100 Things to Be Thankful For List

100 Things to Be Thankful For List

We’re coming close to the end of 52 weeks of practicing gratitude, and since I’ve done mostly thematic posts rather than simple weekly lists, here’s something to balance it out.

My goal this year for practicing gratitude was simple. I was tired of feeling unhappy with my life. I knew I complained a lot, often using the excuse that I was letting off steam, but in reality I was only dwelling on the bad stuff. It was time to remind myself of the good stuff.

100 Things to Be Thankful For List

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Last Updated: October 19, 2019

Everyone should decide on their own when they’re ready to be on their gratitude journey. It usually never works when you’re telling other people they should be more grateful. Are you ready for yours?

100 Things to Be Thankful For List

  1. Air conditioning – It would be so hard to survive the summers in Vegas without it.
  2. Amazon Prime – You can order anything you want and it comes in 1-2 days! Almost too convenient.
  3. America – We do like to complain a fair share about our current leadership, but I still need to acknowledge that we live in a country where we enjoy so many freedoms.
  4. Bed. It’s the most comfortable bed I have and probably will ever sleep in.
  5. Being Debt free. Allows us to live more freely and generously.
  6. Books. To learn & to escape.
  7. Brain. And our ability to learn.
  8. Kindle. So I can travel lightly with my billions of books.
  9. Candles. So soothing.
  10. Car and the enormous gas tank, so we don’t even have to fill up much on road trips.
  11. Climbing. Makes me believe that it’s possible to conquer your fears.
  12. Clothes. I seldom know what to wear, but I know I always have plenty of clothes in my closet.
  13. Cloud watching.
  14. Comedies like 30 rock and Parks and Rec that help me laugh, forget, and remind me not to take things so seriously.
  15. Community group. For cooking and having us over, encouraging us, and being the community that we need even though it’s not always what we want to do.
  16. Computer Screens. It makes editing so much easier with larger screens.
  17. Couponing. It saves us a ton of money.
  18. Cozy firepits and backyard get togethers.
  19. Couches to crash on. There are so many people who opened up their homes to us.
  20. Craft beer. It gave us fun new things to try during our early years of marriage.
  21. Date nights. No matter how busy we get, I’m glad we make time to just have fun.
  22. Dishwasher. Makes washing dishes and living with cats easier.
  23. Evernote. It organizes all my past, present, and future blog post ideas.
  24. Fall Leaves. A reminder that things are not permanent, and you should enjoy them as much as you can while you have them.
  25. Family. They support us wherever we need to go in life.
  26. Farmers and farmers markets.
  27. Food. It makes me so happy especially when we find a great new food spot.
  28. Flexible Schedule. To work double one week, and then take the next week off.
  29. Flip flops (and other comfortable shoes) where my feet feel so free!
  30. Free Wifi. Finding this is gold especially when you’re traveling out of country.
  31. Free Samples.
  32. Freezer. So we don’t have to throw out our food when we travel.
  33. Friends. I’m grateful for people who just leave a space for me in their hearts whether it’s for life or even if it’s a short time. I’m grateful for girlfriends who put in the effort to make long distance work and those who’ve encouraged us and kept us grounded.
  34. Frozen Grapes.
  35. Grace. There were and are so many times that I don’t deserve it.
  36. Generosity. So many others have been generous with me and taught me to be generous too.
  37. Good night’s sleep. For an insomniac, it’s one of the best things you can have.
  38. Golden Hour. All you photographers know what I’m talking about.
  39. Google and the fact that you can pretty much look up anything you’re curious about.
  40. GPS. How would we get anywhere nowadays?
  41. Grandma. Even when her health and mind is deteriorating, she keeps a smile on her face and is grateful.
  42. Handwritten Letters. I love surprises in the mail and I know so many others do too! Luckily, a few of my gfs and I have still been keeping it alive.
  43. Happy Hour Specials when you least expect it.
  44. Health. I can use all my limbs and all my senses.
  45. Hope. There’s always hope even in the darkest times.
  46. Hiking. This has taught me that I can push myself beyond the limits I thought possible.
  47. Home Cooked Meals.
  48. Honest conversations. So refreshing to just let your guard down and talk.
  49. House slippers made by Carol to keep the cat litter off my feet.
  50. Husband / Partner. Somehow Jacob has still managed to stay by my side over the years even through all the crazy curveballs I send his way. ;) On the flip side, I absolutely enjoyed my time being single. It was a great time for growth, travel, and pursuing every hobby. Life was simpler when you only had to decide things for yourself and not a family unit.
  51. Instagram. It captures memories and my feed is a great reminder of events in my life.
  52. Instapot. So many fall cooking recipes that can be hands off.
  53. Smoothies. We got our vitamix, and we’ve been making green smoothies EVERY DAY.
  54. Sunsets.
  55. Kitchen Aid Mixer. Seriously it makes baking so much easier. Why don’t I use it more!
  56. Laundry Machine in our place. No more coin laundry or shared laundry. Also putting on warm clothes that just came out of the laundry!
  57. Lemon tree. It’s still alive and shows me that I don’t have a complete black thumb.
  58. Lists. Making them and checking things off lists are my favorite.
  59. Local Adventures. Learning that there is always something to discover no matter where you are.
  60. Maintenance guys at our apartment complex. They work hard to keep the place running.
  61. Mason Jars and their many uses.
  62. Mentors. Whether it’s photography or learning to live a more Christ centered life. I’ve always had various people who were pouring into my life, and I’m grateful for them.
  63. Moleskine notebooks. Jacob writes me love notes in these.
  64. Mother Teresa. Her life was inspirational and so full of wisdom. The advice I always carry is to start small. Smile, be kind, or love one person (love your family) before you think about changing the world.
  65. Music. Old favorite songs that bring back memories.
  66. Ocean. The wind and the smells of the ocean. It also makes me feel like me and my problems are just so small looking at the vastness.
  67. Pajamas. And getting to wear them almost all day everyday if I wanted.
  68. Perfect pen. With the perfect amount of flow, control, and thickness. 0.38 ftw!
  69. Perfect Playlist that you find or make yourself
  70. Pedicures. So relaxing and a good way to get in girl time.
  71. Pets. Our cats Mika and Sebastian have adopted us more than we’ve adopted them.
  72. Phones. It’s a powerful computer in the palm of your hands, and you always have a camera on hand.
  73. Photography. I’m thankful that I didn’t go into the medical field and decided to pursue photography. I’m also grateful that it supported us financially for a while, but I’m most grateful for so many captured memories.
  74. Piano. Even though I’ve taken almost a decade off, I can still pick it up!
  75. Pinterest and every pinteresting and pinspiring thing I’ve pinned. :)
  76. Planet Earth. So many fascinating creatures in the world.
  77. Pumpkin everything. I’m especially excited about pumpkin beers (my favorite).
  78. Ramen. Indomie and Shin Ramen to satisfy late night cravings.
  79. Random Acts of Kindness. Want to pay it forward? Here are some great ideas.
  80. Savings. It allows us to follow our dreams and take many more risks while living out west.
  81. Sleeping In.
  82. Spotify. I would not have new music to listen to if it wasn’t for spotify.
  83. School. Sure, I don’t use my chemistry degree, but I did make friends and lots of connections.
  84. Soylent. For those days you’re too lazy to cook and also don’t want to settle for fast food.
  85. Sponsored kids. They come from a very different country and lifestyle, and teach us a lot about humanity. Though we are all different, we are also all so similar.
  86. Stars. It’s amazing when you’re somewhere without much light pollution and you can see the billions of stars. Have you been to a star party?
  87. Sunshine. You appreciate it so much more if you live in the PNW and rarely get it.
  88. Sundresses. So comfy to wear.
  89. Change. We can always grow and change. We don’t have to stay where we’re at.
  90. Clean sheets.
  91. Therapy. It has helped me take tiny baby steps to be more emotionally and mentally healthy.
  92. Tough times. I’ve grown so much from these times and it has also helped me learn to empathize.
  93. Trivia nights. Expanding my mind with useless knowledge.
  94. Skype. Helps me stay connected to friends and family who all live on the opposite coast.
  95. Netflix (& friend’s netflix passwords). Currently catching up on all of Futurama.
  96. Travel. We’re so grateful that we have experienced what we have of the world.
  97. Water. Yeah. I often take this for granted, but traveling to other countries remind me I need to be grateful for warm, running water and flushing toilets.
  98. Wildflowers and weeds that my mom makes room for in her backyard.
  99. Blog. It’s given us a lot of amazing opportunities.
  100. YOU! Thank you so much for reading and following along on my gratitude journey.

It sounds a lot more challenging than it really is. I think once you get the ball rolling, gratitudes keep flowing. Just as I was inspired by this blog post, I hope this will inspire you to make a list of your own. Now to work on my 1000 things to be thankful for list.

This is week 51 of practicing gratitude. See other gratitude posts here.

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Have you written a 100 Things to Be Thankful For List? How do you practice gratitude?

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100 things to be thankful for list

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