Coast Guard Pier.
Spotting California Sea Lions at Coast Guard Pier Monterey.Pin
Spotting California Sea Lions at Coast Guard Pier Monterey.Pin
Monterey Fish Company.PinSee Marine Life in Monterey Bay with Monterey Bay Kayak Rentals.Pin
California Sea Lions at Monterey Fish Company.Pin
Kayaking in Monterey Bay.Pin
Monterey Bay Kayak Rentals with Adventures by the Sea.Pin
Monterey Bay Kayak Tour.Pin

I’ve seen some starfish in tropical places on the beach, but this is the first time I saw them in the US! There were so many of them clinging to the sides of the walls.

Purple Sea Star / Pisaster ochraceus while kayaking Monterey Bay.Pin
Things to do in Monterey Bay CA: Adventures by the Sea.PinAdventures by the Sea Monterey CA.Pin

Do you see the purple sea urchin? It was wild.. to see them in the wild. :P

Purple Sea Urchin / Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.Pin
Fisherman's Wharf // Things to do in Monterey Bay CA.PinFisherman's Wharf Monterey Bay Things to Do.Pin
Kayak Monterey Bay.Pin
Kayaking in Monterey Bay.Pin
Kayaking in Monterey Bay.Pin

There were tons of sea lions, however, seals and sea otters were harder to spot.

Monterey Bay Kayaking.Pin
Adventures by the Sea Monterey Bay Kayaks.Pin
Seeing Coast Guard Pier on Monterey Bay Kayaks.Pin
Adventures by the Sea Monterey Bay Kayaking.PinKayaking Monterey Bay.Pin

Adventures by the Sea
299 Cannery Row #1
Monnterey CA 93940



  • You don’t need any kayaking experience, they will instruct you on what to do.
  • They will give you a splash suit. Wear swim attire or quick dry clothes underneath.
  • They also provide a dry sack for your camera or any other small items you don’t want wet. A DSLR will fit in your dry sack, but we didn’t want to risk it so we just took our phones.
  • Bring your waterproof phone case and if you have underwater housing for your DSLR, even better!
  • Use a ziplock bag to have the very minimum protection for your phone / camera. We don’t recommend that it be your only form of protection.
  • Bring a change of clothes for after. They have a dressing room and a cubby where you can stash your dry clothes while you’re on your tour.
  • Don’t forget to bring cash so you can tip your tour guide.
  • You can also rent a bike to explore the rest of Monterey afterwards!


I’m so excited that See Monterey is giving away these tickets so you can experience more of what Monterey has to offer. The package includes:

  • 4 tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • 4 tickets to the MY Museum

To enter the giveaway, visit See Monterey here. If you need more info on the area, you can download a free visitor’s guide here (link is at the bottom).

What would you be most excited to see on a kayak tour?
What are your favorite things to in a beach town?

xoxo estherJacob

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