RV Checklist – Everything You Need Before Getting in an RVPin

RV Checklist – Everything You Need Before Getting in an RV

When we moved into our Airstream, we had no idea what we would need. Airstream gave us an initial shopping list with basic items, but now that we’ve been on the road for a month, we’ve made one of our own. For anyone that’s new to the RVing world, we put together the ultimate RV checklist. I’m sure everyone’s ideal list will differ depending on the size of your RV and what you would prioritize, but this should give you a good start!

The Ultimate RV Checklist - Everything You Need Before Moving Into An RV // localadventurer.com



☐ Blanket
☐ Sheets
☐ Pillow
☐ Pillow Cases


RV Toilet Paper
Microfiber Towels
☐ Hand Soap (Anyone else love Method Grapefruit? :) )


Camping Enamel Dinnerware Set (Bowls + Plates + Mugs)
Camping Flatware
☐ Aluminum Foil
☐ Can Opener
Nesting Plastic Food Containers
☐ Cooking Pot/Pan
☐ Corkscrew/Bottle Opener
☐ Stainless Steel Cups
Microfiber Dishcloths (No room for a drying rack. Gotta dry everything by hand!)
Knife Set
Long Lighter (for the oven pilot light)
☐ Scissors
☐ Pot Holders
☐ Spatula
☐ Sponges
☐ Strainer
☐ Tongs
☐ Trash Bags
☐ Ziplock Bags
☐ Dish Detergent

Cleaning / Organization

☐ Wet Wipes (we use these every day!!)
☐ Plastic Containers for Organization
Velcro (you will be velcroing down things you want to leave on the counter)
Bungee Cables (keeps drawers extra secure when driving)
Swiffer Sweep + Vac (awesome for small spaces!)
☐ Broom and Dust Pan
☐ All-Purpose Cleaner
Scrubba Portable Laundry System

Car + Outside the RV

☐ Flashlight
Jumper Cables
Hammer, Screw Driver, Toolset
☐ Road Map (these always remind me of our family road trips)
RV Water Filter
Leveling Blocks
Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose
Sewer Hose Support (some states require it)
45 Degree Sewer Hose Adapter
Extra Drinking Water Hose


☐ Shampoo
☐ Conditioner
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap (I use it as body wash but it has 18-in-1 uses)
☐ Toothbrush
☐ Toothpaste
☐ Floss
☐ First Aid Kit
☐ Q-tips
☐ Cotton Balls
☐ Sunblock
☐ Lotion (love using this one my friend Hsiao got me)
Dry Shampoo (if we are boondocking and we really need to conserve water)
☐ Nail Clippers
☐ Makeup (I like to use travel sets to keep things minimal)
☐ Makeup Remover Sheets
Travel Hair Dryer

For the Cats

Litter Box with Lid
Cat Pine Litter (so far works the best for the least amount of mess and smell)
☐ Cat Food
Collapsible Food + Water Bowls
Cat Waterless Bathfoam – this one smells kind of like cinnamon
Cat Leashes
U-Pet Carriers (review here)

Patio Setup

GloDea Lounge / Patio Chairs
Nemo Puffin Blanket
☐ Tarp / Outdoor Rug / Tarp (we actually used a Mexican blanket since they’re cheaper)
Side Table

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Optional Things We Like to Have

Rice Cooker
Vitamix (love our smoothies)
Whiskey Glasses
☐ Nice Candles (my favorite one at the moment)
Backpacking Gear
☐ Climbing Gear

Things We Bought / Brought But Don’t Use

  • Nesting Bowls – We’d probably use them more as mixing bowls if we could figure out how to bake in our oven. So far all our desserts have been coming out burnt or undercooked. :(
  • Painting Easel – So many outdoor activities that I can’t seem to make time to paint. Soon though!

We’re learning so much about minimizing what we have, and we keep finding more things we could do without. BUT we also keep seeing new gadgets that other Airstreamers have that we want to get! haha

We’re putting together a printable version of this soon, and we’ll continue to update this list as we get rid of or add more things. :)

Think you can handle RV life? What about for one summer? What are some things you’d keep that aren’t necessities but would be worth the space in your RV?

xoxo estherJacob
Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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  1. Get a pizza stone for your oven. It helps to even out the cooking. :)

  2. I heard putting a 12×12 porcelain tile in the bottom of the oven helps to keep the temperature even and steady

  3. Great list. Your RV looks amazing. I love camper van trips. I’ve already started collecting some of this cool gear and hope to add to my collection over the next year. Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!

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