Our Cross Country Road Trip / Move to LA Via Instagram

Last week, we journeyed across the country with a giant truck towing one car and then also driving another car.  A huge thank you to Justin for flying out to ATL, helping us load boxes, and driving with us! Here’s a recap of our road trip through instagram.

Our entire life of “stuff” being loaded into one place.

Snacks packed for the road thanks to Mama Fu!

Wish we were doing this rather than taking a truck cross country…

Arkansas! It’s always harder getting photos of the state signs on bridges.

Since Justin had never had Waffle House, we had to make it one of our stops. Might be our last time at one of these in a while. Gotta eat it while we can!

We snuck our cats into the hotel. This jerk likes sleeping on top of people…

At a gas station in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma

Windmill windmill for the land turn forever hand in hand.

Leaning tower of Britten

Our cats were so well behaved. We let them free roam and they decided to share one carrier and cuddle most of the trip.

New Signage in New Mexico!

Exhausted driving slowly through snow in NM. Can it get worse? Yes, it probably can. I hate you, New Mexico.

This roadtrip is mckicking our ass.

Drove overnight and made it into LA. Now we’re battling traffic just like everyone else on day 1.

But at least there were cookies at the end of our journey. Thanks so much Kyle!

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  1. Hello, I’m taking a trip cross-country for the first time in a few days, and I was wondering how many days did it take you guys to make the trip?

    1. it really depends on the pace you want to take. we’ve done the cross-country road trip three times already. there was one time we didn’t want to make any stops except for gas and it took us 36 hours straight from atlanta to LA. the other times, we made few stops and it took us roughly 2 or 3 days.. but we didn’t have stops where we were spending half a day in one city. we would maybe stop for a meal.. or maybe an hour or so at a landmark and then be on our way.

      1. I’m traveling from San Diego to Philadelphia, 9 awesome states to cross. 36 hours to 3 days is pretty reasonable. It’s almost the same distance traveling from Atlanta to LA. As far as cities between, I honestly didn’t think about it. I came to the conclusion that the I-40 route would be the most efficient because I’m not too comfortable traveling so close along the border, and traveling the route so high up north I fear it may be too cold and snowy this time of the year. I’ll stop when I need gas or if I’m hungry wherever doesn’t seem shady. I might just need one night’s rest if anything. I picked up a few apps to help with rest stops and good hotels just to be safe.

        1. we usually try to stay at hampton inn if we can find one. they are usually pretty affordable and clean… and it’s standard for the rooms to come with wifi. :)

    2. what cities are you traveling between? :) hope you have a wonderful trip!

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