Day 2 of Life is Beautiful Festival 2014

The great thing about festivals is that even though you’re there to see certain artists, you can easily check out other performers that you never would have seen otherwise. AND sometimes they become your new favorites. Jacob covered one of Fitz songs over a year ago, and we were curious to see them live. We also had the chance to catch DJ Cassidy, The Roots, Lionel Richie, and Outkast!

We were obviously excited that Outkast is touring again! Gotta represent Atlanta! Though we loved them, the best show of the night easily went to Lionel Richie! We weren’t originally planning on seeing him, but now we know why he’s a legend. He interacted with the crowd so well and sang so effortlessly. The crowd (including us) ended up singing Diane Ross’ part in the Endless Love duet with him. Jacob and I were both completely enthralled by his performance and would totally be down to see him again!

Photos from Day 2 of Life is Beautiful Festival 2014:

See the full Life is Beautiful Festival lineup for Saturday here.

This is the second annual Life is Beautiful Festival and although the music brings in most of the crowd, it’s more than just a music festival. It is a unique experience that brings musicians, chefs, artists, and speakers together to connect, share, learn, and inspire. To find more information visit the life is beautiful website and follow them on twitter, facebook, instagram, or youtube.

Who would you want to see live?

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