How to Get the Wave Permit in Arizona

How to Get the Wave Permit in Arizona

The Wave has been on both our bucket lists ever since we met. Jacob has tried to sign up online on and off for the past 5 years with no luck (it was harder than reservations at the French Laundry).

Since we’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to get permits and how the lottery works, we decided to pull all the info together here for you.

How to Get The Wave Permit - Coyote Buttes North in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument //

Now that we’re living in the Airstream, we thought this was going to be our best chance. We decided to stay in Kanab and glamp out for several days, which is where the in-person lottery is held. Our plan was to go in every morning and enter the lottery. If we didn’t get in, there is so much to explore in the area anyways. Luckily, on the second day, we heard our number called, but we went in with zero expectations.


The Wave Rock Formation is located in Coyote Buttes North, which is part of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona. The trailhead is located in Utah, and you hike over the border where you’ll arrive into the permitted area.


This is the big question! There are 20 people allowed onto the Wave per day. 10 people are awarded permits online and 10 are awarded at a walk-in lottery. You submit one permit per group, and any duplicate applications will forfeit your chances, so you can’t apply with all your friends at the same time. Once you win, there is a $7 fee for the permit.


If you’re interested in trying for the online lottery, you can find out more info here. The chances are much more slim, because you are competing with everyone in the world who wants to go. You can apply up to four months in advance and have an entire month to apply. There is a $5 application fee, and you can choose up to three entry dates per application but can only win one trip.

For the in-person lottery, this is what your competition looks like:

How to Win the Wave Lottery //

On average there are 200 people in the walk-in lottery. There are no longer off seasons. Due to the recent bad weather, we were lucky to have only 120 in the room with us.

The lottery happens at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitor Center in Kanab, Utah. To sign up, you need to arrive between 8:30 – 9:00 AM. It’s not first come first serve, so you don’t need to line up early. If it’s your first time, we recommend arriving right at 8:30AM. The ranger gives a quick rundown of the process and then you fill out your application. At 9AM, the ranger assigns everyone a number then the excitement starts. He proceeds to pick out numbers until all 10 spots are filled. Each morning the permits given out are for the next day. There is no cost for the walk-in lottery.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitor Center
745 E. Highway 89 in Kanab Utah
(across from Wendy’s and Walkers Gas Station)


  • There are a few parking spots large enough for an RV.
  • To increase your chances, stay in Kanab and try for the pass every day. There is plenty to explore if you don’t get it (Zion NP, White Pocket, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend etc).
  • Keep in mind if you stay in Page, AZ instead of Kanab, that they do not observe daylight savings time. Don’t be late to the lottery! Four years ago, this was the mistake we made by staying in Page and setting the hotel alarm. The chances were way better then.
  • You need to be present during the drawing or the permit goes to someone else.
  • “High Season” is April-June and September-November, but because of increasing popularity, it’s busy all year long.
  • They prefer you bring exact change for the permits.
  • If you don’t win the lottery and want to try again the next day, you don’t have to fill out the form again. Just go in before 9 and tell the ranger your previous number.
  • Unfortunately, there are no special tricks to increase your chances. Just keep trying.
  • If you’re in an RV, we stayed at the Crazy Horse RV Park that is just a block away from the visitor’s center. We were able to walk there every morning.

Tips for the Wave Hike and Drive - Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Arizona //


  • The trailhead is roughly 45 min-1 hr away from Kanab. After leaving the highway, there is an 8-mile dirt road that you will have to drive down. Depending on the current conditions you may need a 4-wheel drive and high clearance or worst case is it could be impassable. Check with the visitors center for the most recent info.
  • If you get stuck in the mud, towing out is at least $1000, and you’ll lose your chance to go.
  • If you’re afraid of getting lost on the hike or the drive is too intimidating, you can always hire a guide. They don’t need permits. We previously used and recommend Dreamland Tours.
  • The hike is exposed and can get very hot. Bring appropriate attire, plenty of water & snacks, and sunblock – see below for our packing guide.
  • People get lost all the time, but they give you a pamphlet of directions with photos. We got a little lost, but overall, we had no problems getting in and out.
  • There are a few markers, but for the most part is is an unmarked trail. Rangers even knock down cairns to keep it natural.
  • There is a lot more to see in the Coyote Buttes North area. Don’t just hike in, see the wave, and leave. We used this site to get directions to the other landmarks.
  • The permit is good from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. If we were to do it again, we would hike at night to be there at sunrise or stay after sunset. If it’s your first time, it’s best to hike with daylight, otherwise, it’s easy to get lost. They told us someone accidentally walked off a cliff and died recently.


  • We started our hike at sunrise and when we arrived, the wave had mixed lighting. The Wave is in a depression, so the sunlight does not fully light up the Wave until approximately an hour and a half after (depending on the time of year).
  • For the best photos, you can hike in before sunrise or stay after sunset, but since it was our first time, we didn’t want to get lost.
  • If it rained recently, look for puddles to shoot reflections!
  • We left Kanab 30 minutes before sunrise and were the first ones to arrive at the wave. We had roughly one hour before anyone else arrived.


  • Clothes appropriate for the weather. On the day we went, we had lows of 44 and highs of 77. We both brought layers and shed them mid-hike.
  • Daypack – After trying all the daypacks out there, we just replaced our REI flashpack with this one, and it has been our favorite since!
  • Solid Hiking Shoes. The terrain is made of gravel, sand, and rocks, be sure to wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. These (his + hers) are the ones we wore.
  • Hats. This is a must to keep you cool. Jacob loves this hat since it has a convertible flap to protect your ears and neck, I just chose to wear one that’s pretty. haha
  • Water. The amount will depend on how long you will be out and how hot it is. We use this for longer, hotter days, and this one for shorter ones.
  • Photo Gear. We brought our 5D Mark III with our 35mm prime and 16-35mm lenses. I brought the 16-35 just in case, but you can probably get away with shooting with a 35mm on a full frame. We also brought a trigger, tripod, and Sony RX100 for video.


How to Get Permits for The Wave - Coyote Buttes North in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument //

How to Get The Wave Permits - Coyote Buttes North in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument //

We wish you the best of luck!! It’s only going to get more and more popular, so now is the best time.

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