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25 West Coast Road Trips | Your Guide to the Best Road Trips in America

While we are living out in Los Angeles, not only did we want to explore everything LA had to offer us, but wanted to take advantage of being on the west coast and take as many road trips as possible. Here’s our guide to road trip USA with 25 best coast west coast road trips. Like all my lists, sometimes I like to modify as I go, so I’m always open to suggestions! :)

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25 West Coast Road Trips | Our Guide to Road Trip America.Pin

25 West Coast Road Trips | Our Guide to Road Trip America:

  1. Pacific Coast Highway – Don’t Miss Big Sur + Monterey Area
  2. Las Vegas (so many people from LA do weekend trips to Vegas). Local Tip: Stop by Donut Man in Glendora and get the Strawberry or Peach donuts if they are in season.
  3. The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona
  4. Havasupai
  5. Bryce Canyon National Park
  6. Zion National Park
  7. Death Valley National Park
  8. Salvation Mountain + Slab City
  9. San Francisco
  10. Crater Lake National Park
  11. Portland + Columbia River Gorge
  12. Olympic National Park
  13. Yosemite National Park
  14. San Diego
  15. Seattle
  16. Joshua Tree National Park
  17. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  18. ✓ Ojai, California
  19. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
  20. Napa (French Laundry if you love food)
  21. Sonoma Valley
  22. Grand Canyon National Park
  23. Palm Springs
  24. Antelope Canyon
  25. Redwood National Park

Also, if time permits:

  1. Channel Islands National Park (need to take a ferry from LA)
  2. ✓ Vancouver – full post coming soon, meanwhile check out capilano suspension bridge & richmond night market!
  3. ✓ Snowboard in Tahoe
  4. ✓ Multnomah Falls
  5. Banff / Lake Louise
  6. Hawaii (not a roadtrip, but flights are way cheaper from LA)
  7. Whistler

If you’re leaving from the PNW, pick up a Seattle RV Rental. We loved our time in an Airstream.

Which one of these destinations interests you the most?

What do you guys think about my list? Anywhere you’ve already been that wasn’t worth it? Anything you think I should add? Also, if you need some inspiration to hit the road, check out New York Time’s 36 hours / 150 weekends in US & Canada.

xoxo estherJacob
Last Updated: November 6, 2021

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  1. Albert Yang

    Good list. Add Whistler, and Banff/Lake Louise if you haven’t been.

    1. estherjulee

      aren’t they in canada? i guess if we make it to vancouver, it wouldn’t be too much farther. thanks! will be adding it to the list.. maybe i need to make a top 50. haha :)

  2. my.

    Great list! What’s funny is I’ve lived in SoCal practically my whole life, and I still haven’t done the majority of this list. I feel like I’ve seen more of the outside world than what’s in my own backyard. I think we have a tendency to take for granted what we have. I’ve been working on changing that and trying to visit as many places as possible. I’d also add the Salton Sea to your list if you haven’t been there yet. And hey, why stop at 25?! :)

    1. estherjulee

      If I can fit more this year, I am up for it! :) Yeah, I lived in Atlanta and I took everything I had there for granted up until the month before I moved. I guess when you realize how limited your time can be somewhere, you begin to appreciate it more.

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