Your Essential Guide to the Best NYC Pop UpsPin

Your Essential Guide to the Best NYC Pop Ups

Have you been to any NYC pop ups lately? Well, now’s your chance.

New York City is a city of pop ups. We’ve been to a few pop ups and there while living in other cities, but here you can visit a new pop up every week.

We love that they create a sense of urgency to check them out, and it almost parallels the fact that we set up shop in a city for a year. It’s like our home office is a pop up too!

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Last updated: May 14, 2022

Your Essential Guide to NYC Pop Ups

In the Order of When They Leave NYC

What is a Pop Up?

So before we get into the pop up shops here, let’s talk about what a pop up is in the first place. Essentially, it is a business that opens for a limited time with a clear start and end date.

They come in many different forms, but most of them are exclusive or special in some way. The goal is never to be permanent, and sometimes they are only around for a month or a year before moving to another city (sounds like us right?).

Technically homegrown pop ups are everywhere and are as simple as someone putting up an umbrella and selling products in a busy area.

They are also your Halloween stores, Christmas shops, and firework stands. But as their popularity has increased, much more extravagant pop ups are being used by companies for marketing purposes. Most of the time, they are aimed to be very Instagram friendly for marketing.

Because we’re always popping up in a new city, we’ve partnered with CORT during our time in NYC. It helps us worry less about our space so that we can focus on exploring the city! Plus, we think they helped us make our place looks really good.

Types of Pop Ups

  • Pop Up Shops – Temporary stores. We see a lot of these, especially during the holidays.
  • Pop Up Restaurants – Some are run by chefs who are trying something experimental while others are more traditional restaurants with plans only to stay open for a few months. Also you can check out this blog post CORT did about the Popularity of Pop-Up Restaurants.
  • Pop Up Art Installations – They can be more traditional art installations, but often times now, they are also meant to create photo opportunities for Instagram. We also included some art exhibitions in this category.
  • Pop Up Events – These cover the rest, and they can come in the form of an impromptu listening party to release a new album to a temporary themed bar. These are typically meant to create hype around an upcoming event, release, or product.

Current Pop Ups in NYC

Color Factory in Soho

251 Spring Street, 10013, map

When: Ongoing. Mostly Thurs to Tues 9:30AM – 7:30PM
Admission: $38

Unlike most pop-ups, Color Factory spent more time on the experience rather than setting up little studio spaces to take Instagram photos. Several rooms had a snack or dessert that complemented the room.

You don’t even need to ask people to take your photo. They have cameras set up in some of the more popular photos spots, and you get photos emailed to you immediately.

They do require temperature checks, face masks, and social distancing.

Color Factory Pop Up Museum NYC + Your Essential Guide to the Newest Pop Up Shop Locations in NYC // Local Adventurer #nyc #popup #newyork #usa #newyorkcity #instagram #photography #travel #colorfactory #travelcolorfullyPin
Color Factory Pop Up Museum NYC + Your Essential Guide to NYC Pop Up Museums // Local Adventurer #nyc #popup #newyork #usa #newyorkcity #instagram #photography #travel #colorfactory #travelcolorfullyPin

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Jump for Joy: Bouncy Castle of Breasts

233 5th Ave, 10016, map

When: Ongoing
Admission: $3.50 in addition to museum admission

A bouncy castle made up of giant inflatable breasts makes for fun photos and video (adults only). We weren’t that impressed with the museum itself and opted not to pay the additional $3.50 for the photo, but plenty of people were taking advantage of it. The photo they promote uses studio lights, so you won’t get the same look.

Talking Heads

85 Broad Street, map

When: Ongoing
Admission: FREE

Designed by Hungarian artist Viktor Vicsek, is made up of two massive heads dotted with 4,000 LED lights that change to reveal different facial expressions in conversation. On loan from Amsterdam’s Light Art Collection.

Talking Heads NYC Pop UpsPin

photos: fomofeed 

Arcade Pop Up

11 Bond St, map

When: Through May, 2022 Daily 12 PM – 7 PM
Admission: FREE

Known as “The Most Interesting Store in the World” this 14,000 square foot store plays host to awesome art experiences and also is a curated retail space for the most innovative brands and art of tomorrow. The arcade is here to showcase @arcade1upofficial assortment of at-home video games (yes, each of these arcade classics is for sale inside Showfields). They have full size-adult, tabletop, and even toddler-size games available. All free to play.

NYC Pop Ups Arcade Pop Up ShowfieldPin


130 Orchard St, map

When: Through June 11, 2022 Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 6PM
Admission: FREE

The exhibition, Sperling’s largest, marks a return to key motifs in the artist’s practice, developed over the course of the last decade and re-articulated by Sperling in this new body of work. Additionally, in Daydream, the Ithaca-based painter will debut a new series, continuing his investigation into the material possibilities of color and form.

Daydream Best NYC Pop UpsPin

The Floral Escape

630 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY, map

When: Through June 30, 2022
Admission: $25 / $15 for Children 2-12

The Floral Escape is in full bloom at the Roosevelt Field Mall! 12 floral activations designed for you to capture all your memorable moments! Step by step color by color immerse yourself in florals and snap a selfie at The Floral Escape.

The Floral Escape Best NYC Pop UpsPin

Bridgerton Tea

47 Stone St, map

When: April 21 to June 21, 2022
Admission: $54.99+

The Cauldron on Stone Street, which normally does Wizard-themed events, will be hosting Bridgerton-themed tea experiences starting April 21. The afternoon tea experience will last 1 hr 45 min while the series plays on a drop-down screen, music by Vitamin String Quartet, and there will even be an in-house Lady Whistledown.

Solo Show

34 East 69th Street, map

When: Through May 21, 2022, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Admission: FREE 

Over the course of decades, Sandback developed a singular, minimal formal vocabulary that elaborated on the phenomenological experience of space and volume with unwavering consistency and ingenuity. He largely dispensed with mass and weight by using steel rod, elastic cord, and acrylic yarn to outline planes and volumes in space, creating an extensive body of works that inherently address their physical surroundings. In his own words, Sandback described his sculpture as being “less of a thing-in-itself, more of a diffuse interface between myself, my environment, and others peopling that environment, built of thin lines that left enough room to move through and around. Still sculpture, though less dense, with an ambivalence between exterior and interior. A drawing that is habitable.

Solo Show Best NYC Pop UpsPin

The Orchid Show

2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, map

When: Through May 1, 2022, 10am to 5pm
Admission: Weekdays: Adults $30, Children (age 2-12) $15, under 2 Free.

The artist’s bold and colorful vision unfolds through captivating designs and installations, transforming each gallery of the exhibition in the historic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory into a different color experience and visual effect, like the turn of a kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope of Orchids NYC Pop UpsPin


111 West 32nd Street, map

When: April 29 to July 31, 2022
Admission: $36 for adults; $29 for kids 4-12; free for kids under 4

Candytopia, a deliciously fun interactive experience is officially reopening in NYC on April 29th, and tickets are on sale today!!

Candy Dreams are made of these! The immersive confectionary dreamworld experience includes colossal candy creations, interactive art installations, a marshmallow pit, an explosive confetti room complete with candy-farting pigs, and of course lots of candy samples!

And did we mention a zipline? Cause there is going to be a zipline!

NYC Pop Ups CandytopiaPin

photos: fomofeed 

Particular Matter(s)

545 W 30th Street, map

When: Through April 17, 2022
Admission: $38/$15

Particular Matter(s) is a large-scale sensory experience in which visitors perceive a concert of vibrations derived from the movement of particles through the air and how spiders relay information through vibratory mechanisms. On the upper level, visitors venture onto a floating web-like floor 40 feet above the ground. In Free the Air, the body becomes an ear, perceptive to the net reverberating beneath it and to the rhythms of other species.

The exhibition addresses environmental racism and justice, envisioning alternative ways of engaging with Earth’s atmosphere, and deepening an understanding of interspecies cohabitation and communication, in particular with spiders and their webs.

Note: Tickets are for either the upper web or lower or galleries only. Please be aware that the exhibit is very dark and no photos will be allowed on the upper level. All of your personal belonging will be placed in a secured locker.

Particular Matters NYC Pop UpsPin

photos: fomofeed


334 Furman St, Brooklyn, map

When: Through April 17, 2022
Admission: FREE

Claudia Wieser’s constellation of five large-scale geometric sculptures creates an immersive environment for exploration. Each form differs in size, shape, and pattern, and combines painted, photographic, and mirrored details to create vibrant compositions that highlight the dynamism of the city and its people.

Ranging between seven and 13 feet in height, the sculptures are clad in more than 1,500 clay tiles that were hand-painted by the artist in her Berlin studio. Highly polished stainless-steel details reflect the surroundings and movement of visitors. Recognizable image fragments that capture the pulse of the city are featured alongside the patterned tiles. They include photographs taken by the artist in New York, slides of a German family trip to the city from the 1980s that she found online, and reproductions of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures—together, they reflect the parallel experiences of humans throughout time.

Rehearsal NYC Pop UpsPin

Plantoir Blue

Chanel Gardens, at Rockefeller Center, map

When: Through May 6, 2022
Admission: FREE

A larger-than-life gardening tool by husband and wife artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. The 2,300 pound (!) shovel is made from aluminum, reinforced plastic, and steel, and stands over 23 feet tall. It is said to be “an ode to New York City amid its long awaited reawakening.

NYC Pop Ups Plantoir BluePin

Roar! A collection of Mighty Women

20 Hudson Yards, map

When: Through August 31, 2022
Admission: FREE

Ashley Longshore’s pop art paintings are never shy of daring. Her art makes noise, and her singular portraits feature legendary stateswomen, artists, and notable women from all over the world. The critically-acclaimed artist now turns her eye toward remarkable women throughout history with Roar!: A Collection of Mighty Women. Visit The Shops at Hudson Yards to see her installation that spans over 100 feet and features over 50+ pop art portraits that celebrate powerful women throughout history, highlighting important political figures, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris; pop icons like Beyonce, Barbra Streisand, Lizzo, Lady Gaga; powerful activists including Gloria Steinem, Jane Goodall, Malala, Greta Thunberg and more.

NYC Pop Ups Roar Mighty WomenPin

photos: fomofeed 

Beyond the Alley, There

501 W 24th Street, map

When: Through April 23, 2022
Admission: FREE

Reflecting his long-standing commitment to critically examining how both images and desire circulate in global internet culture, Beyond the Alley, There… features new, large-scale paintings, shaped head and body paintings, and works on paper. Central to Mr.’s practice is otaku, an increasingly prevalent and popular Japanese subculture of fandom oriented around reclusion and retreat into immersive fantasy worlds, particularly manga and anime. Interested in bridging popular visual and high-art cultures, the artist has compared himself to a translator, positioning anime, manga, and other hallmarks of otaku in the realm of fine art for a global audience.

NYC Pop Ups Beyond the AlleyPin

Sweet Cats Cafe

35-21 Farrington Street, Flushing, map

When: Daily 12PM – 7PM
Admission: Need Cash fro Game Coins

A bubble tea and treat hang out spot complete with plushie filled claw machines and explosions of pink.


photos: fomofeed + spakx

The Friends Experience

130 East 23rd St, map

When: Ongoing
Admission: $45

The first flagship location celebrating the iconic TV show opens tomorrow! With two floors of interactive experiences, you can step inside the world of FRIENDS™. Pose on the iconic orange couch, explore newly added original props and costumes from the show like Chandler’s bunny suit, sit in Monica & Rachel’s living room or poke Ugly Naked Guy. There’s even a Central Perk onsite.

The Friends Experience - The Best New York Pop Up Shops You Must Visit | LocalAdventurer.comPin

photos: fomofeed

558 Broadway, map

When: Thursday to Sunday
Admission: $39

We’re so excited to welcome you to our first Flagship in NYC. MOIC NYC features our most imaginative, multi-sensory installations that bring to life your most delightful dreams: savor the sweetest treats on a floating table, ride our out-of-this-world pink “Celestial Subway,” slide down an epic three-story slide, and follow the sound of a buzz that will lead you to a giant “Queen Bee hive.” Taste our new signature ice cream flavors and ice cream treats along the way, before taking a dive into the largest Sprinkle Pool yet!

Museum of Ice Cream NYC Pop UpPin

475 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, map

When: Every Weekend 10am – 5pm
Admission: $39

A sensory playground centered around slime, Sloomoo Institute is an artistic universe made to intrigue, delight, and evoke your inner child. Slime inspires wonder and joy, regardless of age. More than a childhood memory or a satisfying social media trend, slime is artful, oozy fun. Even more, it is known to support stress relief as much as it does your imagination.

Sloomoo Institute NYC Pop UpsPin

The May Room

12 Evans Rd, New York, NY 10004, map

When: Weekends 10:30am – 4:30pm
Admission: FREE with Limited Capacity

May YOU Enjoy, May you find your peace, May you be happy, May we be more compassionate, May we be kind, May YOU walk the path.” A new space at Governors Island where the artist created a labyrinthine installation spanning the floors and walls of the building, acting as a place of both quiet reprieve and shared discussion.

The May Room - The Best New York Pop Up Shops You Must Visit | LocalAdventurer.comPin

photos: fomofeed and sushininja

Citi Field, map

When: December 6, 2019 to January 26, 2020
Admission: $28/$25

Featuring over 120 lantern exhibits, live entertainment and interactive experiences, the first-ever Hello Panda Festival is designed to stir the senses and inspire imaginations. Our event celebrates the traditional Chinese art of lantern-making with magical displays of light and color, handcrafted by world-class artisans. Other attractions include cultural performances and arts experiences, a holiday market and 60 international food vendors curated by The World’s Fare.

Hello Panda Festival NYC Pop UpsPin

photos: fomofeed

2019-2020 NYC Pop Ups

Rosé Mansion

445 5th Ave, 10016, map

When: June 1, 2019 – November 3, 2019
Admission: $45 (Happy Hour $35 2-4:30PM Mon-Fri)
Recommended Time: Weekdays

This pop up is all about Rosé, and you can walk through themed rooms, great photo ops, while sampling 8 or more wines. The popular area is the bathtub and if you go during daylight, it has decent natural lighting. Afterward, head to the Grand Tasting Lounge where you can buy an additional glass or bottle of wine as well as snacks.

Everyone must be 21 years old to enter.

Note: These photos were from last year’s pop up.

Rose Mansion Pop Up Shop NYC + Your Guide to Current New York Pop Up Shops // Local Adventurer #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #rosemansionPin
Your Essential Guide to Pop Up Shop Locations NYC // Local Adventurer #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #rosemansion #popupPin

Friends Pop Up

76 Mercer Street, map

When: September 7 to October 6, 2019 
Admission: $25

Relive some of the iconic FRIENDS moments with set recreations, photos ops, and more. Tickets are sold out, but our local friends said that you can wait in a standby line (the earlier, the better). Plus, there’s an entrance on 503 Broadway where you can buy coffee and muffins with no tickets.


photos: nycharlene

25 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, map

When: December 6-15, 2019
Admission: $25

Within our space, artists, partners, and visionaries bring ideas to life through interactive installations, performances, and activities rooted in storytelling and self-expression. At 29Rooms we aim to unlock your imagination, provoke thought, and dare you to dream bigger.

29 Rooms NYC Pop UpsPin

photos: fomofeed of meganmasako

Mini Mart

230 Lafayette Street, map

When: Through September 11, 2020
Admission: FREE

Gelareh Mizrahi has transformed the Iconic Magazine bodega for New York Fashion Week. and will stay around until 2020.

NYC Pop Ups Mini MartPin
Mickey the True Original Exhibition

60 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10014, map

When: 11/08/18 – 02/10/19
Admission: $38, buy tickets here 

Celebrate 90 years of Micky Mouse through multiple themed rooms in the 16,000 square-foot space. There is both, historic and contemporary work from well-known artists.


photos: nycharlene

Sculpture by Other Means at the Noguchi Museum

9-01 33rd Rd, Queens, NY 11106, map

When: 02/28/18 – 01/27/19
Tickets: $10

Experience ways that lightweight, collapsible paper lanterns can create and transform space.

Sculpture by Other Means at Noguchi Museum Astoria Queens + How to Find the Best NYC Pop Up Shops // Local Adventurer #popup #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #astoria #queens #qnsPin
Sculpture by Other Means at the Noguchi Museum + Best NYC Pop Up Events // Local Adventurer #nyc #noguchimuseum #astoria #newyork #newyorkcity #queensPin
Candytopia in Midtown

145 W 32nd Street, map

When: 08/15 – 01/06/2019
Admission: $34, get tickets here

Candytopia celebrates all things candy! Maybe we should let the families have this one, since there were tons of kids (at least the time slot we went to – the first one in the morning). They all ran straight for the confetti and marshmallow pit, and at one point there was a kid crawling over me with no parents in sight.

Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to get any photos. Luckily, when it was time for everyone to get out of the pit, we asked if we could have an extra minute for a photo, which the lackluster employees did not seem happy about. Gotta do what you gotta do for the gram (or in my case, the blog).

Candytopia NYC - a candy pop up in Midtown + Your Guide to the most current NYC Pop Up Museums and Events // Local Adventurer #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #usa #travel #instagram #photography #popup #candytopia #candyPin
Candytopia NYC Pop Up + Your Essential Guide to NYC Pop Up Museums, Pop Up Shops, and Pop Up Events // Local Adventurer #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #usa #popup #instagram #photography #art #candy #candytopia #candytopicanycPin

2018 NYC Pop Ups

The Egg House, Raquel’s Dream House, Grown Up Flowers by Playlab, Nightmare Machine, Pint Shop by Museum of Ice Cream, Room for Tea, Museum of Pizza, Dream Machine, Wonder World, Sugar & Spice

2017 NYC Pop Ups

Festival of Life by Yayoi Kusama

We had to wait in a crazy line in the cold. I can’t remember how long we had in each room, but we were grouped in with some other folks, so we had a hard time taking photos in the infinity room.

Bob’s Burgers Pop Up

We’re both obsessed with Bob’s Burgers, so when we heard about a Bob’s Burger Pop Up, we were willing to wait hours in line to try the burger of the day. They served a different burger from the show every day for a week, and it also included some goodies, which was a nice surprise.

Google Pop Up

This is probably still our favorite pop up. Google had photo opportunities set up and a truck outside where you could print your face on a marshmallow and then drink it. They had stations to learn more about products and a shopable section for Google Home products.

General Tips for Visiting Pop Ups

  • Best time to visit is weekdays during the day and right before it opens. Some of the more popular pop ups have a long wait.
  • If shooting with a DSLR, don’t use auto white balance for many of these places especially if you’re in a room with a lot of unnatural colors (ie yellows at Egg House and blues at Dream Machine). We recommend using Kelvin and finding the right setting for your camera.
  • Bring a versatile lens and a wide angle if you want to include more of the environment in the shot. A lot of these rooms are small, so the wide angle helps a lot. We couldn’t take certain shots with our DSLR (Canon 5D Mark IV + 35mm Lens), because it wasn’t wide enough so we just used our phones.

How To Find the Latest NYC Pop Up Events?

This one is tough! Most of them make announcements relatively last minute, so these are some ways to stay up-to-date.
  • Bookmark this page since we’ll be updating this post as often as possible with new events.
  • Set up Google Alerts to see what’s popping up in the news. If you’re not familiar with this, go to the Google Alerts page and enter “pop up new york, nyc pop up” into the Create an Alert section. You can then select how often you want to receive emails (as it happens, daily, or weekly). I do daily.
  • Follow Instagram accounts that are constantly featuring pop ups and events. You can follow our accounts (EstherJulee & JacobTheFu). We post stories from pop ups immediately. Also, you absolutely need to follow our friend at FOMOFEED who does a ton of research to hunt down all the best instagram spots in NYC.
With so many pop ups in the city, we’re going to do our best to feature all our favorites on this blog post, but if you know of any pop ups you think we should check out, send us a message at [email protected]

Best Places to Stay in NYC

Have you visited any of these pop up shops? Do you have something similar in your hometown?

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The Best New York Pop Up Shops You Must VisitPin
How to Find the Best NYC Pop Up EventsPin
Your Essential Guide to New York Pop Up Shops // Local Adventurer #newyork #nycPin
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