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Road Trip to French Laundry Napa Valley | Gratitude Week 38

My friend Hsiao landed us last minute reservations at French Laundry Napa Valley (and nobody gets reservations at French Laundry), so we decided to road trip up to check this item off of our bucket list. FINALLY! (post coming soon!)

Since it was such a long road trip, we decided to break it up into sections. 5 destinations in 6 days!

1. Disneyland, Anaheim (252 miles)

Cars Land in Disneyland | First Stop on the way to French Laundry Napa Valley.Pin

2. Big Sur (308 miles, the scenic route up to SF)

McWay Falls - an 80 ft waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur California // localadventurer.comPin

3. San Francisco (159 miles)

Bernal Hill San Francisco.Pin

4. French Laundry Napa Valley (55 miles x 2 going back to SF)

French Laundry Napa Valley.Pin

5. Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve (250 miles, near Yosemite)

Mono Lake South Tufa Beach.Pin

Total Distance: 1440 miles

Gratitude List for Week 38:

  1. First of all, even being able to get reservations at French Laundry. Still pinching myself!
  2. Experiencing the dinner not only with Jacob but with Hsiao with whom I go on many of my food adventures!
  3. Big Sur is always so breathtaking. I may be a traitor saying this, but sometimes the west coast is the best coast.
  4. We ate our way around Disneyland. So much food!
  5. Stephen & Sou-Wah opened up their home in LA for us to crash.
  6. Talking to landscape photographers at Mono Lake and getting some insight on the whens and wheres.
  7. Philz Coffee! I got two mint mojitos in before we left SF. Obsessed with that stuff.

Even though it felt a bit rushed, I really enjoyed all the stops that we made. I would maybe even add in exploring more around Yosemite, but overall it was one of my favorite spontaneous road trips that we have taken so far! My all-time favorite was this one.

What’s your favorite road trip that you’ve taken? What stops did you take?

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